Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It hurts to Blink

I had a blast on my 4th. We went over to a friends house to celebrate and met up with all of our friends. We ate some really good food (so much food was there and of course, beer). I was pretty good and only had about 1 1/2 beers. I try not to have an alcohol 2 weeks prior to a race.

Fireworks are kind of a big deal for our friends. The guys made a huge stand and they link all the fireworks together (in separate batches) and put on a great show for everyone (this is the 10th ceonsecutive year). We had about 5-6 of these shows, below.

It's so much fun enjoying the company, food, beer and of course, the show. I can't wait for next year.

This morning was a little tough though. We didn't get home until about midnight and I'm at the point in my training where I can't miss any workouts. The last 2 days were scheduled rest days (because of the 13 miler this weekend) and today I needed to be up at the the gym by 4.

I got there on time, and did everything in record time (5k=28:34), but was half asleep for it. Maybe I do better when I'm so tired, it hurts to blink. I also lifted weights with my arms and legs, then did a core workout. I finished my 1 1/2 workout (I pretended it was Monday for the workout).

I hope I can make it through the work day without falling asleep.

How was your 4th?


  1. Glad you enjoyed the holiday and long weekend! very impressive to be at the gym so early after that. Hope you make it through your day!

  2. Wow! To the gym by 4?! That's dedication!!

    I was driving back from my Mother's place last night, but I did see some fireworks while I drove through Springfield, so I guess that counts for my Fourth of July fireworks attendance.

  3. Your own personal show?! Freaking awesome!