Thursday, July 28, 2011


I know it's Thursday, but I wanted to show you guys how my Wednesday go (every, single week). I love being busy and I definitely am.

4:00: alarm goes off, hit snooze
4:09: alarm goes off and I sleep walk to get dressed and drink a pre-made (home made) smoothie
4:30: at the gym and spend 6 miles on this baby

5:30: head over the my new BFF and spend 30 minutes with him and talk to some guy trying to get his 9 year old grandson into running and asking my advice (flattering and the distraction I needed).

~6:00: head home

6:10: arrive home, blog, get ready for work, eat breakfast and have slight conversation with Jason

7:45: head to work.

9:00: take supplements (my stash for the week)

10:00-4:00: eat snacks & lunch (this stash should last me the week) and work

5:00: leave work to go back to the gym

5:15: arrive at the gym and get changed into workout clothes

5:17: (yes, I'm a very fast dresser), run 4 miles
6:00: head over to the spin room for a 1 hour torture session (and loving every minute)

7:00: arrive home and shower. Find out that Jason has ordered a pizza

8:00: starving and pizza arrives (we don't order the pizza every week)

8:00-10:00: enjoy dinner and watching Dexter with Jason until I pass out (not from the beer, from my long day)

10:00: head to bed and sleep until 4 am to go back to the gym

We don't eat pizza every week, just some sort of dinner and usually watch a movie or something while we eat. It's a very busy day (my Monday's are very similar), but I love every minute of it!

This morning, I headed back to the gym to do 4 mile sprints, weights (legs and arms) and a 20 minute core workout.

What was your day like?


  1. Holy busy town, you are a damn warrior, Yesterday I woke up, foam rolled, stretched, showered, worked came home, got my stationary bike on and some yoga. Then I packed my back for SF(this took me like an hour and a half :) I feel ashamed for even typing that..

  2. Holy workouts!!!! I love a jam packed day of workouts!

    My Wednesday (yesterday)

    4:30 - wake up, eat, dress
    5:00 - run 5K, change, grab bags
    5:50 - bike to work
    7:00 - unload at work, change, run 5K
    7:40 - get ready for work
    8-5 - work, eat, work, eat, work, eat...
    5:30 - home from work, unload, change
    6:00 - run 5K
    6:30 - groceries, dinner
    8:00 - pool with hubs
    9:00 - home, prepare for next day
    10:00 - BED

  3. This post made me tired, and thirsty. very thirsty.