Thursday, December 22, 2011

What have I been up to?

I was able to get a short run in on Saturday morning. Silly me, I forgot my gloves, and had to cut my run a little short. My fingers were starting to turn blue. I didn't think that was a good sign. I'm not feeling the 4 am wake up calls. I'm not going to stress about it, I have much more going on right now.

The big moving day is coming near. We are either getting keys sometime early next week or the following. Of course, the sooner the better for us. This is what I've been up to:

 And a little of this:

Some more of this:

And, the cats have been enjoying this entire process, so far. Can you find Izzie (she's a black cat)?

I'm not sure how many more posts I can do this year. It all depends on when we move and when the internet will be turned off. If I can, I'll sneak in some more. So, don't worry about me. I will be back as soon as I can. Follow me on Twitter (on the right side of the blog) and I'll keep you updated there and I will even upload pictures when we are official home owners.

I wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year (if I'm not back before then). Enjoy yourself and run some miles for me!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Consecutive

Well, I did it 2 consecutive days!!! I went back to the gym this morning. I don't want to jinx myself, or anything, but maybe I am back to my old habits??

I am easing back into this entire running thing. Man, my lungs got the worst of my break. It hurts to breath when I run. I really can't wait to be back at my last speed/running shape. It's great to run, though. I will be a runner for life! Nothing can stop me (unless I'm sick).

A lot of people have been sick (in real life and blogging world). Everyone is going out for their runs. See, I'm a big baby when I'm sick. I don't even want to go to work (which I do, because I can't afford to take un-fun time off). I need my rest and then I get back to it. I don't know how you guys do it. You are all tough peeps (yes, I just wrote peeps). I'm glad you guys can go out there and get your run on while being sick!!

I'm not sick (knock on wood), right now, so I'm not faced with this at this moment. Do you workout/run when you're sick? Does it help you feel better or get better faster?

Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, I'm back at trying to do this gym thing, once again. I am very determined to get up at 4 am Monday thru Thursday and run outside on Saturday morning. I am happy to be back there. I love seeing the regulars and the newbies. It's fun and I enjoy running!

Today, I stopped at 3 miles (my lungs need to get worked out, too) because I started feeling weird. I think I may be coming down with this cold everyone has. I hope not and I'm going to keep thinking healthy.

What have I been doing in my non-gym time? Well, we have been home furnishing window shopping. We're in the final steps of getting the house and we don't want to buy anything yet (especially, since we don't have room for it). So, we're shopping around and seeing what we like for the best price. I am so picky when it comes to rugs. Jason likes very ornate rungs and I like very plain rugs. I think we found one that we both like (it isn't one of these), but we were surrounded by them this weekend.

Everything is very messy here, we've packed so much stuff and so much stuff left to pack. I'm trying to keep the very breakable things for the very last minute, hoping to save them from being broken.We have some much to do still, but we're making it fun along the way.

What are you training for?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Me Gusta Enchiladas

I made such a good dinner last night (if I don't say so myself). It was chicken enchiladas from the food network. I love Tyler Florence. He's always really good. If anyone wants to buy me his cookbook, I wouldn't turn it down.

I've been having the worst time trying to get up early in the morning to hit up the gym. I don't have time to go after work, so the morning is the only time. I feel like a loser. This type of weather is so much more difficult to get up to. It's always so cold outside of the covers, and even colder outside the house. By the time I finally do make it out of bed, I feel like I should have gotten up earlier and made it the gym.

Is anyone else having this trouble?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Red Nosed Runner

Yesterday, I went for a great, but freezing (for Cali) 3 mile run. It felt wonderful to let my legs run free outside. My lunges need to catch up with my body. I need to re-train them again. My body wanted to go further and faster, but my lunges were left in the dust trying to crawl to catch up.

I also had gloves and a jacket when I ran. I forgot to take a picture until after I started to warm up in the house.

Speaking of house, we're still waiting to hear for sure, but we've already starting packing. I'm on a count down. We have 24 days (hopefully) until we move. We're shooting for the 27th (the other date we have is Jan. 6th).

I can't wait to read all of the recaps from Vegas and I hope everyone is having a great time!! Maybe next year, I'll join everyone!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fog Running

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It was so warm under the covers and it was cold out of them. I forced myself up anyways. I got dressed (while I was half asleep) and headed out the door. As soon as I opened the door, I couldn't see that far in front of me. It was so foggy (this picture doesn't do it justice). I have all the gear the run in (California) cold weather (chilly, rainy, windy and foggy), but I didn't want to run outside. The fog just didn't seem fun this morning (and I've never ran in it). If it's foggy on Saturday morning, I will be running in it.

When I got to the gym, I went straight for the tm (my best friend). I ran a glorious 4 miles), then worked some weight magic on the good 'ol legs. Great times this morning! I had to run off the (couple) cookies I ate last night. They were so thin, that when I tried to get them off the cookie sheet, they buckled and now I call it cookie crumble. They still taste like cookies, though (that's the important thing).

Do you ever run in the heavy fog (I live in the 'burbs, so there are people out)?  I want to try it, just on the weekends, though (don't know why).

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Back in Action (with a House)!

Today was the first day that sweat had dripped from my tired body in about 2 weeks!! I'm so happy to be back. I went to the gym for a moderate 4 mile run. It felt great!!

So, to catch you up with my life, this is how I've been keeping myself busy since my last post (on the 16th, wow!!) and some big news: We're buying a house!! So, we're trying to come up with some money, so we've had a moving sale (aka garage sale) at my parents house. It was pretty darn cold outside that morning! We did so much better than I expected.

We went furniture shopping. This isn't our style, it was fun sitting in it. This store was way too gaudy for us!

I've been making lots of messes in the kitchen (I was making waffles here). It's been fun and filling my belly, though.

I've been hanging out at home with loved ones (here's my Scoutie).

So, we don't have to keys to the house, yet, but we should be moving some time around Christmas. This will be our first house. If you feel caring and would like to donate to the Shelly & Jason moving fund, let me know and I'll email you my Paypal account for donations (I'm kidding if you don't want to donate, but serious if you do). I've been trying to keep up with every ones posts and will soon.

I hope everyone had a great turkey day!! What did you do? We went to my parents and had dinner and visited with family.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running with Mr. Smelly

So, while I was at the gym this morning (already over a mile into my run), a guy with buckets of cologne got on the tm next to me. I couldn't stand it. I only ran 3 miles today (I had 4 planned). It was so strong, I think it stained the inside of my nostrils. I've never understood this. Why do guys (I rarely smell girls with a ton of perfume on) wear a ton (or any) cologne to this gym. I understand that you may have work or other plans afterwards. But, you can always shower or at least wet nap the smelly parts and put it on aftewards. Why wear the smelly stuff before you workout? As I was leaving the cardio area, I walked by another guy that was super smelly, too. The thing is, it's not always older men or always younger guys. It's the entire age range.

Yesterday, I made mini apple pies. They would have tasted better if they didn't get stuck to the pan. They were still good, just crumbly (and not in the good crumbly way). I also made a pretty good bread (not pictured). It was pizza dough (un-cooked) with some whipped butter that was mixed with minced garlic spread on the rolled out (in a rectangle) dough. Then, sprinkle mozz cheese on top and roll it the short way up. Spread the remaining butter op top and bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes. We had company over that went like hot cakes!

Ok. Male readers (or female with some insight), please tell me why most of you wear too much cologne to the gym ?

Monday, November 14, 2011

I've Been Bad

I've been so busy lately, I haven't even been working out. I haven't been to the gym or even went for a run since Wednesday. Life is taking over and I'm enjoying it. This is what "off season" is for. I'm still getting time to spend getting "crazy" in the kitchen.  

I've been making some good food, just nothing too interesting to blog about. I'm getting up early all this week to workout in the gym. So, that means, more blogging. This morning, I did get my lazy butt out of bed and into the gym before the sun rise. Sometimes, I think that sun is so lazy. I shouldn't be getting up before the sun does, maybe I'm just crazy. Is it odd, that it's easier to go get my workout in before work than after?

I headed straight for the tm when I got in the gym. All I felt like doing was running. I didn't want to do anything else, but move my legs really fast. It was such a great run this morning. I'm so glad I did it. Now, I just have to be awake enough to fix dinner and entertain Jason's parents tonight.

Do you before before work after work workouts?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sleepy with some Side Stitches

Ever since about 1 pm yesterday, I had side stitches. I was sitting down for most of the day, so it was really odd. I pushed through it (yep, still had them until way after 5, when I left for the gym) and got in 4 miles. I was determined to run the 4 miles, because my head was filled with way too many thoughts I was about to go crazy!! But, that was all I could handle. I wasn't concentrating or enjoying the run. So, that's when I was finished with my workout.

I came home and made dinner (black bean burgers). I love these things! So easy to make!

After dinner, I got all my workout gear ready for my early morning gym time. I ended up turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. I just woke up (which is too late to go to the gym). I guess my body needed to extra rest today.

Do you listen to your body every time it tells you something?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mini Meatballs & Time Trials

This is what I've been eating for dinner the last 2 nights. I made these bad boys (mini meatball sandwiches) with ground turkey! They are so good. If you haven't made them yet, go make them tonight!

Just before I left work yesterday, I found that I didn't bring enough food with me. I wouldn't have been able to make it through my 2 hour, high intensity workout (plus, I didn't want to faint). So, the best things, was to come home and eat dinner.

I did get out there this morning. Right now, it's easier to get up early (at 4 am) and hit them gym, than it is the go after work. I know, it's weird. So, I went about my routine and got up at 4. I've decided to kick this laid back routine up a little. I'm starting to do bi-weekly mile time trials. This was my first one ever. I did start my morning off with my stairs (aka, my BFF). The, headed over to the time trials. I did ok, but not as good as I hoped. Just something I know that I need to work on. I ended my am workout with some leg weights. It has been a good morning.

I'm going to catch up on some tv while I drink my coffee and eat my cereal.

Have you done time trials? How were they for you?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Hill Made of Apples

Yesterday morning started out with an easy 3 mile, dark run. This time I carried a flash light (not turned on until I needed it: the scary bridge). For some odd reason, I feel safer with it (instead of the mace). It was a great run, though.

After coming home and then heading back out to grocery shop, we got ready and drove up to Apple Hill. It's such a fun place to go. It was so cold (40)! I picked my apples out of a box (you can pick from trees, too, but I didn't want to). I bought my apples to make apple sauce, some apple juice (which they tried to tell me it's the same thing as cider) and the best apple pie.

They don't have parking lots here. You park in the orchards.

It was the perfect day to go. Halloween is over, so no one is searching for the perfect pumpkin. Thanksgiving is too far away to look for decor and Christmas is way to far to be searching for the perfect family tree. Don't get me wrong, it was very busy!

I'm off to go relax and try to catch up on shows and some reading. Hope everyone had a great time in NY!! I'll be watching to highlights very soon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I heart Intervals

After work, last night, I headed over to the gym. I didn't really want to go, but I made myself. I'm so glad that I did! I really enjoyed getting my sweat on. I ran 4 miles as a warm up for my spin class. It was a good 4 miles. My Friends kept me entertained while I ran.

Spin class was great! I really missed that class. This (coming up) training cycle, I'm not going to stop going to spin class (like I did last cycle). It's a great cardio workout, and excellent cross training. My instructor old us that he's going to Vegas over turkey day weekend. Him & his wife are going to renew their vows, with am Elvis impersonator. How fun!

In this class, there were even more intervals than normal. He would change things up and make it fun (while listening the Elvis remixed songs). It was a fantastic class and I can't wait to go back next week!

When I got home, Jason was already prepping dinner. I hopped in the shower and when I got out, it was cooling. It seemed like such an easy dinner and it was so yummy.

It's called chicken with garlic, basil and parsley. Very filling.

What is your favorite class to take?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart Black Beans

The other night, I made some soup. I'm really into soups right now. For me, it has to be dark and cold outside, preferably raining too. Well, when I eat dinner, lately, it's been dark outside. When it's dark, it's cold (not too much rain, yet). So, it's the perfect soup season!

I love black beans. I put them on as many things as possible. Well, I decided to combine these two things and make my first black bean soup. It turned out pretty good. It's definitely not healthy, but it tastes great (what wouldn't taste good with 10 slices of bacon in it?).

Yesterday, my gym was closed (after 4) for Halloween. I was pretty disappointed. I ended up taking a rest day (2 days in a row, wow). I woke up before my alarm this morning, eagerly got up (at 4 am) and headed out the door (of course, after I changed). I did 15 minutes on the stairs and lifted the legs.

Next week, I'm going to start to add in more running to my routine.

I've been feeling kind of blah lately, and I think it's because I haven't been running as much as I was (12 miles a week now vs. 25-30 during training). I'm not going to boost it up as much as I was during training, but it will be higher next week (maybe 15-20 miles). I am in "off season", so I can do what I want. It feels so weird and I feel like I don't know what to do with myself.

Do you feel this way when you're in "off season"?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a safe Halloween! Don't eat too much candy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


When I woke up, I was in a dark room. I could hear other people in the same room, but they sounded just a scared as I was. I was so cold sitting on a cement floor. I could feel the coldness of the chains around my wrists and ankles. A door opened and a dim, yellow light came on. Only 4 other people were in the room; all women.

As the guy slowly came in the room, I could make out a creepy smile on his face. He was dirty and smelly. He had on a pair of jeans, that I could tell use to be blue, now covered in what looked like heavy dirt. The design on his white, now yellow shirt, was so faded, I couldn't tell what it was of.

As he got closer to me, I could see his long, pointy, yellow finger nails. What seemed odd to me, was that he wasn't wearing any shoes. His toe nails were just as long, pointy and yellow as his fingers. He was making this gurgling noise, which grew louder and louder as he got closer and closer to me. As he us unlocking my chains, my body became paralyzed. I couldn't move. He dragged me to the middle of the room. Now, all the women were screaming and crying. It echoed in the small, cold room.

Something took over and he tore into my lifeless body. His finger nails dug into my back, as his toe nails dug into my legs. He ripped off my shoes and took a bite into my heel. Blood was streaming from my cold body. I now know that wasn't dirt on his jeans, that was dried blood. After what seemed to be hours of feasting on my blood-drained body, he left the room.

Now everyone was quiet and motionless. I was still alive! I looked at my limp body. The first thing I notice is a huge gash on my right foot, towards the bottom. The only thing I could think was "how am I suppose to go running in the morning?".

My alarm went off and now it was time to go running in the pitch black coldness of outside.

When I got up, I dug through my running drawer (where I keep my running gear, sock, shorts, etc.) and found my pepper spray that Jason had bought a few years back. I wanted to make sure no one could take me back to that cement room.

I kept looking behind me, thinking I heard something. But, I managed to have a great 3 mile run. Just what I needed to loosen up my legs and start my day!

Does anyone else have a fear of being taken, while running (I'm not afraid of being hit by a car while running)?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Alone

After work, yesterday, I needed some extra energy, so I was very excited to hit up the gym. Plus, I hadn't gone to my spin class in over a month. When I got there, it was not as busy as it normally is (when I go at night, I go right after work, the busiest time). I went into the locker room to change and I never saw anyone. Usually, other women are getting dressed right next to me (very awkward).

I loosened up my legs with an easy 4 mile run, then headed over to hang with one of my favorite instructors for 1 hour (spin class). I took the class easy, since I'm getting back into it. I didn't want to kill myself on the first day back. Don't worry, I was a sweaty mess by the time class was over. We did so many intervals. They've really became my friends. I love them so much!!

I went back in the locker room, to get my stuff, and not a single person was in there, I was all alone. So strange.

This morning, I went back, and I was the only person waiting for the gym to open (usually there's a group of us). The person opened the gym 10 minutes early (yeah!!) and I was still the only person in there, I was all alone (very weird). I think that once I get into the gym, it's another dimension and people are disappearing. I worked very hard this morning. I climbed stairs (level 8) for 15 minutes, did a 20 minute core workout and ended with lifting with the legs.

I am going to go cuddle on the couch with my warm cup of coffee and try to wake up some more. You know, when you come from somewhere where it's loud and wide awake, then come home where it's dark and cold and people are still sleeping, you tend to start getting sleepy yourself. That's where I am at. After I eat breakfast, I could definitely go back to sleep.

What's your routine after a nice, hard workout?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keep Smiling

First of all, I forgot to mention yesterday, on Saturday I went for 2 runs. One in the morning, the 2nd in mid afternoon. They were both about 3 miles each, but they felt great! I have been smiling so much more since I got back to my normal routine. Here I am after run #2 on Saturday. I may have a huge vein popping out of my head (it was warm), but I was smiling!

I'm also trying to eat a little more healthy. I am now keeping a general count of my calories (a few weeks ago, I wasn't keeping track at all). I love celery with PB (lunch from Saturday)!!

Last night, I had my ripped class (aka: ass kicker). Before the class, I ran 4 glorious miles on the nasty tm. I loved every single second. Now that I'm running just for fun (not on a schedule), I'm having so much fun! Since I was drenched with sweat from class, I came home and hopped directly in the shower. When I got out, I made dinner (I was starved). Jason baked potatoes while I was at the gym, so I just had to make the "salad": 1 can black beans, 2 tomatoes (chopped), 1 t coriander, 1 t cumin, salt, pepper, 1 t olive oil and heat over high (stirring occasionally) for a few minutes. Place a little sour cream right op top and enjoy! I love this dinner, it's easy and quick (you can bake the potatoes ahead of time).

I finally was able to get my ass out of bed this morning (at 4 am). I haven't done this since before my race (3 weeks ago). I'm so glad I did it. I had a great 45 minute work out. I spent 15 minutes with my old friend, the stair stepper. Then, I headed over to my other friend, the leg weight section and lifted the rest of the time. The guy even opened the gym 10 minutes early, so it's like I got a free extra 10 minutes. Yay!! I love it when things like this are ahead of schedule.

What's your favorite part about being off season? I love being able to do what I want when I want to and not trying to work my life schedule around my workout schedule (plus I smile more when I'm not worn out). I do start back to training in December. So, I have a few months to have a "real" life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Running Divas Fashion Show

I recently received some awesome clothes to try out from Running Divas. They are great! I already have some favorites.

The running tank is very light weight and clings where it should. The only thing is that it's not as long as I'm use to. It just gives me a reason to work on my stomach. The front reads:Pain is the test".

The back reads "yes it hurts". It reminds me of my mantra on the road id "the pain is worth it".

One of my favorites is this shirts. It's just the prefect length and hugs where it should. It's a very casual, hanging out kind of shirt. The front reads "Freakishly strong"

The back reads "I know a lot of me tell me that".

The super comfy long sleeve reads "it's who we are it's what we do".

Te back reads "when running becomes a necessity". They must have read my mind. I went crazy when I wasn't running. Even my co-workers have told me that my personality changed when I didn't run.

My new favorite comfy sweat pants. I can see myself wearing these all winter long. They fit perfectly.

Here's what they say along the side. Yep, I'm a half marathoner!

Running Divas have some great clothes. You should check them out. No, I wasn't paid, or told to say this stuff. This is actually how I feel about their clothes. I only give me honest opinion on this blog.

When not in running clothes, what kind of stuff do you like to wear?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dark & Peaceful

Oops! I put my last photo first and don't feel like fixing it. Oh well. You guys will understand. I went on a run this morning, unplugged. I love in the dark without anything, but the clothes on my back and some reflectors. It's so peaceful. Look how happy I am to be back to running (I'm wearing my Urban Cow Half Marathon shirt).

See why it freaks me out to be running in the dark, sometimes. This is the bridge that I cross (foot traffic only). It looks like something you'd see in a horror movie where the girl gets slashed and the crazy guy finds where she lives a tortures her husband (why, yes, I do have a vivid imagination and I love horror movies).

Man, I look tired! I am, but I got my ass out of bed anyways. You can't tell, but there's a cute little stream behind me. And, the sun is getting it's lazy ass up.

Much better (on my way back). This is the hill (small) that I'm always talking about. I love seeing the sun rise over this hill. It's gorgeous!

I have some errands to run. Hey, maybe, if I keep my smelly clothes on, I would go for another run this afternoon. I think it's worth the try.

Anyone race this weekend? Is anyone (local or not), doing the Shamrock half in March? Where is your favorite place to watch the sun rise?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sore Chocolate Milk Drinker

I can tell that I haven't been working out. My upper legs are still sore from Monday night's ripped class. I am showing you where they are sore while drinking chocolate milk:

It's probably not a great picture, but you get the point. So, on Saturday morning, I'm getting up early and going for an outdor run. I'm loving this weather and I can't wait to run in it.

What type of weather do you prefer to run in?

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Dead Body & Grilled Cheese

Last night, I made it to the gym!! I loved seeing familiar faces and working my body the hardest it's worked since my half. I am pretty sore right now (I feel like a dead body), but in a good way. I had planned on going this morning, but my body still wants to sleep in. That's ok. I'm fine with that. I'll work on the 4 am wake up call next week. I'm building the miles and enjoying the workout, again.

Last night, I ran an easy 5k, lifted leg weight and finished the night with my hour ripped class (which completely killed me). I'm going back tomorrow night for my spin class. I can't wait!

I've been making so very good food (may not be good for you, but at least it tastes great). Here are my empanadas made with chicken, paprika, hard boiled eggs and cooked spinach, inside a puff pastry.

Here I am prepping last night's dinner. I'm cutting the cheese (ha, ha).

(I'm not pointing, I'm cutting the sandwich in half)

I think this may have been the best dinner of the week. It's homemade Tomato bisque (lighter version)
with grilled cheese sandwiches. I remember as a kid, my mom use to pour out a can of tomato soup and always pair it with grilled cheese. Always a happy memory when I make this.

My body definitely needs a rest day, so it worked out prefect that I slept through my alarm this morning. Tomorrow, I think I will climb stairs for 20 minutes, work the legs and finish the night with a good old fashion spin class.

When you finish with your racing season, do you stay on a schedule, or just play it by ear?