Thursday, August 21, 2014

Running with Friends

Working out with people are the best! It doesn't matter who they are, as long as you have a great time! It's so much better than running by yourself. 

My running partner may not be able to have a conversation with me (at least yet), but he does keep me company. He makes all kinds of noises and laughs while we're running. Lars prefers to have me run, while in the stroller. He gets uncomfortable when I stop or walk. He keeps me motivated to keep running. 

I've noticed that my lungs are getting stronger and I can take in more air and run longer. I'm slowly getting back to my old running ways. 

After a good run, Lars and I often go to a local park (run to it) and play (for about 1/2 hour). It's not fair that I have all the fun (running), he deserves some fun too (swings and bouncy horse thing). 

What do you do after your runs?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sweat like you Mean it

Ever since I fell in love with running (again), I've been doing it a lot more. Of course, I have to arrange my running schedule around a little man. I think I've been doing pretty good. There's always a lot of sweat (I don't go out past 10 am) and I've been working out my lungs. My lungs are my weakest part of running. Here's what I look like after my run, every time (notice the veins shooting out of my hands):

This is what I've been eating lately. It has Stacey's tortillas, cooked dice chicken, cooked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a little ranch. It was so good!

This little guy has been enjoying his Cheerios, green beans (pictured) and yams. We had a period of time where he would refuse eating any type of food. We found out that he wanted to feed himself. He's pretty good at that now, but still needs to practice. He loves to practice!

Can't wait for tomorrow's run!

What have you been eating?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm Going to Squash You!

Who loves spaghetti??? I made the best meatballs the other day. They were made with home grown basil, too! They were so easy and quick to make. Those things are great when I have a 7 month old baby wanting to "run" around the house. 

On top of the noodles and meatballs, I used Dave's gourmet pasta sauce. You may not believe me, but I've never had butternut squash before (in any form). I tried the butternut squash sauce. It was so good and sweet! Lars even tried some, and he said "mmmmmmmm". His exact words (even though he says that to most things). 

This meal lasted us 3 days! Another plus! Jason loves spaghetti, so he doesn't mind when it lasts a while or I make it often.

How often do you have spaghetti? What's your favorite meal to make?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Early Runner

The great people at Tasty Brand were so nice and sent me some fruit snacks to try out. They are so good! They are organic, make with real fruit juices and don't have any high fructose corn syrup. The pack only has 70 calories! They totally satisfied my sweet tooth! YUM!

I'm so glad we live across the street from a park. We spend a lot of time at the park on the baby swings. Lars loves them! He is always smiling and kicking (he kicks when he's happy). He's a pretty happy boy!

Like I mentioned earlier this week, Lars loves to walk around. So, I bought him a walker and he loves playing with the front part more than walking around while hanging on to it. I know he'll warm up to it and be racing around this house soon enough! When he sees a cat walk by, he starts almost running to them (he loves petting them). Of course, they run away. Maybe I'll enter him into a fun 1 mile kid run when he's 2??

Do you kids run? If so, when did they start?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When Running is Fun

The great people at Eeboo sent Lars some great things to try out. They are meant for older kids, but he can still have fun with them. The first thing (his most favorite) are the nesting blocks. He loves to chew on them and thinks it's hilarious when a car crashes into them. The other thing they sent were some "tell me a story" type of book. Basically, they are just pictures and you make up your own story. I have the one pictured and the robot one. He laughs at the stories we make up. I'm not sure if he understands them, but he still laughs.

Lars has started walking, while holding on to our hands. He walks all over the house. He's not stable enough to walk alone, but this makes him happy. Ever since this started, he's been eating more (from me). Ever since he's been eating more, I've been starving and can't shove food in my mouth fast enough. Here's what my plate has been looking like lately (not the healthiest, but all home made).

I've been running lately. I've been forcing myself to do it. I've never regretted it. I'm always happy during my runs. It's just that I hate getting out the door and I didn't always like the actual act of running either. This week has been different. I absolutely love running again. I'm having so much fun and enjoying every second of being outside working up a sweat. I love this feeling! It's always great to love your workouts!

Do you love your workouts? What do you do to get your sweat on? When did your kid(s) start walking?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wrapping it up

I've been really craving wraps! I've been eating them for breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon and also for lunch with (see below) lunch meat, bacon, mayo and lettuce. Stacey's Organic tortillas sent me some awesome tortillas to try out. It's not because they sent them to me, I really, really love them! They're made with things I can pronounce (and often found in my own kitchen and I love that). 

I don't always have bacon with every meal, so you don't have to worry about me. 

Running has been going pretty ok. I've still running 5k (since I wasn't able to get out too much last month for it). 4 miles starts next month! I need to make it over to my old running path (6 mile loop). It's so much better than stopping at stop signs, so we don't get run over. 

This little guy has been a picky eater and being so stubborn about trying to feed himself. When we try to feed him (by spoon), he puckers his lips and turns his head. Since we've been feeding him by hand (and letting him help), he's getting better. 

Yesterday, we shared a part of a hard boiled egg. We're working on his pincer grasp

Anyone have this trouble while feeding their baby (breast feeding is no problem)? How far are you running?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Color Run (in pictures)!!!!

Once again, I had another busy weekend (but great). First, on Saturday I had the Color Run. This was my first race post baby. It was also my first run without the stroller (Jason came and took Lars). This was the longest I had also been away from Lars. My friends and I had a great time!

Here we are, pre-race

The MC of the race

We got to start 15 minutes early (we were in the first wave). People were starting when we were finishing.

Pink was the first color!

One of the volunteers was completely stupid (I don't ever say that about the volunteers). She nailed me really hard in the eye with the powder. It stung and made my eye water for 2k. I didn't let it spoil my time though.

Blue was next!



We crossed the finish line!!

I was very colorful this year! It was so much easier to run without the stroller. I forgot how much easier running can be.

Post race grub! Lars wanted to get colored too! He kept starring at me and smiling at how colorful I was. I decided to pick him up and he decided to suck on my arm (the color is save to ingest). He loved it, he was laughing.

On Sunday, we went to Jason's sister's house for dinner and swimming (no pictures). Lars had a blast!

Anyone else ever run any color type of races? What's your favorite distance to run?