Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Running with the Bugs (in photos)

I ended up having beautiful weather here, in Cali. 65 degrees and sunny. That type of weather just calls a runners name. How could I possibly stuff myself in the icky gym. I asked to get off of work a little early, so I could enjoy the sun a little longer. 

I got off of work and drove the 5 minutes to see this gorgeous sign.

The sun was beaming and so was my smile. I think I had this smile plastered on my face the entire time. There were so many people out and they were all so friendly. 

The scenery was nice too. So green!

The only thing about running at this time of night, is the bugs. Bugs were crazy last night. They were in swarms and I swear they were following me. My sweat must have smelled too good for them to pass up. I hope mosquitoes didn't bite me. I always find out 2 days later, in the shower. 

The creek was flowing and sounded so nice. Everyone around had huge smiles on their face and they were so eager to smile and say hi!

When I got home, this happened:

I haven't touched any weights in way too long! It hurt, but it was a good hurt! (Like the new mirror?)

Ok, maybe the hurt didn't feel too good then. I'm pretty stiff and sore now. My face only shows a little of the pain. I took what I remembered from my ripped class (that I also haven't been to in too long). 

After this face was made, more weight lifting happened. I pushed through the pain. 

Can you tell I just got a new phone that I wanted to try out? I love it! Thanks for all the advice on it! Are you running outside? What's the weather around you like?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Girls on the Go 5k

On Sunday, I had another race (I love it when they're back to back weekends). I ran the Girls on the Go 5k with my friend. The night before was so much better than last weekend. I went to bed and a nice time. I did things around the house and just relaxed (as I should). 

In the morning, I was so eager to get up and drive downtown. This was the first year I've seen this race locally. I think they're  normally in SoCal area. After the kids' run and the 10k races were off, the 5kers lined up. 

There weren't as many people there, as my other races. There were a good number, though. 

I ran with my friend and she led me. She set the pace and did great! 

It's always so nice to run with friends, it makes the time go by so quickly. It didn't even feel like we ran a 5k. 

When we crossed the finish line, we got medals. I love it! My friend and I decided to match out outfits and of course, we had to wear our tutus again!

Do you ever match your clothes with friends, when you run? What's your next race?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Davis Stampede 10k

Last weekend was a difficult weekend. It started with Friday. We had a lot of errands to run and the time it came to our last errand (grocery shopping), we were too hungry and didn't have any energy. We decided not to go that day. We had more errands to do the next day anyways. 

So Saturday (day before Super Bowl Sunday), we went to the store. There were only 3 parking spots left (I did count). I couldn't handle going (plus, I didn't feel well that day). I decided I could stay awake until midnight and go then (this store is open 24 hours). About 11:30, Jason decided to take a shower (so we could go straight to sleep, after we put the groceries away). That's when all hell broke lose...

All of our sewer pipes decided to back up. After waiting for the plumber to arrive and snake the drain (which the pipe was hidden and we had to break some stuff in order to find it), we were able to get about 2 1/2 hours of sleep that night. 

I got up bright and early (still dark out=can't wait for the time change and it gets brighter early and late) for the Davis Stampede and arrived at the start to pick up my packet. Of course, it was so crowded and busy. Everyone had so much energy and were so happy to be there. I was tired and just wanted to get this done.

When I lined up, I started getting more excited and happy to be there. I told Jason I wasn't sure what time time was, but I was guessing about 1:10.

After a wonderful 6.2 miles later (best run I've had in months), I spotted Jason (near the finish line) and 1:09 (according to my garmin).

Jason was super sleepy too, so the photos aren't that great.

I crossed that line with the biggest smile and enjoyed every 4,140 seconds. Lately, my runs have been slow and sluggish (not great when my next half is in March). 

After checking my official time, I found I finished 1 minute earlier than I thought. Official time: 1:08:21. I'm so glad I had this man to run to. He inspires me to succeed and finish faster. 

How's your 2013 race calendar going? I have 2 more races on the schedule (March=half and Aug=5k color run)