Friday, May 30, 2014

WOD & Training for Spartan

How I'm training for the Spartan Race (in October): I work on my tan and get a good sweat on at the same time. Don't worry, I'm in my backyard, so I don't get stared at. 

Here's a sample of one workout from this week. Some are a little easier (at least for me) and some are more difficult:

reverse lung to overhead press (10 per side) side plank with reverse fly (10 each side) dumbell swing (x20) plank with row (10 per side) deep squat with overhead reach (x15) warrior 3 with triceps kickback (10 per side) deadlift with front row (x15) v-sit with single-arm chest fly (10 per side) split squat with bicep curl (10 per side) repeat all this 3 times.

I had a little (literally) company while I was working out. A baby squirrel decided to observe. It was so cute!

After this workout I was starving! I am obsessed with PB&J sandwiches lately, some home made granola, tortilla chips and a little bit of watermelon. All this hit the spot!

I always workout while Lars is taking his 2 hour nap (my workouts usually take from 30-60 minutes), so I have some time to relax and cool down before I have to feed him. My little man has been busy doing his own workouts: sitting up. What a core workout! Happy 5 months little guy!!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?
What's your workout this weekend?

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

#SPARTANUP & a Giveaway!!!

What am I doing on October 25th, you may ask??? Well, I will be completing in the #1 obstacle race (voted by Outside Magazine) and the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005. Also known as the Spartan Race (use this link for a 15% discount).

They have races all over the place! Check out this map and see how many they put on all over the place. 

They have something called a Spartan Trifecta. That's someone who has completed a sprint (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles), a super (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles) and a beast (12+ miles, 25+ obstacles) in a 1 race year. That would be something to be proud of!

I have 5 months of training ahead of me. This is one way to loose the last bit of baby weight and get toned! There's a lot to do. But, luckily, I have subscribed to their daily workouts (emailed directly to me). 

Need some inspiration for your workouts (I'll show you my workouts tomorrow), here go:

And, of course, here's a picture of Lars. He's such a wiggle worm right now, I can only get blurry smiley photos. 

The Giveaway:
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lemon Sugar Cookies & a Giveaway Preview

We have a lot of plants around our house. All types too. Right now, everything is in full bloom. They love this hot weather! Here is a picture of one of our cactus with their flowers. It only blooms once a year and only for a day or two.

I love baking. I mean, I really love baking. If I could be in the kitchen all day long baking (and eat everything without gaining weight), I would. This weekend, I spent some time in the kitchen. I made the best sugar cookies I have ever made! They were so light (perfect for the hot weather). 

I like sugar cookies that are light and refreshing. So, the lemon sugar cookies were on the top of my list. They were so easy to make. They took no time at all!

I had a couple left over chocolate chip cookies from a couple weeks ago, so they went to the top of the cookie jar. In case you were curious, yes, my cookie jar sets on my counter at all times. 

Lars has recently started eating solids (that I make all myself, which I'll talk about more in another post). By this picture, I think he likes it. It may look like he doesn't have any hair, but he has very fine baby blondish-red hair. 

This was my long weekend. Sitting at home (when I wasn't running boring errands), hanging out with the family. Lars and I did manage to get out for a small run, before it got too hot on Monday. But, out of everything we do together, dinner time is my favorite. We all sit at the table and eat together. Lars plays with his zebra, until we finish, then Jason usually feeds him afterwards. He loves being involved in the conversation too. 

How was your weekend? Anyone  camp or go to the beach?

Do you eat dinner at the table, outside or in front of the tv (which I use to)?

Who would like a free entry to a Spartan race in a city near you?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Running Stroller Runs

Before I had Lars, I knew I was going to go back to running (I walked a lot while pregnant). I knew I needed a good stroller (but not pay a million dollars). We ended up buying the Graco click connect stroller. It's super easy to strap Lars into and he seems very comfy in it. He loves going on his runs (and walks)!

I haven't been running for very long with him (hubby works, so I had to wait until his neck was strong enough). I'm starting from scratch (which is so difficult). I've lost all my fitness. But, I love a good sweat. The very first run was tough (only one mile for the test). I went to a local park and started running.

Pushing the x amount of weight of the stroller (+ almost 16 lbs of Lars), that's a lot of extra weight I'm not use to running with. It's so worth it, because when the time comes to toeing the line again (I won't be racing with Lars), it'll be that much easier.

I always give Lars his favorite toy (right now it's this dangly zebra thing), hooked on to the stroller, so he can't throw it out while I'm running. He usually "talks"while I'm trekking along and plays with his toy. He's pretty happy while we're on the move. He hates it if I have to completely stop. 

After the first run, I couldn't stop sweating. My lungs hurt, my abs hurt and my legs were on fire. Funny to think I wouldn't even feel like this after 13 miles, in the past. I will get back to my old fitness level. I know it takes time and I'm willing to put in the time. 

I'm so glad that Lars loves being outside all the time. It makes running so much easier, especially since I cancelled my gym membership long time ago. I have 3 months to train for the color run 5k and 5 months to train for the spartan 8 miler (more on that next week).

What race are you training for? How many miles do you run a week? Do I have any other running strollers mommies out there?

*****I paid for the stroller on my own. This was not in any way sponsored by Graco. These are my own thoughts. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

I'm back!!! So much has been going on since I last blogged (I can't believe it's been almost a year!). This is how I spent most of 2013. I loved every minute of it. 

December 30, I gave birth to Lars. He's the joy of my life. I love being a stay at home mommy. Every laugh, cry, dirty diaper and squeal gives me such enjoyment (and not in a weird way). 

Lars is now 4 1/2 months old and does so much. He's getting ready to crawl and loves touching everything and tries to put everything in his mouth. 

Since I do so much more than just work, run and come home, I've decided to change the focus of my blog. It's going to be more of a healthy running mommy's life kind of blog. I still make good food (chocolate cheesecake):

Since Lars' head is now strong enough to be in the running stroller, I've been running again. I try to go every day, but sometimes our schedule doesn't allow it (same with the weird weather we've been having). I will try to post something at least twice a week, if not more. Just depends on how the days go. I've changed some design aspects on the blog (check out the new header). Let me know what you think!

I already have a couple races lined up for myself. And, I even have a pretty awesome giveaway (for next week). My next post will talk about my running with the stroller and how that's been going. Man, that's a full body workout!!

How many mommy runners do I have out there (even if you don't run with your little one)?

What races do you guys have on your schedule?

What do you think of the new stuff on the blog (I've also added to the about me page)?