Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Big Toe

Last night, I went grocery shopping. While I was out, I picked up a lot of fresh, yummy, juicy fruit. So, that only calls for a fresh fruit salad for lunch. In the mix, I had grapes, strawberries and 1/2 banana. So good! My big toe still needs some rest time from being used. I'm trying to stay off of it as much as possible. I'm going to take tomorrow off, as usual. Saturday, I'm going to the gym and see if I can run. No matter what. I can still do some weights and abs.
Every Saturday, I'm going to start to go weights and abs, once again. I need toned arms and awesome abs for summer time. When it gets warm enough to swim, I'm going to start doing laps in our pool.

Well, I'm off to start dinner and get off this foot. Good night everyone!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you run out of everything? When I got home last night (after blogging), I was starving. I was going to have the chicken stuff for left overs (last day). I pulled out the bread (to make toast) and it was 100% moldy. We didn't have any tortillas, pasta, potatoes, bread, milk or anything thawed to make dinner. So what did we do? Chinese! I got the beef & broccoli. Yay for nothing fried and lots of broccoli.
Hubs got some kind of spicy chicken thing. Nothing fried, either. He said it wasn't spicy enough, though (he likes his food spicy, too spicy foe me).

Can't wait for left overs. No gym for me today because of my big toe. It's still pretty red on top. I think tomorrow is also a day off because of it. I really want to run on Saturday! I need it to heal. It doesn't hurt if nothing is touching it. Antibacterial goo and some icing to come.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Routines & Body Fat

I had 6 miles on the schedule tonight, but that didn't happen. I only ran 4 miles. There were a couple of reasons. The main reason was because my big toe was giving me some problems. I noticed last night, after my long run. After these 4 miles, the top part is red and sensitive. I'm going to take tomorrow off. I need my toe exposed as much as possible. The other reason was because I was having my body fat tested (the pinch test). I had guessed I had 18-20% body fat. I have a scale and it reads 18-19%. Wow, is that not accurate. I am 12%. Can you believe this face has only 12% body fat? I had this test done about 3 years ago and I was about 25%+/-. Crazy stuff. I guess all my hard work is finally paying off. This morning, I had my go to breakfast. I think I have this just about ever single day. I eat a bowl of multi grain Cheerios with non fat milk and a cup of coffee with sugar free coffee creamer. I think this will be my breakfast on race day.
I think I'll get up a few hours before I have to be at the race. I will definitely pick up my packet the day or two before. What is your morning routine like when it comes to 1/2 or full marathons?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Switching Things Up

Last night, we finished our left over pizza for dinner (I didn't drink any soda, but hubs did). It's decent pizza for the price. Tonight, I had my usual speed (for me), my 5k run today. When I was at work, I just wanted to run. It was 62 degrees and sunny outside. So, I ended up grabbing a tm (facing outside) and running 11 1/2 miles on the tm. I use the tm for my long runs because I really need it to make me have a continuous pace. I think it really helps me. I'll find out in 33 days! I had a great long run. I was talking to a new friend for about half of it and it made the miles fly by. I really need a running partner. Anyone near the Sacramento, Ca area and want to run week day nights and Saturdays, early morning. Let me know. I am now all comfy and ready to relax and slowly start to heal from y run. I feel really good about switching things up and am super happy. Sometimes, little things can make me super happy, and look at the smile on my face! How do you get ready for long runs? Any secrets?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cookie Weekend!!

This weekend, I made a lot of cookies. I made 3 different types: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Thin Crispy Chocolate Cookies. Here are the PB cookies. I tired a new recipe. They were just ok, just not very peanut buttery. Thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies. Best ever!! If you like then, crispy cookies, you MUST make these. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies (I added chocolate chips). Very soft and yummy. May be the best cookies this weekend.
Here's our cookies jar. Hubs wishes it wasn't clear. If he sees the cookies, he wants to eat more, they talk to him! I have more cookies in the pantry.

These cookies are all very easy and quick to make. What are your favorite types of cookies? Mine are then, crispy chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Me

This is a quick over view post of last night and today.

I made 3 types of cookies last night (recipes to come tomorrow).

After my average 6 mile run this morning, I was in a hurry to get out of the door. I'm so glad I have my new ice pack. I was able to fix a quick breakfast while I iced my knee (for prevention).

This is what I looked like at 7am.

Here I am at noon, after my hair appointment. It felt great to get my long hair cut and highlighted! I feel so girlie!!

Until tomorrow!! Congrats to everyone that raced. I'm following you on Twitter and will comment on each of your blogs Monday. Get lots of rest and enjoy your accomplishment!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Relaxing Day

Today was a very calm day, which means a very short post. It's still rainy and cold outside. I wanted to run outside tomorrow, but I don't want to get sopping wet, so the tm awaits me until the morning.

When I got home, I heated up some left overs. Since they were as good as I hoped, I scooped some out (minus the juices) and put it in a whole wheat tortilla. It tasted so much better!

I got more corn and goodies this time (aka: I stirred it). I'm off to sit by the fire and relax while I try to get warm (I'm a Cali girl and am a big baby when it comes to the cold).

Have a good workout this weekend! What does everyone have planned?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Run that Almost Didn't Happen

I had a 10k (6.2) on the schedule tonight. I set another PR (since my last timed race). I ran it in 62.24 minutes. I had (still have) very tired legs. It's going to be nice to have a rest day tomorrow. My legs are looking forward to it. I like running on tired legs, because I'm hoping that I'll get use to that feeling and during my 1/2 and it won't be so bad. I don't know, just a theory. We'll find out in 5 weeks!

I really didn't want to run tonight. It's so rainy, cold, windy and cloudy. I just wanted to go home (from work) and be with my hubby and cuddle while eating my warm, yummy dinner. After tweeting about this, I received some good words and decided to go. I knew it wold be the best thing and I always feel better once I accomplish my run. I'm very happy I went! The PR was just a plus!

Tonight's dinner was made in the crock pot. I love that thing. Best wedding gift we got! When I got home from being out in the cold, windy rain, the house was warm and smelled of yummy Santa Fe Chicken.

It may not look appetizing, but it was good. I need to stir it more next time, I didn't get hardly any corn or beans. I'll take another picture after I dish it out correctly. I'm not on a diet of any type, (this seems to be a Weight Watchers dish), but it sounded really good! Now, I'm off to try to catch up on my dvr. I've been so busy and not home enough that I've been slacking on watching tv. I love tv, so I must watch a lot of it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Gear

Another 5k was ran tonight. I ran it in 30:02. Not too bad being the day after a long run. Feeling good afterwards, I headed to my bi-weekly spin class. Loved it! They really know how to work you. I know that if I tried to do this class sans instructor, I wouldn't have nearly as much sweat on the ground. I think I prefer working on intervals (sprinting hard for a short time and releasing the gear) in class versus sprints (sprinting for a short time a pacing the gear). Our instructor had us working in one gear (for 1/2 the class). When a spin instructor has their class working in one gear, you know it's gong to be hard. He had us taking only 15 second breaks between each interval and 1:30 break between each sprint. It was definitely a tough class, but I loved every minute!

When I got home, I continued icing my knee. No problems or pain or anything, I just don't want anything to happen. Just prevention, not curing.

Paradice was so kind to send me a knee ice pack. I love this ice pack!! It's one of the best things that has ever been invented. It's soft and cushy and has beads inside. The beads don't melt so there is no wetness left behind. The best thing, I can walk around while icing. It stays on my knee while I do the things I have to do that night. Tonight I am blogging and making dinner while icing. This saved me 1/2 hour tonight. I love it when things make my life easier.

What is the best thing that has made your life easier, when it comes to running?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Fly Zone

Last night's dinner was so good. I had a whole wheat tortilla with a tablespoon of fat free ranch dressing, mixed greens, 1/4 of a hard boiled egg, cooked chicken, red peppers, cucumbers and black olives. I ended up folding this like a taco and using a fork to pick up everything that feel out. So filling and yummy. I can't wait to eat it again tonight.

Tonight, I had 11 miles on the schedule. At mile 5, I have #9 dark chocolate energy gel. It tastes like I was eating a smooth, thinner version of fudge. It really made my legs keep going. Shortly after taking the gel, I got kicked off the tm. I guess there was a class that had 6 tm reserved (complete crap).

Once I got kicked off, there weren't any tm left, and I still had about 5 1/2 miles left. I went to the bathroom and rinsed my face. When I got back, there was only 1 tm open. I took it. It was sucky tm. There is only one type (they have fans the the tracking is so much better) I can use and they were all filled. I watched carefully, waiting for people to get off. About 1 mile into this portion of my run, someone got off a "good" tm. I snagged it before his foot completely left the tm.
2 miles into this portion, a young girl got on next to me. She was dragging her feet. If you don't know, that's a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate it when people drag their feet on the tm. If you're too lazy to pick up your feet, why are you even on this thing? Sorry for the rant. It was a really bad 11 miles tonight. I just couldn't let my mind fly around and think about stupid things and even not think at all. I took yet another bathroom break and came back. I was determined to finish (and the foot dragger was gone). And, finish is what I did. Not how I wanted, but I finished the entire 11 miles.
Here are the best socks I've ever put on my feet. They were a champ for me and my 11 miles tonight. Worked exactly how I needed them to.

I'm finishing my chocolate milk and then I'm off to go shower, eat and ice.
Do you guys have any pet peeves of other peoples workouts? Or, am I just a crazy, loony person?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfort is Not an Option

Monday nights are my nights to see fast I can possible run a 5k. Well, tonight yet another PR!! I ran it in 29.53. Before, my best time was 30:09. I pushed myself the hardest I have while running. I am so proud of myself. My training is going great and I only have 40 days until my 1st half!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I won't know how I will do until I run the race.

Afterwards, I felt really good. I was really excited to go to my spin class. Yet again, another hard, ass kicking class. Some times, during the class, I feel like I can't push any harder, but I do it anyways. After class, I'm always proud of myself for pushing that extra little bit. I am never comfortable while working out. Some people like to take their time and get a slight sweat on and go home 20 minutes later. I am definitely not one of those people.

I wore my new socks that the running store recommended on Friday night. Well, I love them. They are Zulu brand. So much comfort and I finally used body glide (yes, I know, it was the 1st strange I haven't used it before). No new blisters and my old ones are healing nicely. No need for duct tape today and most likely on my long run tomorrow.

When I got home from the gym, everyone was sound asleep. This is what everyone looked like. I can't wait to join them.

It's time to eat, shower and get things ready for tomorrow.
After you get home form your workout (after stretching, eating, showering and rolling), do you have something that you do every time?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laziness is Happiness

Last night was a lot of fun. We had our friends over for dinner. I made salads and chili. They brought over the best homemade chocolate cupcakes with PB frosting. They left us some and I'm trying to hold out as long as I can to eat them all.

We played Balderdash, drank and had a ton of laughs.

Here are the hubby's being their funny selves.

Us girls are a little more serious.

I've just been getting things ready for the week and relaxing. I guess I needed to sleep in. We woke up around 10. I haven't slept in that long in such a long time. I feel completely refreshed!
I must eat these cupcakes before they go bad. I hate wasting good food.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy, Running Saturday

When my alarm went off this morning, I wasn't wanting to get up. But, I knew that I was having some bad food (more beer than normal), so I needed to get my run in. I forced myself to get up and get moving.

Heading to the gym (it is pouring rain here right now and all weekend), I was still half asleep. I got on the tm anyways and knocked out 6 miles and felt great afterwards. I'm so glad I made myself go. I always feel great after my runs (bad or good).

After my run, I met a good friend for coffee. A couple hours flew by and we caught up. I needed to get some of my errands done early because we're having friends over for dinner tonight.

When I got home, I was hungry, again (way too normal), so I snacked on an apple with some Fat Toad Farm Carmel. It tasted so good (don't worry, I didn't even eat 1/2 that caramel) I wanted to eat the entire jar. They make the caramel with goats' milk. So good...

I've been prepping things for tonight's dinner. We're having our friends over and I like to get things ready (as much as possible), so I can spend more time with our guests. So far, I've cut up things for the salad (cucumbers, peppers, green onions, hard boiled eggs and black olives) and I've cut toppings for our chili (onions, shredded cheese and sour cream). It's time to go get some normal "company" clothes on (non-sporty) and get some sort of make-up on.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday night and gets lots of sleep. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of Money

Since yesterday was St. Patty's Day and we didn't want to go anywhere, we had green beer at home. I have to admit, this was my first green beer. Hey, what do you know, it tasted just like normal beer (or course). I think we put in too many drops of the food coloring. Opps!

With the beer, we had the (hopefully) last bit of chicken sandwiches. Of course, I put a lot of fresh spinach on it. Yummy greenness in my tummy.

Tonight is filled with taking the dry cleaning in, buying new running socks, ($5) pizza and grocery shopping. Spending lots of money night. Let's just hope everything works out as planned (I'm tired and don't want to be out too late).
When I went to Fleet Feet to find new running shoes (because of my blisters), they recommended not getting new shoes, but getting new socks. I love their honesty. They could have had me buy $100 pair of shoes, but steered my to buy $15 pairs of socks.
Hope everyone has a great Friday night and an even better Saturday run!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tired Legs

Last night was another long night. After the gym, I ran some errands. I didn't get home until about 8 and then I had to do some stuff around the house (shower, eat, and things like that). By the time I was able to sit down and relax (for the 1st time), it was about 10.

One of the things I did when I got home was, make granola bars. I didn't have time to cut them up before bed, but they're waiting for my in the fridge (which I'll cut up soon). I love these in bite size pieces and in plain or vanilla greek yogurt. It's the best!

Hubs didn't sleep well last night. Which means, I didn't sleep well last night. I finished work and didn't really want to get my 6 miles in, but that's what happened last week, too. I laced up and went for a run. It was in incredibly slow run, but it was 4 miles! I think that if I run with tired legs, it will give me a preview of what my legs may feel like during my 1st half. If I can run with tired legs now, maybe I'll be use to it then (for my 1st half next month). I do give myself plenty of rest and I always ice and stretch afterwards.

When I got home, my shoes came off flying. Tonight is going to be an easy night. More chicken sandwiches for dinner and some catching up on the dvr.

I'm thinking about getting new shoes tomorrow. What brand is everyone wearing now? These are Mizunos. I love them, but I think they're cramping my toes and may be causing my blisters on my toes. I'm thinking either the same brand or Brooks (just a bigger size).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep Getting Strong

Last night, right after my long run, I headed over to my parents house (they live about 5 minutes away from my gym). My brother was in town. After I said hi to everyone, I took off my shoes and smelly socks (I felt bad for everyone) and immediately put on my compressions socks. It felt so good to have these on. I love my compression socks!

My mom went and bought us a take-n-bake pizza. I don't know what was in there, but it was stuffed and a little piece of heaven. She even sent a slice home for hubs (btw, he loved it, too!).

Here's the reason my brother was in town. He was picking up his new dog (she is 5 years old and was our aunt's). She is the sweetest thing! Her name in Lacey!

Tonight, I had another 5k. I wasn't too concerned with how fast I could run it. I just wanted something to stretch my legs after yesterday's 10 1/2 miles. I ran it in 31.09. Not too bad for a relaxing, stretch run. After the nice warm up, I headed over for another sweat session in the spin room. I can't believe I lived without this class!
If you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook (which everyone should, off the the right, you can find the links), you may not know that I have officially registered for my first 1/2 marathon. I'm so excited!
Well, I hope everyones night is going well and resting as needed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rockin the TM

I have been slightly feeling last nights workout. It feels good and it's not too bad. After work today, I had 10 1/2 miles on the schedule. I haven't been as nervous about this run as I had in the previous weeks. I knew I could do this! I rocked it. The first 6 1/2 was a little difficult. But, I then needed a bathroom break and when I came back (super quick), I was back on track. The last 1 mile I was just concentrating on how fast I was going and was really hauling ass. Of course, I set up my toe (just barely a blister, just wanted to be cautious). I really need to re-paint my toes.

After the gym, I went to my parents house, my brother was in town just for a day. That will be tomorrow's post, since I just got home and I've been gone for over 14 hours. I'm pretty tired.

This is an idea of what I've been looking like lately. I'm always eating and shoveling food in my mouth.

Last night's dinner was so good. It's what I've been craving for a very long time, a chicken sandwich (non-deli meat). I applied a thin layer of mayo and shredded the yummy amount of chicken I desired on the whole wheat bread. It really hit the spot.

So, I'm pretty pooped from 9 hours of work, 2 hours of running and visiting with the fam, so I'm going to hit the showers and head off to slumber land. Until tomorrow.
If you could eat any type of sandwich (calories and fat and all that bad stuff didn't count), what kind would it be?

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll tell You How Stronge I Am

I've decided that since my the running has been cut down (because of work) on Mondays and Wednesdays, I would see how fast I can run a 5k on these days. Today, was another great beginning to my running week. I set another unofficial PR. New PR is 30.04. That's 19 seconds faster than last week.

After feeling like a hot shot, I headed over to spin class. An hour later, I walked out of that spin room with a lot more sweat on the ground than there was when I walked in. I love these classes. They really get me to push myself harder than I thought I could. This is how I feels after days like these!

Last night, we had left overs. They were so good! My plate was empty in no time!

When I go to the grocery store this weekend, I will be buying healthier things and more veggies. Not sure why, but they haven't been making an appearance lately. I think I'm going to be eating chicken sandwiches the rest of the week (piled with a ton of fresh spinach). But, I guess my "yummy foods" this weekend fueled me well for my new PRs!
What's your favorite veggie?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change & Some Tasty Food

I always hate the first day of any time change. It's always so much more lazy than a normal day. I think I needed a lot of sleep, though. I think I feel asleep about 9 last night and woke up about 10 this morning (with the time change).

As I mentioned in last night's post, I made Pioneer Woman's Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Casserole the other night. We're going to be eating for a couple more days, which is a good thing. Here are a few steps from the process:

The creamy sauce is starting to boil. Man, is that sauce good!

Everything is mixed together and getting ready to go in the oven (you may be able to tell, I used whole wheat pasta).

It's out and ready to be eaten!

Gotta blow on it. Man, is it tasty!

We just finished watching Hard Candy, now it's time to watch Twelve. It's a movie, lazy day, filled with good food!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

This going to be a little backwards. I started my day off with a 6 mile run outside. I drove to a path about 5 minutes away from my house. Here are some pictures from this mornings run (some may be blurry, because I almost didn't ever stop to take the pictures).

Sometimes I hate going under the under passes because you never know if someone is going to be there sleeping (aka a bum). I haven't ran into anyone there, yet.

This red sculpture is the city logo (it's suppose to be a rose from the sky. I love in Roseville.

My very last hill. My car is less that 20 seconds away. The worst hill.

Not too terrible for making it a relaxing run.

I hate a movie and lunch date with a friend this afternoon. We went to see Hall Pass. It was a cute chick flick. I laughed the entire time. After the movie, we walked across the parking lot and ate lunch at Mels Diner. I love their food. I had the chicken club with fries. I can't remember the last time I had fries. I did pass the on the soda and only drank water.

Last night's dinner: Pioneer Woman's creamy chicken spaghetti casserole. The best! More to come on this tomorrow.

Any cool scenery on your runs this weekend?