Thursday, January 24, 2013

Running Punch

Last night, I had 11.5 miles on my schedule. In the beginning of the day, I was really excited. I couldn't wait for this run! As it got closer, I wasn't looking forward to it.When it came time for me to change into my gym clothes, I didn't want to go. I was trying to find any reason not to do it. I couldn't come up with anything that would be a good enough excuse (especially with my half marathon just over a month away). I needed to run this. 

I got changed, drove into the gym parking lot and got front row parking (which never happens, especially if it's raining, like last night). That was a good sign. I walked into the cardio area and my favorite treadmill was open (at the end with a fan directly above it, it's always taken). Another good sign. I put my things down, warmed up and started in. 

For about miles 6-8, I had this 20 something guy next to me (running, not just standing there) and while he was running, he would punch the air, really, really high. It was almost above his head. I've never seen anyone do that before. 

After some time had past, I looked down at the information displaying on the treadmill and it looks like I accidentally ran 12 miles (instead of 11.5). I guess I was really enjoying my long run! I hope that happens on race day. 

When I home, I just wanted to rinse the salt off my face and shoulders. I started the shower and shed my clothes. Here's my outer skin. 

Immediately after I got dried off, the first thing I put on were my compression socks. You  better believe I put on my lime green compression socks under my pj's. It's a must do after my long runs!

I have a pretty busy next few weeks. Every Saturday, I have a run date with my friend and we hang out afterwards. On Sunday, Jason and I are going on a day date, which should be fun! The first weekend in Feb, I have my first race of the year, a 10k. the following weekend is my second race, a 5k with my friend. And, finally, the first weekend in March is my first half marathon of the year. I'm also doing the Color Run 5k this year, again. 

Do you do the running punch (inside or outside the gym)? How far do you have to run before you put on your compression socks? What's your race calender look like?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Angel's Dance

I left work just a tad bit late last night. So, I only had about 10 minutes to get in a good leg workout. I headed over to the weights, and did a quick (literally) routine. 600 seconds later, I was cooling down in the yoga part of the gym (a separate room). 

When I got in there, there were a couple other people waiting for the class to start, but there was also someone that didn't belong. In the back corner, there was this girl (maybe 13-15 years old) and she was bent over, getting something out of her bag. The first thing I noticed about her was her shiny, sparkly, silver cape she was wearing. I didn't think too much of it, until she started to dance all over the room (between the people waiting for the class). While she danced, she lifted the cap with her arms, and it was actually something that looked like angel wings. They were huge, silver, sparkly, shiny wings. She seemed very proud of the dance routine she was practicing. I've never seen anything like it. She left once the instructor same in. 

Yoga was such a great workout, especially after doing a quick leg workout before hand. It usually takes me 20 minutes sometimes longer) to do the same routine, I just packed in to 10 minutes. It was good for me to use different muscles, doing this quickly. My legs are still sore. But, they feel good! I think I may do this every other week, or so. I feel little muscle (that I didn't know could hurt), burn. I love it! Too bad I have 11.5 miles to run on these legs. It's also good to run on tired legs (I use to do it all the time). When it comes to race day (half marathon the first weekend in March), tired legs are a good thing to know when it comes to the end and you're still able to push yourself. It's great practice!

How often to you train on tired legs? I use to do it for the entire week and rest them on my rest days. I have a more relaxed approach to this training cycle. I like testing out different options and using what fits me best.

Do you own a pair of shiny, silver, sparkly angel like wings? Was that you last night? Any other crazy outfits (non-Halloween)?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Muscles & All Things Must come to an End

Last night, I didn't want to get to the gym. But I made myself (mostly because Jason was going to make dinner and I really didn't want to). No matter the reason, I'm glad I went. I joyfully completed a 5k and hopped right into my ripped class. It's been too long since I've gone to this class. I loved every 65 minutes (she went over by 15 minutes). It was a huge sweat session and big smiles all around the room. I feel really weak right now, but I know it will pay off in the future. Can I say "hello sexy summer arms"?


While the shower was warming up (because it's very important for me to destinktify right when I get home), I took off my running shoes. I will have to lay to rest one of my favorite pairs of socks. They were so great to me during the summer, winter, spring and fall. I guess all great things must come to an end. 

The funny thing, don't tell anyone...I will probably keep these in my running rotation until my big purple tow comes poking out. I'll just be sure not to wear them to yoga (where I do most of the class in socks because it's so cold). 

How do you work your arms (free weights, classes, machines, etc)? Do you wear holey socks when no one see them (I can't be the only one)?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I felt like one of the 3 little pigs

So, I worked my legs on the weights last night, followed by my hour long yoga class. This class always stretches me where I need it most. I love every 62 minutes of it (it went over a little bit). 

While in class, the instructor reminds us to breathe (yep, I'm one of the people that would end up holding their breathe for the whole pose). There was this guy (out of 2 in the entire class) that would take such a deep breath and let it out (it seemed like for 10 minutes) and it was so loud and deep. He would take a lot of breathes like this (every breath), I thought he was going to blow us all over while doing the tree pose. I'm glad he was across the room and now behind me. Can you imagine, him letting out those long breathes right on you. Gross!

On another note, I actually looked really cute at the gym (I rarely ever match), so I had to show you a picture.

I'm not sure what pose I'm doing, but don't you love my new long sleeve tech shirt that Jason bought me for Christmas?!

Do you ever feel like the 3 little pigs while in your yoga class, or are you more like the wolf? Any new workout clothes l lately?

I have some errands I have to run directly after work, then another at home workout. I like posting when I'll be doing an at home workout on here, because it keeps me accountable.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Forgot...

Last week, Jason and I went to that Kings game I won the tickets for. It was a really good game and it actually went into overtime (we ended up losing though). It was fun to get out of the house and have a mostly free date night.

Last night, I was prepared to go the gym. I had my gym bag at work and about an hour before I was off, I thought "Did I bring my running shoes?". The answer is no. I wear some light hiking shoes to work. So, I guess I could have ran in them, but my ripped class would have been torture on my feet. I decided to go home and change immediately (or I would have ended up on the couch watching crap on tv) and do an at home workout instead. Jason had bought me a new (really thick) mat, some light weights (5 lbs) and a workout dvd for Christmas. The dvd came with 3 different types of workouts: pilates, yoga and a strength & cardio disc. I tried out the pilates. It was pretty good. My arms hurt from some of the moves.

One thing about working out at home, I can really wear whatever I want. When it's really cold, I dress really warm. Here's what the bottom half was wearing. Yes, those are heavy, thick slippers.

I had layers on the top: sports bra, tech tee and a cotton (yes, cotton) sweatshirt. Hey, I don't have heat (I do have portable heaters, though), so I always have to dress warm, even when I workout. I love my weight, especially the color!

I'm doing some weights tonight and then yoga class. On Wednesday, i have some errands that only allow time for another at home workout. So, I'll be trying the strength & cardio disc. Can't wait!

Did you get any fun gifts for Christmas? Have you ever forgotten anything important for your workout?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Tickets & Gas with a Side of Stairs

Yesterday, I put in for a drawing, through my gym, to win a free pair of basketball tickets (for our local team). I just needed to pick them up before 6. The only thing is that I work until 5 and my yoga class starts at 5:50 about 15 minutes away from the other gym (multiple locations). So, I decided to change up my plans for my workout last night. I also had another errand to run afterwards. 

So, I picked up the tickets and headed straight for the stairs. I ended up spending a full 35 minutes ms on the glorious stairs. I really worked up a sweat and loved every minute. Except, I didn't really care for this location. 

When I walked in, it reminded me of one of those gyms you see on tv where a boxer in Jersey works out at. It's smelly and not taken care of very well. Plus, it was 2 stories. For some reason, I don't like 2 story gym (I'm not afraid of heights), and you don't have a view of outside. They point all the equipment inwards. So, you stare at other people. But, I was happy to have the free tickets (the game is on Thursday).

After I left the gym, I headed over to the car dealership, where I bought my car. Because I bought a car from them, I now have free gas for 10 months. Love the freebies yesterday!

Tonight, I am going to my spin class that I love so much! I can't wait. 

Any cool freebie your way?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Well, after a lot of time off of blogging, I am back! The break was nice and much needed. I'm in the middle of my half marathon training, but over the holidays, I didn't get a single long run in. I was weak and caved to the temptation of lazily lying around on the couch while I stuffed my face. I did manage to make  date runs with my friend (I think it was just because I had someone counting on me, which always helps).

Since all of the activities are over and I'm getting back to a normal schedule, I feel so much better about myself and have stopped eating so much crap (a little crap is ok, in my books). The cookies are gone, the fudge bowl is empty and only nasty candy is left (which will take some desperate times for me to eat), and I'm back to the gym. Last night, I did my first long run of the year (I know, very sad when I'm in the middle of my training). Well, I successfully completed my 10 miler. 

I was so determined to start and finish it. I was starting to feel ugly (it's a girl thing) and really needed this run. I had been having a headache all day long and it hurt to even walk too fast. I beat the pain and challenged it (and took breaks when needed) and finished the tough 10 miles with a smile on my face. 10.5 miles is on the schedule for next week (but I have other workouts in between)!

I am trying something new out. I want to try to fuel with some stuff I have in my pantry (to use up some old things) and see what works for me. Right now, I'm using graham crackers. They're working great. I don't need that much. For example, I had ~1 1/4 crackers on my 10 mile run last  night. My stomach did great and it fueled me as I needed it to!

I have been taking care of my nutrient needs lately and have been eating a lot of these:

I've also been finding healthy versions of some of my favorite meals, like Sloppy Joes. Veggies and beans, yes please! I ended up going back for seconds. 

Tonight, I have legs weights and 60 minutes in yoga (hopefully my headache doesn't come back because downward dog wouldn't be fun), then tomorrow, I have a 5k and a 60 minute spin class. Finally, Saturday I have my run date with a friend. I'm really looking forward to this week. I'm feel like I'm myself again!

Do you fuel with anything from your pantry, or the standard GU and things like that? Have you ever taken time off in the middle of training (for a race)?