Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I felt like one of the 3 little pigs

So, I worked my legs on the weights last night, followed by my hour long yoga class. This class always stretches me where I need it most. I love every 62 minutes of it (it went over a little bit). 

While in class, the instructor reminds us to breathe (yep, I'm one of the people that would end up holding their breathe for the whole pose). There was this guy (out of 2 in the entire class) that would take such a deep breath and let it out (it seemed like for 10 minutes) and it was so loud and deep. He would take a lot of breathes like this (every breath), I thought he was going to blow us all over while doing the tree pose. I'm glad he was across the room and now behind me. Can you imagine, him letting out those long breathes right on you. Gross!

On another note, I actually looked really cute at the gym (I rarely ever match), so I had to show you a picture.

I'm not sure what pose I'm doing, but don't you love my new long sleeve tech shirt that Jason bought me for Christmas?!

Do you ever feel like the 3 little pigs while in your yoga class, or are you more like the wolf? Any new workout clothes l lately?

I have some errands I have to run directly after work, then another at home workout. I like posting when I'll be doing an at home workout on here, because it keeps me accountable.

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