Saturday, February 25, 2012

Proof I'm not a Vampire

I was making dinner last night and I was having trouble mincing some garlic (in the press). So, I called Jason in to help me. I was holding the bowl (so it wouldn't be knocked over) and I asked him not to get any on me. The next thing I know, this happened:

He pushed so hard, garlic went everywhere. Luckily, I was there to block it from engulfing my kitchen. I love garlic, but man, did I smell (yes, I cook in my pj's, aka: old running shirt).

The garlic managed to go around me and even get on my cabinets. What a mess.

I cleaned up before things got difficult to. Little did I know, I still had a large piece of garlic stuck to the inside of my nose. I was wondering why I couldn't get the smell away from me and my nose burned (maybe I am part vampire).

Through all that mess, my maple mustard buttermilk chicken turned out great. I also made some (standard) mashed potatoes and corn with it.

What kind of messes happen in your kitchen?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Old School

A couple days ago, I was debating if I should go for a 6 mile run outdoors (it was 77 degrees here), or if I should go for a 3 mile tm run and spin class. They were both great options, but I just couldn't decided. I had to make a choice, work was almost over. So, of course, I went to social media to help me make a choice. 

It was pretty clear of what I should do. I went to the park across the street from my work, and ran my old school run from back when I was training for my first half marathon. Around the park is about 3 miles, but I add some back "roads" (aka neighborhood streets).

It was such a nice day, I'm so glad I went to the roads. It's suppose to be in the 50's next week and raining, so why not take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can.

 I still haven't gotten the hang of taking pictures while running. They're always so goslled.

It was a very bright night. This is the part of the run that I always hate (especially when it's hot out). I know, I made the route, so why not change it...I'm not sure. This is just the way I go.

Coming into the home stretch. Almost there.

I think it may be time to put that sweat towel back in my car. I don't need any nasty summer time sweat seats. Eww!

I've notice a huge difference in my fitness level. I remember running this route for the very first time last year. It was so difficult and I needed to keep stopping to take walking breaks. Now, I haven't ran this far in a while, so I thought it was going to be a run that would kill me. Running this route was just like I never stopped. It's like I've been keeping up on my training and everything is back to normal. I thought I was going to have to start from scratch. This makes me very happy and I can't wait to be back out there this weekend!

What are you training for (if you're training)? If you're not training, how do you keep your fitness level up in the off season?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Goes Better?

The other night I made the best burgers. They were made from The Pioneer Woman's Mushroom & Swiss burgers. Instead of ground beef, I used ground turkey sausage, and instead of swiss I used this garlic cheddar we had on hand. Excellent burgers!

And, what goes better with a burger, than a beer and some night time reading. Dean is a great man and so interesting to read about all that he has done.

I'm drinking out of the glass I got from my last race. I love it!

What books are you reading right now?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I can be Seen with Knuckle Lights

A few weeks ago, I was sent an awesome product to try out. Knuckle Lights. They are one of the best products I've used in a while. Very practical! So much better than a head lamp or even holding a flash light. I mean, how can a car miss this?

Here are all the details.

I always hated carrying flash lights on my early morning runs (and I would never wear a headlamp; too bouncy). I was pretty invisible to oncoming traffic.

I had reflectors and things like that, but now I know I won't be missed.
They are very comfortable to wear. You hold them in your hands (see picture below). They have a button at the top (where my thumb is) and you turn turn them on or off at any time. Super light weight, too!

The spot (on the inside), where your knuckles go, is padded, and I don't believe any chaffing or anything would happen (for long runs).
There are lots of little lights that bring a lot of power, to be seen.

I will never go without being seen again! You should read Dan's story about how he came up with these bad boys. Sounds like every runner I know (even myself; minus the kid thing). I am no longer concerned about running in the dark again. I know I will be seen! Jason even feels better about me running early in the morning.

How do you stay visible in the dark hours of your runs?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Falling in Love all Over Again & Running Naked

I know most of you may think this post is about the hubs, but you are wrong. You may know that I do have another true love in my life. My family and friends are aware of this love. I rearrange my schedule for this love, Jason doesn't care for this love, but he is very understanding. What hubby can understand when his wife has another love in her life? I have been on a break from this love, but it's back!!

RUNNING!! It's true! I've fallin head over heels in love with running, once again. I'm not currently training for anything, so it can be fun again. Don't get me wrong, I love schedules. I have a schedule for anything and everything (every minute of my weekends are fully scheduled out). I just want to run what I want to run. If I feel like running for 2 miles, I will. If I feel like running 10 miles, I will. I love running what I feel like running.

Last night, after work, I headed out to the local park (yes, I have parks everywhere: 2 at my house and 1 near my work). The path that leads around the park is about 2.5 miles. I ran completely naked. Some of you may not know, "running naked" just means that you run without any electronics: watch, music, gps, ect. All I had was my thoughts and the amazing scenery. I haven't ran this route in a while, and it has changed. So many new trees have been planted and not many people were out. The people that were out were walking their happy little dogs.

This is one of my best runs this year (that doesn't show much, since I've probably only ran 15 miles this year).

Describe one of your best runs. What made it so great?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vita Cakes Chocolate-y Goodness

Fudge-y, chocolate-y goodness...yes please! These little cakes are the perfect size to get your taste of chocolate. It's not too sweet and it doesn't taste like a "diet" food. Vita Cakes really tastes like chocolate.

Each cake has only 50 calories, 14g of carbs, 1g of fat, 6g fiber and 2g of protein. It's a perfect post-workout snack (for on the way home). Or a prefect dessert. They even have a little carrying case. I bring the case (which hold 2 cakes) with me to work, and have a pre-workout dessert.

What's your favorite way to eat chocolate?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Jason & I celebrated our Valentines Day on Sunday. We're always so busy during the week and I wanted to make a nice dinner and nice dessert, I wouldn't have had time to do all this during the week.

We started the day off by being lazy and staying in our pj's until 1pm. This is the first time we've done this since we moved. It was so nice. We just sat around talking and drinking our coffee. Then, we were wanting to get some hard work on, so we tackled the back yard. We're not "working" on it, yet, but it needs to be presentable. Our intention was to work for about 1 hour, then come in and relax some more. The next thing we know, 4 hours went by and we were starting to loose sun.

We came in, got cleaned up and changed and I started making our food. The main course was breaded salmon, fresh green beans and brown rice with a side of white wine.

Dessert didn't exactly mesh with the wine. I made red velvet cupcakes. I've never had these or made these before. I think they came out pretty good.  Recipes always make too much frosting. Each cupcake got a ton of frosting and I still had a lot left over.

How was your Valentines Day? Do you ever get a lot of frosting left over?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Run Around the New Hood

On Saturday morning, I got up at 6 (yep, even on my day off), and went to the grocery store. Before I even unloaded the groceries from my car, I was back out, hitting the pavement around my new running hood. I really got to know my neighborhood this way. What a better way?

I live across the street from a park with lots of area to run; some paths, and a few playgrounds for kids. Since I was out so early, no one else was out. It was so nice seeing my peaceful neighborhood this way.

It was a little cloudy this weekend, but it didn't rain when I was out (just missed it). We have so many trees around us.

It may be difficult to tell from this photo, but we have ducks in the stream. One male and one female. Can't wait for spring!

After my little excursion through the park, I headed to the streets. It was all green lights (and no one at stop signs). This made my run easier. That's an elementary school to the right.

Right behind my house, we have another park. This park only has some paths and benches. There's no playgrounds. It's quieter this way. Every once in while, I can see people using the paths (through the fence). And, more trees. I think the color is going to be great this fall! And the shade will be incredible this summer!

After I hit all these paths, I needed to run to Safeway. I forgot something at the store. So, I literally ran to the store and ran home. By this time, people were starting to come out and be active. I was getting some strange looks while I wan running with my bag of groceries (it was just some chips for the hubs guy night, so nothing heavy like laundry soap).

I ended up running for about 30 minutes (before the store) and really enjoyed everything. Next weekend, I'll print out a map, so I can find myself home (and I can go further). I'm really bad just finding the way back. It takes me forever to get to know a place.

Do you ever run around your neighborhood? Do you prefer streets or trails?

Saturday, February 11, 2012


If you go to this post, you can see the before pictures. Just remember, this is a long work in progress. We are just starting and there is a lot of work to do over a lot of time.

Here is my side of the office.

The living room (mid-painted).

Dining room.


Bathroom #1

Bathroom #2

The rest of the office.

I'm posting this today because it's Saturday and Saturday is working on the house day. I love it!! I much prefer to work outside, than inside. If I get dirty outside, its just dirt. If I get dirty inside, it's too human.

Off for my first neighborhood run!

How do you relax on the weekends (after your workouts)?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Body Angel

A few weeks ago, I received this workout tank to try out. The company is Body Angel and they make super comfy clothing. If you read this blog, you know I love to be comfy in anything I wear. That is always my number one concern when it comes to clothing. I'm not really a girly girl, so I don't need any frills. Just the necessities (they also have some super cu. This tank has it (they do have some super cute girly slothing, too)! That back is super cute! Love the criss cross!

It is a long tank, which is a plus. I hate the ones that are always riding up and don't fit right. The best thing, it has a little pocket in the front! Super cute! The lighting isn't right in the house, so here's what they have on their site.
This is the perfect yoga tank!! I can't wait until I have a hot, summer day, so I can wear it more often!!

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday Night & PureFit Bars

If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know how I spent my Saturday night. Jason & I had a very spontaneous "date night". We started the night in the most romantic place you could ever imagine...Lowe's, then he treated me to Target and we finished our "get out of the house" night with some On The Border (via a gift card). It really was a great night. Especially after working all day in the front yard. Some big beers and Mexican food is just what we needed.

I did go to my spin class last night, and it hurt so good! I did leave my portion of sweat on the floor. If you ever see me at the gym, watch your step, you may slip on my sweat.

Before I left work, I knew that I needed a little something to keep me going until I got home (at 7). I had some PureFit bars in my desk drawer. I tried the chocolate brownie flavor. Free anything chocolate, you don't have to ask me twice! The good thing about these bars is that they taste great!! They are high in protein (18g), gluten, dairy and wheat free and only have 210 calories (for this bar).  The bar kept my energy up and kept me satisfied until I got home and showered. I can't wait to try their other yummy flavors!

Some of you have asked what we've done in the house, so I've decided to keep you guys more up to date. I will post as we make progress. This is something I did the first week of moving in. We had this old planter box and this area doesn't get any direct sun and it tends to get pretty swampy when it rains a lot. So, I took out the entire thing. No use in wasting space, plus I can use the dirt elsewhere (we have a lot of little holes all over the grass). Bye bye planter box. 

How do you spend your Saturday nights?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best Full Body Workout

This doesn't look like this anymore. We've been so busy trying to get everything in order, so we don't live in chaos. The bookshelves are painted and these books are all put away. I'll post pictures this weekend of what we've been doing. And, yes, we love to read (mostly Jason, though).

 Everyone is settling in nicely. The cats are getting to know what are "their spots". Mickey loves the dining room table.
Here, in California, it isn't our "normal" winter. It should be freezing and rainy and windy. Nope, not this weekend. It was probably about 65 and sunny. I worked in the front yard all afternoon. I rototilled the entire front (I did half and Jason did half). I'm glad he was able to help. The half that I did was too much for my body. It took every muscle that I have to do this "little" project. It took my legs to push myself forward, it took my abs to bring myself back and it mostly took my arms to get the tool in the ground.

No, we don't an electric machine, it was all by hand. Yes, we've been watering the lawn to get it softer, but it was still hard. Of course, some parts were easier than others. but, man, was my body sore that day and even today (2 days later). I can't believe I sweat that much in February. 

After work today, I will be participating in my first spin class in over a month. I can't wait!!! I love this instructor and I can't wait to pour my donation of sweat on the floor.

What is your big event that you're training for this year?