Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday Night & PureFit Bars

If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know how I spent my Saturday night. Jason & I had a very spontaneous "date night". We started the night in the most romantic place you could ever imagine...Lowe's, then he treated me to Target and we finished our "get out of the house" night with some On The Border (via a gift card). It really was a great night. Especially after working all day in the front yard. Some big beers and Mexican food is just what we needed.

I did go to my spin class last night, and it hurt so good! I did leave my portion of sweat on the floor. If you ever see me at the gym, watch your step, you may slip on my sweat.

Before I left work, I knew that I needed a little something to keep me going until I got home (at 7). I had some PureFit bars in my desk drawer. I tried the chocolate brownie flavor. Free anything chocolate, you don't have to ask me twice! The good thing about these bars is that they taste great!! They are high in protein (18g), gluten, dairy and wheat free and only have 210 calories (for this bar).  The bar kept my energy up and kept me satisfied until I got home and showered. I can't wait to try their other yummy flavors!

Some of you have asked what we've done in the house, so I've decided to keep you guys more up to date. I will post as we make progress. This is something I did the first week of moving in. We had this old planter box and this area doesn't get any direct sun and it tends to get pretty swampy when it rains a lot. So, I took out the entire thing. No use in wasting space, plus I can use the dirt elsewhere (we have a lot of little holes all over the grass). Bye bye planter box. 

How do you spend your Saturday nights?


  1. Saturday we ran around running errands most of the day. That night we watched a move and it was a nice quiet evening in.

  2. Saturday during the day is all about the kids, but my husband and I usually cook and have some vino : )