Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I can be Seen with Knuckle Lights

A few weeks ago, I was sent an awesome product to try out. Knuckle Lights. They are one of the best products I've used in a while. Very practical! So much better than a head lamp or even holding a flash light. I mean, how can a car miss this?

Here are all the details.

I always hated carrying flash lights on my early morning runs (and I would never wear a headlamp; too bouncy). I was pretty invisible to oncoming traffic.

I had reflectors and things like that, but now I know I won't be missed.
They are very comfortable to wear. You hold them in your hands (see picture below). They have a button at the top (where my thumb is) and you turn turn them on or off at any time. Super light weight, too!

The spot (on the inside), where your knuckles go, is padded, and I don't believe any chaffing or anything would happen (for long runs).
There are lots of little lights that bring a lot of power, to be seen.

I will never go without being seen again! You should read Dan's story about how he came up with these bad boys. Sounds like every runner I know (even myself; minus the kid thing). I am no longer concerned about running in the dark again. I know I will be seen! Jason even feels better about me running early in the morning.

How do you stay visible in the dark hours of your runs?


  1. When I do evening runs, I have a couple of lights I strap around my arms. I'd be interested to try the knuckle lights, but my first thought is that I prefer not having to carry things.

  2. Wow they are super bright. Can the drivers etc see you from behind as well?

    I don't run in the dark except in NYC. It's always light in Manhattan!

  3. Haha, I'm car's worst nightmare. I wear dark clothing and NO lights. But, then again, no one wants to kidnap me, so I"m probably safe. :)