Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time to Celebrate!

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. His real celebration is this weekend, but I wanted to make him a special dinner. As an appetizer, I had freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

One of his favorite drinks is a black and tan (I hate dark beers, so I just drank the Bass by itself).

The main course was Shepherd's Pie. It was sooooo good! It had so much flavor and it was pretty easy to make, too. I love casseroles. Everything is in one dish. Easy clean is great for me!

There was so much food, we have left overs for days!I can't wait for them tonight!

What is your favorite casserole (I need ideas)?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last One...

This morning was my last workout before the big day. Sunday is the race and I'm ready! All my training has been done and all my long run have been ran. I feel prepared. Since this is my third half, I now know what to expect, when to eat, when to drink and how to mentally prepare myself. I will be posting about my goals, nutrition, and music later on in the week.

Last night's dinner was pretty good, especially for just throwing it together in 5 minutes. I fixed brown rice, green beans (my favorite) and bbq (sauce) chicken with a huge side of water.

Today is Jason's birthday and I'm going to fix him breakfast. So, I better go, and try not to make too much noise before he wakes up. I'll post about his birthDAY tomorrow (we're really celebrating this weekend).

When is your birthday? How many rest days do you take before a full or half marathon?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I've Been Doing During Taper

Last night was another body killer (in a great way). Another 5 miles in sprints were ran and then ripped class started right after. All I can say is WOW!! She changed up the routine (like she does every 4 weeks). Man, my body took a beating (and I think every one's in that class did). More water breaks were taken and a whole lot of sweat was left on the ground (more than normal). We work every part of our body in this class, but my arms feel it most (I guess that's the most out of shape part of my body).

Once I got cleaned (aka a quick shower), we had dinner, but I was still wanting something extra. So, I made our tea. I'm in love with chai tea (I know, I'm late to the game). I had also made some coffee cake muffins, but they're just ok and nothing to really talk about. But, this did really hit the spot. I all this food was consumed, I was ready to relax, then hit the hay. I did have a 4 am wake up call.

This morning, I ran a nice, easy 4 miles. Nothing special. I did get caught up on my local news while I ran. This is the only time I have time to get my news (I'm usually asleep by the time Daily Show or Colbert is on).

I have a few favorite workouts during my taper. This may be old news, but a favorite of mine. You start in the plank position. Hold it there for a few seconds.

Then, you bring your left knee to the outside of your left elbow. Repeat with the other side. I repeat both sides 8 times each. It really works your core!

Don't mind the hair growing out of my ear, I'm still trying to figure out out to put up my new(ish) short hair.

What's your favorite workout move (not including running)?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ms. Pac Man

Over the weekend, we went to our friends birthday party. It got really cold and windy, we actually wore our sweat shirts for the first time in a long time (it's been about 98 here lately).

The cake her hubs got her was adorable (she wanted an 80's theme and she got it).

After work today, I am going to the gym to run 5 miles of sprints and then my ripped class. This is the last week before my last half of my season. Still kind of sad. I will share my goals and everything later on in the week.

What is your workout for the day?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Easy Going with a Sunrise

I woke up with the sun this morning (it let me sleep in). I quickly through on some clothes and headed out the door.

As I peaked over my first hill, there was the gorgeous sunrise. The sky was light pink and blue and the mountains were just illuminated. Most people ask me why I get up so early, I tell them it's moments like this (and I want to get my run done early and beat the heat). I had the most beautiful run. It was on my old school route, so it was only about 3 miles, but so worth getting up at 6:15.

I'm off to run a ton of errands, then head over to a friends birthday party.

How's your weekend? Have an amazing runs?

Friday, September 23, 2011

What's for Dinner?

The other night,I made a really good teriyaki chicken with green beans and brown rice. So filling!

This is one of my favorite things to make for dinner.

If you eat chicken, what is your "go to" dish?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Unofficial) PR

Last night was a great workout!! Before I left work, I didn't want to go!I had to talk myself into it (which happens often). I just reminded myself of how great I will feel afterwards. I went, and it was great!

I set a new (unofficial) PR for my 5k (in my tempo run): 28:04!! I'm getting faster!! After that great session, I headed over to spin class. I was so excited for hitting my new PR, I was excited to start the spin class. I made my 45 minute class into 1:05 class. I love getting there early and try to push myself as hard as I can. It was also a great class! I love great days!! I was so glad I went when I got home:

This morning, I decided to sleep in. My legs were not going to be able to pump out a 5 miler (or even 3 miles, for that matter). My body really needed some "extra" sleep. It felt really good.

Have you set any PRs lately?

New Schedule

My new schedule is really working for me. Of course, I am tired, but it's a good tired. I always come home with a smile!
Here it is:
Monday: pm 5 mile sprints, ripped 60 min. class
Tuesday: am 4 mile run, leg weights
Wednesday: pm 4 mile tempo run, spin 50 min. class
Thursday: am 6 mile run, leg weights, arms weights, and abs
Saturday: short and easy 2-3 mile run (rest if needed)
Sunday: Rest

Right now, I'm in taper mode, and this is my last 1/2 of my season, so I don't need my miles very high. If my body needs to sleep, I'll let it. I would prefer to keep my miles about 20 per week.

What does your post-season schedule (if you have one) look like?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homicide at the Gym...DOA

After work yesterday, I headed over to the gym, for my Monday night run and ripped class. I started out the night with 5 miles of sprints. I did pretty well and kept the pace up. I'm pretty proud of myself! Then, little did I know, there was going to be a homicide at the muscles were pronounced DOA. So many weights and squats and lunges, my entire body is completely dead in my ripped class.

I may be smiling, but I'm completely numb to the (good) pain that is my body. This made for an interesting 4 mile run this morning. It was a lot more than difficult, but it got done. I logged the miles. They weren't bad miles, but the weren't great miles. They were miles. I like to run like this to teach my body to run on fatigue. It's a good lesson. It's not like my body will be feeling great my entire 13.1 miles (in less than 2 weeks).

What songs are getting you through your last long runs of this training cycle? I'm loving anything by Sublime and System of a Down right now

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I recently was contacted by Lily of the Desert to try out some of their awesome products. A few weeks ago, Jason & I both tried the detox formula. We took it 3 times a day before each meal. The liquid itself was semi-thick and tasted like ginger (only to me, not Jason). It took a little bit to get use to the taste.

Lily of the desert uses aloe vera in their products. According to their website: "it assists in cleansing and detoxifying the body. The herbal blend supports blood purification, develops beneficial bacteria, and reduces superoxide radicals and nitric acid. This formula has been clinically proven to reduce nitrates at the circular level by 11%."

Super healthy. And, I like that it doesn't contain any sugars or starch.

Pretty good stats, too.

I'm not one to talk about my bathroom habits, so I won't go into details, but some things changed. I have finished taking the entire container and my body does feel happy and refreshed! I've never done anything like this before and it was interesting. I did learn not to take this after I've brushed my teeth...very, very bad!

My new workout schedule starts today. Since I'm going to the gym tonight, I didn't go to the gym this morning. I go to the gym in the mornings only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Only evenings are Monday and Wednesdays. Since it's the start of my taper, I thought, "why not get into the new routine?". I will still be running on Saturday mornings, just about 6 miles or so (for right now).

Are you guys getting ready for your fall marathon taper?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Lost My Poor Meatball when Someone Sneezed!!

I made one of our favorite meals last night (and super cheap, too). I made spaghetti and meatballs. The sauce, is my home made sauce I made last week. Super good! Once the meatballs were fully cooked, I simmered them in the sauce for about 10 minutes.

Well, it's time to eat breakfast and get some coffee, so I can fully wake up. Another rest day for me. My new schedule starts tomorrow (taper & the rest of the year). If I workout at night, I will allow myself to sleep in. What a concept! I do love my sleep!!

How late do you sleep in? Right now, the latest is 8, but normally 6. How late do you stay awake at night? My average is 10 pm (yes, I'm an old lady).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Creamy Dinner

Last night, I had one of my favorite dinners. I made chicken with tarragon cream sauce. This thing is so good and all the flavors mesh really well together.

I actually hate peas. there are only a few times I will eat them; if we go to a fancy restaurant and they come with my meal, someone I don't want to let down makes them for me and in this menu. The peas aren't so bad when they're coated in the awesome sauce.

I think I sat still too much yesterday. My legs are still sore. Usually, if I move around a lot, they won't be sore the next day. Sometimes, at work, I have to move around a lot, and other times, I have to sit at my desk all day. Yesterday was of those days when I sit in one spot all day. Oh well. They feel better today. I'm just very glad today is a rest day. I'm so tired!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Looking Forward to the Taper

I was really good last night. When I got home, I had energy that I needed to get out. So, I cleaned the house and even vacuumed. Then, I was starving, so I made dinner (I'll post that tomorrow). I was relaxing on the couch by 7. I made the smart decision and went to bed at 9:22 (I looked). I think it only took me about 10 minutes to fall asleep.

My alarm was set for 3 am. Yep, that's right, 3 am. I have another busy weekend, and this is my only time to fit in my last long run of this training cycle. When my alarm went off, I was up. I was pretty eager to run, so I made a piece of toast, used the bathroom and got dressed. I was out by 3:30. I made it to the gym in 40 minutes. Of course, the guy that opens it was late (like 10 minutes late). When he finally showed up, I got right on the tm. 5.48 miles later, I was back out the door to run the same route I came. 43 minutes later, I was back home. I like my times, especially since the traffic lights are longer, the later in the day.

The last mile was a little tough, though. I had a little hip ache. I guess that's a good thing about taper, it gives your body time to heal from any damage you may have done to it before the big day. I finished with a big smile on face, even though I have a hip issue, which I will take care of.

Now, it's time to eat breakfast and drink coffee. Then, off to work in my compression socks! They really make my legs feel brand new.

What is your routine after a long run? I've found the more I move around, the better I feel the next day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I feel like I am running naked in my Yellowman YMX shirt, it's so light weight. It was great for my run. It's made of a wicking material and I love the pocket in the back of the shirt. It really comes in handy to carry your nutrition.

I love the design and the bright colors. I'm definitely not missed on the streets.

Tomorrow is the big day! It's my last long run of my training. It's kind of sad, too. It's going to be tough, though. This time I have to get up a 3 am to hit the streets by 3:30, find an extra 1/2 mile on my way to the gym, run 7 miles there and head back. I have learned to love running in the dark. It's so peaceful and almost no one is out. The only thing that I'm always thinking about is what if someone is hiding behind a bush and jumps out and grabs me. I guess I've watched too many horror movies and that's how they always start. Sometimes, my head gets the best of me.

***they kindly gave me this shirt and I'm not being paid for my opinion, it's a true opinion.***

My legs are getting a full days of rest today. How long do you rest before your long runs? For a long run, it's usually 1 day. But, for a race it's about 3 days before and if it was a good race (aka no injury) about 3 days after. I need to prevent injury. It's seems like I'm prone to it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Running with Bad Company

I had some unwanted company on my run this morning. I some how got a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot. I think when we ate dinner outside the other night, I had flip flops on and I had my legs crossed and the sandal was dangling and one of those little suckers must have gotten in their and had a feast of their own.

Every stride I took, it itched. It was pure torture of 3 miles of sprints and leg weights. It is torture just walking around, but worse when I run. I can't believe it! Who gets a mosquito bite on the bottom of their foot?? I guess it's just like burning (from the sun) the bottom of your feet (no, I've never done that).

On other news, we just finished watching 6 Feet Under. It's a great show! If you like mentally ill people and dead bodies (it's not gruesome), you may like this show).

What's the most uncomfortable way you've ran (hidden rock in the shoe, etc)?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Time & a Monster

Scoutie had gained a little weight, so I wanted her to take it off. I started play "stick" with her. I move the stick on the ground as she runs after it. She loves it! I've created a monster! She lays next to it all day long and cries when it's time to play (3 times a day). She doesn't like it when the other cats come along and try to play at the same time. She wants it all to her self.

Last night, we had tea time in the David (my last name) household. Jason had Guayaki herbal tea and I had Tazo chai black tea. I really like the chai tea. I really need to buy an entire case of this stuff. Jason didn't really care for his selection. I also made some chocolate chip cherry biscotti, so we could get the full experience. Yum!

Today, I'm taking a personal day. I didn't get up early this morning, to go to the gym, I just slept in (6 am). It was nice. I feel like my body is not getting enough sleep, so I need to take it when I can.

How was your weekend? Any races? Do you have a tea time or something your household does every night?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Notice Anything Different?

I know it may be difficult to tell (mainly because my hair is always in a ponytail for the gym), but I cut my hair and colored it!

What do you think?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweet & Spicy

Last night's dinner was so good. You may be thinking "why did she take a picture of ordinary spaghetti?" Well, it isn't ordinary. I made the sauce all by myself, and it tastes great! It has home grown tomatoes, fresh rosemary and oregano, million other spices, little sugar, salt and pepper. The sauce is sweet & spicy.

I'm coming into my last weeks of the end of my race season. The October half will be my last of the season. I've loved every minute of it and can't wait for next year. Don't worry, I'll keep running and posting about it. This is something I can't give up. I just won't be so strict with myself if I miss a day or I'd rather sleep in instead up getting up at 3 am to hit the roads.

This morning, I did get up at 6:30 (semi sleeping in). I hit the roads for an easy 2 1/2 miles. My start always starts with a slight hill. When I reached the top of the hill, I saw this amazing sun rise. It was beautiful! The sky was this fuchsia pink with hills in front of it. So glad I was up for that!

This route is my original route that I started on and couldn't finish without walking, when I first moved to this neighborhood five years ago. It's very easy and only has 1 hill. I can now run the entire 2 1/2 miles in a breeze without trouble. I love seeing my progress. I can now even run without headphones. I went completely unplugged this morning. I was great! I love starting my mornings like this!

How did you start your morning?

Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday was pretty good. My legs feel great! I'm so glad that I wore my compression socks to work. I wore them all day long and now my legs don't feel any pain! But, for some reason, I couldn't fall asleep last night until way after my bed time. I just laid there and laid there, but sleep didn't come.

When it finally did (it actually wasn't that late, just later than I expected), I was out cold. I just got up and I didn't want to. It feels like I haven't slept in days and my body wants to crash. Too bad I have to work all day today. I'm the type of person that needs 10 hours of sleep to be in a decent mood. We'll see how today goes. I feel sorry for my co-workers!

I'm pretty hungry, so I will go eat and drink my coffee.

How long have you gone without sleep? The longest I've gone has probably been about 22 hours. I'm a big baby without sleep and it is mandatory for me!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazing Food!!

Ever since our trip to Half Moon Bay, we really like having tea time. It's difficult to drink hot tea when it's 100 degrees outside. But, when it's 70 inside and you're calm, it's a prefect time! This weekend, I'll make some biscotti, so we can enjoy the entire experience. I have found that I really love chai tea. I have never had it until a couple days ago.

This recipe is great! Chick peas, black beans, chicken, tomatoes and fresh basil with a home made red vinegar dressing. Prefect for a hot summer day after a tough, long workout.

I grilled this bbq chicken indoors (since I was only making 2 pieces). It's paired with some home made garlic bread and green beans. I love sitting outside enjoying the summer time, while I still have it.

Last night, I made a salad with a bunch of left overs (I love doing this!). I had some left over garlic bread on the side. In the salad was the left over chicken, black beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions. Another great on a hot summer night.

Last night, I had my gym bag packed away in my car, so I could go to the gym after work. About 15 minutes before I left, I remembered that I had 12.5 miles on the schedule in less than 12 hours. I felt it wasn't smart to run and spin that close to my long run, so I decided not to go and spent a nice night at home watching Sons of Anarchy with Jason.

I ran to the gym this morning, ran about 7 miles on the tm and headed back home on foot. I finished 12.5 miles, as scheduled. It was a great run. This time (unlike last time), I set everything up last night and my run started great, was great the entire and I ended strong! I'm glad my long run has been completed for the week!

After this run, this is all I want to (not with my tongue hanging out, though), but I have 9 hours at work until I get to relax. Wish me luck today. It's going to be a very long, very busy day!

I'm off to finish my chocolate milk.

What's your favorite summer time dinner to make? I love salads with home grown veggies. My favorite!


Yesterday, on my lunch break, I started reading Run! by Dean Karnazes. I didn't want to put it down (to go back to work). I love it! I love that he wrote most of the book while he was running (talked into a handheld recorder). That is so awesome. So, some of our thoughts (as runners) may be in this book. When we run, we think of all kinds of things. I know I always have a little conversation (or a million) in my head while I run. It's only natural. I can't wait to read more!

Last night, I was out cold by 9 pm (I actually fell asleep on the couch before that). Jason kind of made fun of me when I told him I was going to bed. Yes, being an early morning runner makes me an old lady (he's very much a late night owl).

When I got up this morning, I was ready for my 6 miles. Check! Leg weights. Check! It was a great workout. On my way home, I took note of my mileage that I am going to be running in the morning. In case you've missed it, I'm going to run to the gym tomorrow (leaving my house about 4 am), run about 7 miles on the tm and then run home to complete my 12 1/2 mile run (aka my long run for the week). I'm so busy this weekend, I won't have time to fit it in (unless I get up at 2 am on Saturday, which won't happen).

That you guys for the encouraging words. I feel very confident for tomorrow's long run!

Do you prefer your long run to take place during the week or on the weekends? Usually, I prefer the weekends, but the next few weekends are going to be crazy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back in Full Force

When my alarm went off this morning, I eagerly turned if off and got out of bed. I never doubted if I needed to go to the gym. I got up with a smile and got dressed and was out the door (it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for the gym). I am back!!

I ran my sprints this morning, because I didn't do them last week, and I actually (don't tell anyone) missed them. 4 miles of sprints were the best part of my morning (so far). I proceeded to the weight area and lifted with legs, arms, and abs. My ankle has no pain, what so ever! And I feel great. Of course, I am a little tired, but after my coffee, I'll be even better.

I have plans on Saturday (basically all day). I am afraid that I won't have time to fit in my long run (12 1/2 miles) this week. I'm debating if I want to run to the gym, run about 7 miles on the tm and then run home on Thursday. The only doubt I have in my head is that it will be pitch black out (leaving about 4 am to run), my route is on my major street and majority of it doesn't have any sidewalks. Traffic isn't so bad at this time, (I counted about 30 cars there and back, while driving this morning). I do have my reflective gear, and I'll have time on Thursday to do this.

What do you guys think about my run on Thursday? Do you ever run in conditions like this?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things

Here are some things that I'm really into right now. I haven't done this for a while, so I thought I'd update you.

I love to snack. Snacks get me through my day. I eat about every 2-4 hours. I do get in my fruits and veggies, but I also have a huge sweet tooth. Somethings got to fill those shoes.

Clif crunch bar

My gym bag is a nothing special gym back. Jason bought it for me a few years back for a Christmas present (it was the prefect bag that I picked out). I love that it has a separate compartment for shoes. It's so I don't have to get everything else all nasty that is inside my bag.

I've learned that the stairs and I are best friends. There is a love hate relationship at times, but it loves me just as I much as I love it. I love the progress I'm seeing when I spend quality time with it and it does treat me well!

My other favorite snack are these bars. I love all the seeds inside and it has a sweet but savory taste to it. It's all natural and it tastes great. There is only 150 calories per bar and it fills me up. It looks like bird seed, but sure doesn't taste like it!
Raw crunch bars

My "go to" race day shorts are now these. They are so comfy and they don't ride up, at all! I love all the pockets and the millions of things I can hold during my runs and not feel dragged down.
Race ready shorts

I need water on all my runs, now matter how short. I bring my water bottle with me at all times (even during classes at the gym). It has gotten me through many, many runs (long and short). It's very comfy to hold and I most of the time forget that I'm carrying something. It also has a pocket that I put my key, chapstick and directions (running route) in.

Nathan hand held water bottle

These are must have after a long run. I can tell a difference if I don't wear them afterwards. My legs will ache and feel tired all day. When I wear these bad boys, I am comfy and ready for my day to begin (I always run in the early am, plus they're really cute!). Also, chocolate milk is a prefect recovery drink for all runners. I tastes good and reminds me of when I was a kid.
Compression socks

This ice pack has gotten me through many, many hurt body parts (my knee, hip and now ankle). I love that I can walk around while I'm icing, it saves me so much time. I don't have time to sit in one spot right when I get home to ice for 15 minutes. I have things I need to do. It is so soft, it doesn't even feel like I'm icing (it is cold, though).
Paradice ice pack

Jason just hung this this weekend. I am so proud of my (only) 2 medals. I will be getting my 3rd on Oct. 2!! This hanger will be filled in no time! I love all the designs they have to choose from. It hangs a little away from the wall, so it has a shadow on it and looks so cool. It's made from stainless steel material and holds about 20 medals. I can't wait to shows these off! I am proud of my medals and love showing them!
Allied medal hanger

Socks are a very important part of running. If you have crappy socks, there's a chance that you may get blisters. A few months ago, I use to run in cheap, Target brand socks and could never figure out why I was always getting blisters. The good people at my local running store talked me out of buying new shoes and into buying new, good socks. Now that is my mission, to find the prefect running sock.

I love these socks because they are very light weight and really form to your feet. I still have runners feet, but they look better than they have in a really long time (I'm hiding my black toe nail with really dark nail polish).
Fit Sock running socks

***Fitsok, Allied Medals and Raw Crunch generously sent me these products and these are my honest opinions and I am not receiving any compensation for it***

What are some of your favorite things?

Oh the Horror!!

Here's a picture of yesterdays ginormous breakfast. It was so good (good thing I only do this very rarely). The cinnamon rolls were the best part (glad I have left overs).

Last night's dinner was pretty great, too. It's so healthy (maybe it makes up for my bad breakfast?). Very filling!

My run yesterday was great in so many ways: I got so much done and I was able to relax afterwards. I was able to get the house completely cleaned (which I expected would take me all of the long weekend). I hand washed my delicate clothing, dusted, organized my desk (a very messy desk), did all the laundry and dishes and had time to spare before Jason got home. It felt great!

It was so hot in the house last night, that we decided we needed to cool off in the pool. The pool was pretty chilly, but it felt great! When we got out, it was actually cold. So, we came back in the house and made some hot tea (I had the chia).

This is where Izzie has been all day, while I was doing the cleaning. She stole my spot on the couch. I love how her little head is on the pillow.

I'm thinking that I may watch a ton of great scary/horror movies (Running Scared, High Tension and Cabin Fever). I love these types of movies!

Thanks for the concerns on my ankle. It's feeling better, but still slightly hurts. With all the relaxing I will be doing this weekend, it should be back to normal by Tuesday for the gym.

What are your favorite types of movies?