Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nimbus Fish Hatchery

I love it when I'm able to get out o the house with the whole family and make a complete morning of fun and entertainment. Usually we have a partial morning and others are filled with errands (and usually a stop off at the park). 

We finally were able to make it to the local fish hatchery. The fish were jumping like crazy and wanted to eat all the food we had. You can buy fish pellets there and feed them. 

I don't think Lars completely understood what was jumping out of the water. It was a great morning. We had a snack that we picked up and then went to lunch .

Lars was crashed out when he got home. He was really ready for his nap. He had a great time though!

Do you have anything like a fish hatchery near you? Anything fun, like this, that you like to do (even without kids)?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Too Many Squats?

I think I do a lot of squats when my son does them with me. Usually he doesn't hang on to anything. I think it's so cute. Lately I've been doing jumping jacks and all types of crunches with him too. I can't wait until he has the coordination to do these with me.

He also loves to take a running start and land head first into the pillows I have blocking the brick around out fire place. He's such a silly boy.

Soon, I will be doing mountain climbers and weights in front of him. Right now, it's a little difficult with how much he wants my attention.

Do you guys workout with your little ones awake? How do they handle it? Do they try to copy you?