Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gym Rat

I'm so glad I was able to get out there and run this weekend. It was so nice. But, it's time to get back to reality. So sad. I loved having my own schedule and doing what I wanted when I wanted. Time was not an issue. My nights are now going to be spent inside at the gym (like normal). I run on the tm, so I can do my weights or whatever else I have schedule right afterwards. It just makes things easier.

Here's an old photo, but it's been cold and wet here lately, so I had to sweat pants and a jacket today. I can't believe tomorrow is June and it may snow in the mountains. Crazy!

I ran 6 miles on the tm (as planned) and completed 30 minutes on the stairs. The stairs is where I started to get dizzy and light headed. I'm not sure why. All I can think of is that the tm's fan wasn't working properly, and maybe I got overheated before I got on the stairs (that doesn't have any fan). I had planned to do weights with my legs, but still felt too woozy after sitting down for some time.

I'm home now and feeling better, after my shower and cooling off. I'm off to go eat and watch some shows with Jason. I'm so glad he's home!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Just for Fun

There has been a lot of relaxing going on this weekend. I am almost done scanning all of our photos (except what's in the albums) and I think I can finish tonight!! This has been on my list of things to do for about 2 years now. I am determined to finish. Maybe on the next long weekend, I'll start and finish the albums.

The house and car never got touched. I was just so focused on the scanning (my excuse for not getting it done and I'm happy about that). I did manage to run some more this morning. I ran another 2 1/2 miles (same route as yesterday) sans mp3 and sans Garmin.

Whenever I run outside, I always have my mp3, water bottle (still had this one) and Garmin. These are all a must have in my book). It was nice not paying attention to my speed and just running for fun. I wasn't thinking about how fast or slow I was going or if I had enough miles in this week. I just ran for fun. I usually do have fun while I run, because I do love it, but I always pay attention to my speed and thinking about how many miles I've put in this week. Not today, it was all just for fun!

What did you do for fun this weekend?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Day for New Things

Today, I did something a little new. When I got up, I didn't feel like running, but I did want to get a run in later on. So, I got up and changed in to my running clothes and ate breakfast. A few hours later, I went running sans mp3 player.

I went for a short 2 1/2 mile run without any music. I don't think I let my tummy fully settle before I left, though. It got a little woozy when I was almost home. It wasn't too bad, though. It was kind of nice running without music. The main reason why I ran without music was because I was too lazy to change the batteries in the mp3. I guess it pays to be lazy some times.

I think I will get up in the morning and run right away, like normal, just without music again. I heard so many things that I normally don't because of the music. I learned that I have a double breath. I exhale twice before I inhale. I step really loud, I never knew that. And, there were so many birds out this morning. It was really quiet outside this morning and I loved that. I don't think I could always run sans music, but ever once in a while, it's nice!

Do you prefer music while you run?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gloomy Day

I has been gloomy here all day (except for that hour when the sun tried to fight with the clouds, but the clouds won). When the sun was out of that 1 hour, is when I ran my errands. Other than that, I've been nice and cozy trying to get things done inside the house.

I really didn't do anything yesterday after work. Today, I've ran all my errands (passed on the froyo because it was too cold), scanned half the photos needed and am about to paint my nails. It's been a really relaxing weekend, which is exactly what I needed.

How did you guys' races go today?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Takin' it Easy!

So, Jason is out of town, he left this morning, for his annual guys long weekend. I'm just relaxing and getting some stuff done this weekend.

Maybe, if I post my thing I want to do, I'll do it (just like my running). I have planned: Scanning all my photos and making digital, painting nails, washing car, dusting house, vacuuming house, organizing recipes, making more granola, baking cookies, look up recipes for next week, lots of outdoor running and eating some much craved froyo. I'll let you know what I get get as the weekend passes.

What are your plans?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of Those Runs...

On today's schedule, I had a 5 mile run, 30 minutes on the elliptical, weights (arms & legs) and core work.

The workout was pretty good! The only thing was that my head was somewhere else. Jason is leaving for his annual guys weekend (long weekend). I just wanted to hang out with him before he leaves tomorrow morning (while I'm at work). I know that's an excuse and excuses suck, but that's my reason.

This was just another one of those bad runs. My legs were very heavy and my head didn't want to go any further, so I caved. I will be running all weekend...outside!! I can't wait for me long weekend to start. Only 22 hours, 50 minutes!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sprints All Day Long

I had 5k sprints, 60 minute spin class and leg weights on the schedule for this afternoon. I ran my sprints .15 on and .05 off in 24.59 minutes. I am so freaking excited about how fast I am getting!!! My spin class was great I love this instructor as well as my Monday night instructor. He really kicked out asses!! I think I did sprints all day long. Lots and lots of sprints today!! I guess its a good thing I love them. Maybe not so much after today. I skipped the weights because I had more important things to do afterwards.

When I got home, I had a snack of 3 chopped strawberries. I love fresh fruit (from stands), they are so sweet!

Dinner was left over spaghetti with a little cheese (on a salad plate, so I will eat less, but still be full).

And, the best part of the day...dessert. I had made mini vanilla cupcakes with buttercream chocolate frosting. I took 3 bites out of this thing and it was gone. But, it was worth every bite!

So, Jason had a little accident last night with the camera, so we're off to buy a new one. Gotta go!

What type of camera do you have? I have Panasonic.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lots of Workin' Out

I was in such a hurry to write the post that wouldn't publish, I didn't get to tell you guys about Monday's workout. I had a 5k speed run, 60 minutes in spin and leg weights on the schedule. I ran the 5k in 29:14 (which is great for me and I'm really excited about that time), and then I headed in to spin class. A stranger (aka sub) was setting up to teach the class. I knew that was going to be bad news.

As I was day dreaming about running more and lifting more instead of spinning, I noticed a new instructor in the next room (aerobics room) trying to get people to come to her class. I stepped out of spin to talk to her. It sounded like an awesome class to try called RIPPED. It stands for Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet. It was all choreographed and had a ton of different workout that worked your entire body. I loved it! Afterwards I lifted weights with the good 'ol legs.

This is how happy I was when I walked out of class (a lot more sweaty, though). I am thinking about only taking spin once per week (on Wednesdays) taking RIPPED on Mondays instead of spin. I'm so excited!!

Today's workout was a killer, especially after yesterday's RIPPED class. My booty was pretty sore from holding a squat position for about 5 minutes while lifting weights. It's a crazy good class!

I usually run my long run (5 miles right now) first, then the stair stepper and lastly weights. All the good TM were taken when I got to the gym and I wasn't going to settle for any others. I decided to warm up with 30 minutes on the stairs and then try for a TM (which was open by the time I got done). I ran a most enjoyable 5 miles and then headed over to the weights (legs).

Today's workout felt so good. I guess it really stretched me out from yesterday's workout. My body is a little sore, but feels incredible right now!!

If you found a new class the same time as another class that you've been taking for years, that you love, what would you do? I'm thinking either drop the spin class and only take the new class, alternate the 2 classes every other week, or stick with spin. I still see results with my spin class, and I can tell I will see results with this class. Such a difficult choice!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Argentina Dinner

(Sorry, blogger was down all night and this was suppose to be posted last night.)

Last night, I made my International dish. This month, it was Argentina food. I bought the beer (Quilmes) from Bevmo) and poured into frosty glasses.

I made Empanadas, which were so good. But, what made them taste great, was the dipping sauce. I also made Chimichurri sauce. That was what put this dish over the top.

Here I am making the sauce. I love my hand food processor. It comes in handy so often. I can't wait to have enough room to get a full size food processor. This does what I need it to do, for now.

The green beans were just from a can, not any special. This dish was so good, we almost finished all the empanadas. Since it was so nice outside last night, we ate out there. Such good food. Jason loved it, too. So, it wasn't like I just want to give myself a pat on the back, it really did taste great!

I still have some sauce and mixture left over, so I'm going to think of something creative to do with it, since I don't have any puff pastry left over.

I'm so glad next weekend is long. Do you guys have nay plans?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skinny Jeans that Could

I woke up this morning and Jason had a great idea: to make me some pancakes. I smashed up some fresh strawberries that I just got Friday. They look so good, I'm glad a have a few left over!

This afternoon, Jason had another bright idea (enter sarcasm). He wanted to clean out my closet. I hate cleaning. I really, really hate cleaning. I haven't cleaned out my closet since we moved here (about 3 years).

I was starting to get hungry, so I made us a mid day snack. I made an orange smoothie (from my co-workers orange tree). In the mix was orange zest, orange juice, the rest of the orange, vanilla yogurt and a frozen banana. So good!

It took a while to finish the cleaning, so I made some snacks. We had some left over garlic bread in the fridge, so I popped it in the oven. I love this stuff, too. I could eat the entire loaf in one sitting, if I let myself.

I cleaned out so many clothes and shoes and purses I haven't used in years. One thing that we found was my "skinny jeans". Every girl has a pair of these in their closet. These were tucked in the very back hiding from me, so I didn't get depressed every time I saw them. It came to a point that I forgot about them, until Jason pulled them out.

Of course, he had me try them on. I warned him that if they didn't fit, I would be in a bad mood and depressed for the rest of the day. He didn't care. It ended up making my day. THEY FIT!!!! I haven't worn these jeans in about 7 years. Sorry I cut off my head in the picture, but believe me, I have a huge smile on.

I am seeing results. All my sweat, some blood, lots of tears, pain, fatigue and complaining and all the above has paid off. I can't believe that this is all working out how I planned. I am so much healthier and happier. For everyone out there that needs to take that first step, it's very difficult and there will be times when you think you can't do it, but it's worth it! Just keep thinking about the final outcome and how happy you will be. You can do it and you can keep it off!

Shoot me an email if you have any questions about my story or need advice, I am always here. I'm not a professional, but I can help in any way needed!

Did you have a proud moment this weekend? Any races? Don't forget to vote in my poll off to the right.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night's dinner was so good. A classic. Jason made spaghetti while I was in the shower. Whole wheat noodles. Pasta sauce. Ground turkey sausage. What a great mixture! There's no way someone could go wrong with this.

There hasn't been any running in today's schedule. This morning I went to my SIL's graduation. We came home for a little bit (right now) and I started to prep some stuff for my special dinner for tomorrow (which I'll tell you more in a later post), but it didn't turn out.

I have to get ready to head back to celebrate with the SIL. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! The sky is full of sun here and about 70. It's a great weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Running in Circles

I make our lunches for our work days in the morning. I always have. I love being prepared. I actually hate leaving work, in the middle of the day, to go grab lunch. Once I leave, I want to leave for the rest of the day. I weird like that.

After work, I ran some errands (not literally). Who says you can't dress for running on your off/rest days? I do know people that think I'm weird for dressing like this even when I'm not working out. I don't do it often, but it's just some comfy.

Today was just such a nice day, when I finished all my running around, I opened all the windows and the cats loved it! They loved stalking birds and leaves outside and starring at the weird animals (aka dogs) as they walk by.

Dinner was the last of the left overs and I'm glad they are done. I already threw this recipe away. This is how I learn what I like and don't like. I put on a happy face just for the camera.

I have a few season finales that I'm dying to watch, so I'm off. I also have an early wake up call tomorrow (SIL is graduating). I don't get to work out this weekend, but family is in town, so that will be nice to see them.

What are your weekend plans? Can I run through you guys this weekend? I'll make up for it next weekend (3 days off!!).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Full Body

The workout was good today! The only bummer thing that happened was that my legs felt like they were made of lead. They didn't want to leave the ground. I only ran 1.5 miles. I think my body is taking some time to get us to this new training schedule. I'm not only trying to make myself faster, but buffer, too. I takes a lot out of my body. I've noticed that I'm back to falling asleep by 9:30 and having trouble getting up to go to work (it's all worth it!).

After the pitiful run, I was able to successfully complete 30 minutes on the elliptical. It was more difficult than the stairs from the other day. I just think that's because this is towards the end of my training week and my body is more tired towards the end. I don't blame it. It will be awesome when I notice that it's not as tired. That will be a great day!

Once again, more weights (here's where I get buff): 20 minutes on the legs, 20 minutes on the arms and 20 minutes on the core. I will have a great bikini body very soon!

All I was craving when I got home today was a huge salad. So, that's what I made. It had spring mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, black olives, celery and green pepper. It really hit the spot.

Since I couldn't stand the salt on me anymore, I hopped in the shower. Next on the list was to eat some PB (my favorite). I had 2/3 of a banana in the fridge that was going to be bad soon, so I split that in half and sandwiched PB inside and put some homemade granola on the sides. It was so tasty!!

This was the perfect after workout/sweat session snack I could have! It's time to catch up on some shows and then off to bed. I am so tired, it burns to hold my eyes open. I'm tired at work (the most), tired when I get to the gym and wide awake during my entire workout and looking for more ways to torture my body. When I get home and out of the shower, I'm tired again. That's just the way it goes!

What is your "perfect" snack after a hard workout?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's a 1st Time for Everything!!

Yesterday, I got free lunch. It was a large quantity, and I knew I shouldn't have eaten it all, but it wouldn't have been good sitting in the fridge for even 1 hour. So, I ate it all. It had a lot of salt in it, I was really thirsty when I was finished.

Today, at the gym, I ran sprints for 3 1/4 miles for the very first time ever!!! I looked and finished a 5k in 25:58 and finished the rest in 27:12. That is awesome!! I've never ran that fast before. I'm not sure if I did it correct, but I ran .1 miles on and .05 off. I am proud of myself and happy with the results!!

Afterwards, I headed over to my 1 hour spin class. Yet again, another hill class. I think the instructors get together and see how they can all torture their class with as much pain as possible. The harder the class, the better results. This is what I kept telling myself. Weights were next (nothing special about these).

When I got home, my body was craving protein, I looked in the fridge and found my favorite greek yogurt (no one is paying me to say this, it's true). I ate the entire container of Chobani blueberry yogurt with a tablespoon of PB (my favorite combination). It really hit the spot!

I love my yogurt (I have a I already said that?)!!

What's your favorite way to get protein in your body? I love chicken, too!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Body is a Temple

I had 6 miles on the schedule for today (aka the start of my long runs), but because my legs were so tired from yesterdays massacre, I could only wiggle 4 miles out of them. Since I'm not working out on Saturday (due to family in town), I needed to work my arms today. I did 20 minutes on the weights and killed those suckers (my arms). It's a great pain.

Metallica got my through my next mission: 30 minutes on the stairs. After climbing to the top of Yosemite Falls on Thursday, I wasn't really looking forward to this part. Right as I was thinking that, Metallica told me that "my body is a temple" (which I already knew), but it helped me remember that I want my body to look a certain way when I look in the mirror, and I'm going to make it happen.

After the half hour on the dreadful stairs, I lifted weights with the legs for 20 (or so) minutes. I really wanted to run the entire 6 miles on the schedule, so I tried again, but could only manage .15 miles. Not even worth mentioning, really. I am still proud of myself. I'm getting back into it and exited for what's ahead of me.

Here's my temple:

Dinner was pretty good. I had a huge salad with the works: croutons, olives, hard boiled eggs, green peppers, celery and tomatoes. Yum!!

Second part of dinner was even better: chicken pot pie from scratch. I'm not going to post the recipe because it was just ok and not worth the work. The topping has mayo in it and that's why it's just ok.

What sounds motivate you when you think you can't push yourself any more?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Wanna Stop (being tortured)

Today was the first day back to reality since our vacation. It's always difficult getting back to the routine of things. The only thing I've been looking forward to is the gym.

Just finishing my first "big" workout of my new training schedule, and I'm pretty tired. I just got use to be lazy around the house (aka: my weekend). I ran my 5k in 29.18 minutes. Then, headed over to spin class and enjoyed a 60 minute torturing class and put my legs through one last torture session of weights. In total, I was at the gym for about 2 hours. It felt great! My legs are pretty fatigued and I love it. I'll take good care of them as soon as I post this (enjoying some ice).

Tomorrow is going to be a bigger workout and I'm so excited. I love how I feel after a really god workout. Today was also my first day back to spin in a while. The instructor loves to torture us.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Week in Yosemite

Before we got into Yosemite, we wanted to grab something to eat. We just happen to come across this cute little cafe. The food was great!

Once we got into Yosemite, we had to drive about 1 hour until we reached our campsite (everything was either booked or closed due to snow). We found that our campsite was right on the river. It was beautiful!

Once we got our site set up and ready for night fall, we walked around to look at the sites. Since we collect shot glasses, we headed straight for the gift shop and played around a little.

Then, we headed for Pioneer Village. I didn't know that they had people that really lived (camped) there and pretended to live in the Pioneer days. It was pretty cool.

By the time we got back, it was time to get dinner ready. Here's our site. It was very cozy.

It got pretty cold at night (below freezing), so we had beer (local, of course) to warm us up.

The next morning (Wednesday), we got up early and got ready to head out. It was so cold, I woke up with 2 blue toes. Yes, I did have socks on while sleeping inside my mummy bag. The first place we had our eyes on was Bridalveil Falls. I was so cold, I couldn't talk my legs into walking to the bottom of the falls (less than a 1/4 mile) where you would get sopping wet. Jason headed down, though and took some pictures. He was so wet when he got back (and he ran, too).

The falls all around us were so beautiful. If you don't know, we both love waterfalls! Everywhere we looked, there was some kind of waterfall.

The next waterfall on the schedule was Vernal Falls. We walked along the Mist Trail and enjoyed every moment.

We made it .6 miles to the foot bridge. This part of the trail was a little steep, but not difficult. I wouldn't push a wheel chair up it, though. The view was amazing!

Because walked along the Mist Trail, we got very wet. There were over 700 stairs to climb up to get to the top and over 700 to get to the foot bridge. I have a very bad history with stairs, so I have to be very careful going up and down. It got a little difficult when the water was pouring in my eyes and making everything blurry.

The next thing we wanted to do was to try to find the Indian Caves. When we spoke to the forest ranger, he said that they took these off the map because too many people had broken bones and just been too stupid when playing around here. The only thing I was slightly afraid was finding an animals' home (which we did not come across).

After about 25-20 miles of hiking (all day long), we were pretty hungry. So many places were closing (at 5pm and we got there at 5:10). There was one place that had just opened, a pizza place. That sounded so good! It was really good pizza, and not just because we were starving.

On our way back, we saw that the sun was setting. This was an awesome view. The picture doesn't do it justice. None of these pictures show exactly how this experience was. You just have to be there.

Every night was so cold. We brought our own fire wood, which I'm so glad we did. The next night, I wore 2 sets of socks (2 sets of wool socks). I was much better. No pain when I woke up and normal color toes!

On Thursday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn (not exaggerating). We needed to get up, eat and head out of camp as soon as possible, we had a 6-8 hour hike in front of us. It was only a 3.4 mile hike up, but it was very steep, to the Upper Yosemite Falls.

1 mile into the hike, we came to Columbia Rock, where you got an awesome view! At this point, you were starting to get a little tired and hot. It was a good place to take some pictures and eat a snack.

About 1hour later, you got to the bottom of Lower Yosemite Falls. There was a little bit of mist from the falls, which felt so good at his point. It was a little overwhelming thinking that we were about to hike to the top. I couldn't wait to be on the top of this waterfall. We don't have anything like this anywhere around here.

Here's the view from the very top and looking down. It was a great feeling (the breeze and making it to the top).

The Upper Yosemite Falls is the 5th tallest waterfall in the world (or the tallest waterfall in North America). I can officially say that I climbed to the top of the tallest waterfall in North America.

On the way down, you have to be very careful, or you can fall on your butt and have this happen to you. Since I am so careful about going down all the stairs (yes, there were stairs on this trail, too), it took longer to get down than up (3 to get up and 3 1/2 to get down).

I'm so glad we woke up early and hiked up before it got too hot (I know it doesn't look hot in this picture, but it us).

Half Dome was closed due to the snow causing the cables to be closed. This is definitely on my top hikes that I want to do (aka: my bucket list).

I still think that it's amazing that I climbed to the top of this mountain. I rock!!

We were obviously so happy to be at the bottom of this hike (and on flat ground). Just look at Jason's smile!

Big or small, we loved seeing every waterfall that was around us!

After treating our selves to some ice cream, we were really looking forward to our dinner back at camp (which we had every night, but the pizza night). We cooked up some sausage with feta and spinach and ate it like hot dogs over our fire.

The last night was so much warmer than our first night. No numbing toes! Since we were unable to hike on Friday (because we couldn't leave food in our car and had to leave our camp by noon), we took our time getting out (which we hadn't done this entire trip). The deer would come right into empty sites and try to steal food. They wanted to come closer to us, but they got spooked (don't worry, we wouldn't have fed them, we know better!).

On our way home, we stopped in a little town to have lunch. We had this amazing cheese burger and fries and kind of shared the best chocolate shake (I drank the most of it).

It was an amazing trip and a must to go back. There were so many trails we wanted to go on, but couldn't because of the snow.

Now, to try to get back to reality. I always hate this part.

What was the best hike you've ever done?