Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almost Wordless Yosemite

I uploaded the photos wrong, so I'm starting at the end of the trip. These deer kept coming in our campsite and looking for food. They were so cute.

We climbed to the top of this waterfall (lower/upper Yosemite Falls). I love the rainbow!

If you decided to kind of run down the very steep hill, you get down faster than you expected.

To the right of this photo was the cliff. Don't want to miss your footing. It really worked my quads!

I'm on the top!! Three hours later and we made it!!

Yes, we climbed to the top of this waterfall!

Half Dome in the center and North Dome on the far left (the view from 1 mile into the hike).

Headed to the top.

We had to take this tunnel everyday to get back and forth from the main area to our campsite.


Super slippery coming down from vernal Falls (along the Mist Trail). Gotta watch your footing here too.

We are drenched with the mist from the falls and we're not even half way up. Love it!!

The view from the foot bridge (only .6 miles up). We hiked to the top.

We are going there.

I loved all the mountains. They are so tall, I still can't get over it!

All by itself. Beautiful!!

Waterfalls are everywhere you look.

When we first got there, we just walked around exploring the area. There was this little village where people really stayed and acted out life back in the day (Pioneer times).

The Merced River ran through everywhere. It was super cold and really fast!

I'll give more information about our trip, the hikes, waterfalls and other enjoyable moments tomorrow. I need to try to catch up on laundry and other "real life" things before the weekend is over.

Do you like hiking? Do you prefer the scenery from the view at the top of a mountain or the excitement of a waterfall? I prefer waterfalls, but I'll hike anywhere. I love to hike, I already can't wait to do it again. I'm not sure Jason feels the same way right now, he's still pretty stiff.


  1. What beautiful pictures, looks like it was a good time!

  2. looks like a fun active trip! beautiful pictures!

  3. Spectacular! So jealous...that's a locale that is high on my list.

  4. Oh man, I hope my hubby and I can make it out there sometime in the next few years!

  5. Beautiful pics! I would love to visit someday. :)

  6. Those pictures are amazing! I love hiking and I'd much prefer the view from the top of a mountain that has a waterfall (double dipping!).

  7. Top of a mountain, any day!