Sunday, May 8, 2011

Games & Strawberries

This is how my Saturday night started. I finished it all! I'm not ashamed at all. It was pretty good, too.

Dave & Busters was pretty good. It was so much fun! There was some kids there, but more adults than kids. It was a good thing. I liked how you could carry and drink your beer in there.

I had 300 points to use. I didn't buy anything this time around. I think we'll wait until we have more points after the next visit.

I think we were either talking about cooking or the kitchen store we were heading to. Maybe it was about the froyo Dylan was going to buy us. Of course, I got chocolate, PB with all the chocolate toppings I could get my hands on.

My favorite froyo place I've ever been to (I've only been to 2).

This is what my Saturday had involved. Body Glide and Dave & Busters. Sounds like a great Saturday to me!

Jason loves me even though I wear running race shirts 24 hours a day.

How my Sunday started. Mother's Day for my mom. Homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

Paired with homemade banana strawberry walnut muffins. Some the the strawberries imploded (which I think looked cool).

My brother gave my mom Sherries Berries for mother's day and she shared with us.

I am so full. I have so much to do today, I have to get packed to go to Yosemite, and transfer all my photos to my back up disks. I know I will be taking so many photos there, I must clean off my camera.

How was your weekend?


  1. I really want to try out a Dave and Buster's! The nearest one is a good hour away but it looks like it would be worth the drive--I loved arcades as a kid so a grown-up one with beer? Perfect!

  2. All the food in this post looks so good!

  3. Your weekend looks delicious!