Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skinny Jeans that Could

I woke up this morning and Jason had a great idea: to make me some pancakes. I smashed up some fresh strawberries that I just got Friday. They look so good, I'm glad a have a few left over!

This afternoon, Jason had another bright idea (enter sarcasm). He wanted to clean out my closet. I hate cleaning. I really, really hate cleaning. I haven't cleaned out my closet since we moved here (about 3 years).

I was starting to get hungry, so I made us a mid day snack. I made an orange smoothie (from my co-workers orange tree). In the mix was orange zest, orange juice, the rest of the orange, vanilla yogurt and a frozen banana. So good!

It took a while to finish the cleaning, so I made some snacks. We had some left over garlic bread in the fridge, so I popped it in the oven. I love this stuff, too. I could eat the entire loaf in one sitting, if I let myself.

I cleaned out so many clothes and shoes and purses I haven't used in years. One thing that we found was my "skinny jeans". Every girl has a pair of these in their closet. These were tucked in the very back hiding from me, so I didn't get depressed every time I saw them. It came to a point that I forgot about them, until Jason pulled them out.

Of course, he had me try them on. I warned him that if they didn't fit, I would be in a bad mood and depressed for the rest of the day. He didn't care. It ended up making my day. THEY FIT!!!! I haven't worn these jeans in about 7 years. Sorry I cut off my head in the picture, but believe me, I have a huge smile on.

I am seeing results. All my sweat, some blood, lots of tears, pain, fatigue and complaining and all the above has paid off. I can't believe that this is all working out how I planned. I am so much healthier and happier. For everyone out there that needs to take that first step, it's very difficult and there will be times when you think you can't do it, but it's worth it! Just keep thinking about the final outcome and how happy you will be. You can do it and you can keep it off!

Shoot me an email if you have any questions about my story or need advice, I am always here. I'm not a professional, but I can help in any way needed!

Did you have a proud moment this weekend? Any races? Don't forget to vote in my poll off to the right.


  1. You have to eat right and work your ASS off to get the results you want! I wish I can fit into my skinny jeans. lol

    Hey, I noticed your running in the Moo-nlight half! I'll be there too!!

    I'm having a blog giveaway soon. Just need more followers.

  2. No doubt they fit, you have been working so hard! Looking good, girl!

  3. Hooray for hard work paying off! :D

  4. Woot for the skinny jeans! Those pancakes look divine.

  5. the pancakes look absolutely delicious. I think I have to make some now.

    Way to go with the skinny jeans!! You've got to feel really proud of yourself.

  6. Hooray! Skinny jeans!!

    Although, I think the best picture in this post has to be the pancakes. Awesome!

  7. PS - is that the lighting or are you crazy tan all of a sudden? Look good! (said in the least creepy way as possible)

  8. AHHHH THOSE JEANS LOOK AMAZING!!! Girl, you are a rockstar and improvements are the best. I need those pancakes asap!

  9. Yeah for fitting into your skinny jeans!! It is always a good feeling to know that you have been working hard and it shows. Pancakes are a staple for me on a weekend morning..

  10. that's a great motivator! you look great girl!