Friday, May 6, 2011

Beer Does a Body Good

Happy Friday everyone!! Since I'm not training right now, I get to have beer! I don't drink too much. Usually about 2 beers. It's so nice after a hard day at work, a long workout and a hot drive home, (I hate turning on my ac, I know, odd woman) an ice cold beer tastes so good!

It goes so well was the last of the leftovers!

Proof...only 2 beers. I liked both of them. They're pretty good. I prefer lighter beers, compared to darker. The darker ones taste like burnt chocolate (yuck!).

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. I'll catch you up as my days go by.

How did you start your weekend?


  1. No beer for me I have a 5 mile race tomorrow and I am pretty competitive so maybe a beer tomorrow! Yours look pretty good!

  2. My weekend will be starting with a 9 mile run, which I am hoping to do outside but I don't know if the weather will cooperate with me. :(

  3. Well...I'll count Saturday as the start of my weekend and it's long run morning...yeah!

  4. I had some Moscato Friday. Then rest on Saturday. Long run on Sunday. Looking forward to next weeks training :0)

  5. I've never been a beer person. But wine is another story! You enjoy those well earned beers!

    My weekend has been amazing thus far. I had a great bike ride and amazing run yesterday. Today is mandatory rest, so I'm going to spend it outdoors working on some hiking sticks for this summer.