Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gloomy Day

I has been gloomy here all day (except for that hour when the sun tried to fight with the clouds, but the clouds won). When the sun was out of that 1 hour, is when I ran my errands. Other than that, I've been nice and cozy trying to get things done inside the house.

I really didn't do anything yesterday after work. Today, I've ran all my errands (passed on the froyo because it was too cold), scanned half the photos needed and am about to paint my nails. It's been a really relaxing weekend, which is exactly what I needed.

How did you guys' races go today?


  1. It's so hot and humid here, so I guess we're at opposite ends of the spectrum!

  2. Awesome... I set a new 10K PR. :)