Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last night's dinner was so good. A classic. Jason made spaghetti while I was in the shower. Whole wheat noodles. Pasta sauce. Ground turkey sausage. What a great mixture! There's no way someone could go wrong with this.

There hasn't been any running in today's schedule. This morning I went to my SIL's graduation. We came home for a little bit (right now) and I started to prep some stuff for my special dinner for tomorrow (which I'll tell you more in a later post), but it didn't turn out.

I have to get ready to head back to celebrate with the SIL. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!! The sky is full of sun here and about 70. It's a great weekend!


  1. Have fun celebrating! Wow, it's actually warmer here for a change (about 80).

  2. I love the classics! Rainy and rainy all weekend here :( Can't wait for the sun to come back.