Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Time Fun!

 I am determined to make this summer a great one for Lars! I think he's having fun already.

We had a 90 something degree day the other day, so I brought out his little pool from last year. He loved it! 

I think this face really shows how much he loved it! He mostly loves to splash & get water everywhere. Fine with me!

He also likes to drink from the nozzle. 

So far, we go to these weekly play times put in by the city. They have a ton of different activities and crafts and it all changes each week. We also go to gymnastics every week too. 

Running at 21 Weeks

On Friday, Lars and I went for a run around our neighborhood. I have to stay close to the house because I have to use the bathroom now. 

It was a good run. It was about 2 miles. Lars really loved it because of the time of day it was. We went at about 8:30 and there were school buses driving down every street. 

I felt great! I can't wait to run again. I think I'll make it happen tomorrow morning. I was so energized afterwards. I felt like I could tackle the world! I got so much done that day! I was out of breath and had to take fast walk breaks, but I did it! It's going to be even more difficult after the baby and trying to get my body back. I'm up for the challenge though!

How far did you run last week? How do the runs make you feel afterwards?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a...

Well, here's Lars playing in his little BROTHER'S closet!!

It's a BOY!!! I love having boys! Between both sides of our family, there are only 2 girls. Everyone was hoping it was a girl. 

I am so happy it's a boy! I thought it was a girl because of how different this pregnancy is (mostly in the begining). 

I feel great. Workouts are coming along. I'm over half way there (to my due date at least). Lars has been great. One time he knocked on my belly and said hi. He has kissed my belly once. He's always shouting "baaaaaby". It's cute! Can't wait for all of us to meet my mini man (since I'm not willing to share his name unil he's born). 

How many kids do you have? Kids or not kids, how are your workouts going?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Date night

Over the weekend, hubs and I had a date night. It's been way too long since we left Lars with my parents and went out.  

We went to see Mad Max!! It was a great movie! We both loved The previous movies, so we knew this one would be great! 

Isn't it crazy how much movie tickets are now? $11.50?!?!

We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. This was the first time anyone else had put Lars to bed, so I was thinking about him during the movie. But, of course, he did great and followed his routine & went to bed without a fuss. I'm glad. It makes it a little easier when baby number two arrives in a few months.

What was the last movie you went out to see?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Back to It!!

I have found a few pregnancy workout videos that I love and have been using for a couple weeks now. Since little man is such a great napper, I've been doing them while he's sleeping. I still do my squats every day, so it's not like he doesn't see me workout. 

When he wakes up, he comes out and gets to do his own workout. He's incredibly strong and can occionally pick up my 5 pound weights (I monitor him and don't let him hurt himself).

He also loves my yoga days (almost as much as I do)! The mat is his favorite thing to play with. 

So far, I've been working out my arms in Mondays, full body on Tuesdays, legs & butt on Wednesdays and yoga on Thursdays. I take my days off on Fridays & the weekends. Don't worry, I don't push myself too hard. Usually, it's a 20-35 minute workout. 

PS: we find out the sex of the baby in Wednesday. What do you think it is?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

My presents: painting by my little man, snickers (I've been craving forever) & a card.

We took a walk to the local park, had some play time & a snack.

While Lars was napping, I relaxed while watching a chick flick. After he woke up, a little more relaxing play time. Then, it was time for dinner. All you can eat salad and pizza (current craving), I will always say yes!! 

I had my mom over today to celebrate. 

How was your Mother's Day (or how did you celebrate the women in your family)?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


A couple months ago, I enrolled Lars in an awesome gymnastics class. They do so much more than just gymnastics. There's sign language, socializing, swinging, singing, and stories. He loves it so much. Whenever he's in the zip line, he does have any sort of reaction. 

He absolutely loves doing somersaults (at home and in the class, it's his favorite thing ever)! 

He also loves doing what they call something kicks. These mats are so colorful, it's the first thing he goes to when we get there.

He likes the trampoline. He may not look like it in the picture. He loves bouncing. He bounces on our bed all the time (it barely bounces).

This is the perfect class for him because they change up the routine every week and the work in about 15 minute segments. 

What activites are your little ones involved in?