Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a...

Well, here's Lars playing in his little BROTHER'S closet!!

It's a BOY!!! I love having boys! Between both sides of our family, there are only 2 girls. Everyone was hoping it was a girl. 

I am so happy it's a boy! I thought it was a girl because of how different this pregnancy is (mostly in the begining). 

I feel great. Workouts are coming along. I'm over half way there (to my due date at least). Lars has been great. One time he knocked on my belly and said hi. He has kissed my belly once. He's always shouting "baaaaaby". It's cute! Can't wait for all of us to meet my mini man (since I'm not willing to share his name unil he's born). 

How many kids do you have? Kids or not kids, how are your workouts going?

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