Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 Miles to Make a Girl Feel Good

Work is getting busier and busier. The busier it is, the happier I am. I love it when my day flies by. It's great! Other than that, my work day was normal. After work, I went to the gym. It was another day on the treadmill. I wasn't really looking forward to it. I hate being on the treadmill, but sometimes that's my only option (today was 98 and too hot to run outside).

My first 2 miles were pretty boring. I wasn't wanting to do this and for some reason I let myself look down at the time. It was gong by so slowly, and I knew I had about 1 hour a running time. The last 4 miles flew by. I couldn't believe how fast it was going by. The next thing I knew, it was 6 miles and time to head home. I finished my 6 miles in 1:05. I'm pretty happy with my time.

I got home and needed to cool off before I could take a shower. I had a beer with the hubs and enjoyed some tv time with him while I cooled off. We had family coming over to take us out to dinner for our birthdays. I was so tired after my run, I just wanted to relax.

I took my shower and felt a little bit more awake. It was nice to see family and go out to eat. We went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants and enjoyed our food and family. I've been eating so poorly this week, I knew I was only going to eat a portion of my food. I ordered the Avocado chicken with some rice.

It was so good! Yes, I know this isn't really Chinese food, but it's my favorite. If you notice, I am using a fork (we all did). I only use chop sticks in the privacy of my home. I'm not that good with them, and it's kind of embarrassing. I have my own and am still learning. I can get almost everything in my mouth, but not enough for public use.

I think we're going to watch It's Always Sunny and enjoy the last piece of ice cream cake. Don't forget to enter my great giveaway. I have another planned, possibly for my 100th's coming up soon. Have a great night everyone!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Post

This is going to be a very short post. My hubby took a few nights off and we actually get to see each other while we're both awake! Very strange. Today was a normal day at work. I can tell Friday is going to be very busy. I love it!

I went to the gym and ran 4 1/4 miles right before my 55 minute spin class. I worked up such a sweat running, when I went to scratch my arm, I notice a huge line of salt (dried sweat). I really know I worked hard. In a way, I'm feeling like my 4 1/4 miles aren't enough. But, I don't have time to run any more on Monday and Wednesdays. That's ok, because I get in more miles later in the week. My body just wants more now.

When I got home, hubby was there!! Yay!! I made us dinner and we relaxed watching Sons of Anarchy. I love that show. The dinner was a huge combination of left overs and new things. We had left over mashed potatoes and green beans. I also made a different kind of pasta salad. I cooked whole wheat corkscrew past as normal, drained (reserved about 1/2 cup of the water). I place the pasta in a bowl and added 1/2 cup mascarpone cheese, 1 can black beans, 2 T oregano, 1 T garlic powder, about 1 cooked turkey sausage, added the water and lastly a few pinches of Parmesan cheese. I mixed everything very well while the past was still hot. Everything melted nicely and was covered in yummy goodness.

I am finally showered and cleaned up (no more salt stuck tome)! Don't forget to enter my awesome giveaway. It's something everybody needs. Keep answering my poll question. I love seeing the results. And most importantly, have a great night!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby & Another Giveaway

Today was an ordinary day at work, I ate the same things. I left work early (as planned) to spend some extra time with the hubs since it was his birthday and he had the day (actually night) off. We just sat around and talked, and he opened some birthday presents (which he still has one more to open).

He got to choose if he wanted me to make a special dinner or if we went out. Since we never go out, he decided that we would. He got to choose where we went. He chose our favorite hamburger place, the Habit. We had our usual, hamburger and fries. I must have been hungry, because I am never able to finish the entire thing, and I did. I feel like a pig, but it was so good!!

On Sunday, I made the hubs an ice cream cake. I usually buy it, but decided to make it myself. I made 2 chocolate cakes with his favorite cream (baskin robins PB & chocolate) with home made PB frosting. Can you tell what his favorite combination is?

Here it is with one cake and the ice cream. I left the ice cream out too long and it was too runny. I will learn for next year!

Finished product straight from the freezer. Yes, it turned out pretty tasty (that's why it's half way gone). Yummy, yummy!

We're too full from the burgers, so I don't think we're going to have any dessert tonight. We're going to watch a movie (Hot Tub Time Machine), something he's been wanting to watch and I've been trying to put off.
Please keep answering my poll question. Love all the responses. Thanks so much for the advice on the shoes. Very appreciated. If anyone else has more advice, feel free to leave comments.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Very Unstable

This morning was the same type of day. Nothing special. I got to the gym and hopped on the treadmill for my Monday night 4.25 miles. Judge Judy was so funny today. They had someone on that was suing about a haunted house. It was pretty entertaining.

Spin class was another ass kicker. 55 minutes of shear pain. It's so difficult after running over 4 miles. I know it's worth it. All this training will get me where I want. Yoga class felt odd today. I didn't have any balance what so ever. I was falling over every time I tried. I usually am pretty good and can hold any pose as instructed. I think I spent more time falling than holding any pose. I was entertaining many people in class with my un-stable-ness.

When I got home, I was starving (as usual on Mondays). I finished up the chicken from last week (this was the last day for the chicken). I made some mashed potatoes (another weakness). The potatoes were:

5 potatoes, peeled, chopped, cooked and mashed. I mixed in 1/3 cup of mascarpone cheese, 1/2 cup of butter (or as much as desired), 1/2 cup non fat milk and any seasoning you like. I had some garlic salt, oregano, parsley and thyme. I mixed everything together and enjoyed warm along with some green beans.

Mashing the potatoes (I release some anger while doing so).

Final product:

My cooking/baking buddy.

On my poll, 23% of you guys have Asics shoes, 15% Nike, 15% New Balance and 46% have "other". The people that have "other", could you leave a comment letting me know what type of shoes you have and how you like them.
Fill out my new poll I have posted. Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday, you may be getting something special for the occasion. The poll may give you hint to what the giveaway may be.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another PR!!

I got up nice and early this morning to get ready to head out to my long run. I ate the last 1/2 of my Power Bar and got dressed. I wore my Bondi Band and my Road ID, along with my usual stuff (MP3, and Garmin). The Road ID didn't bother me at all. I didn't even notice it. It was like I wasn't wearing anything.

I drove to the local park and started my 5 1/2 mile run. I really wanted to beat my last time of 1:04. I just tried to keep a steady pace. I succeeded. I sprinted the last 3/4 mile. I beat my best time (ever)! I finished in 57:16. Such a kick ass time (for me)! I'm so happy with myself.

When I got home, I showered and started the coffee and on went the compression socks. I enjoyed my left over quiche while I caught up on my dvr. A few hours later, I was once again hungry. I munched on some grapes while we finished Repo Men (we fell asleep last night, that much food will do that to you).

For lunch I had PB&J with home made french fries. I just peeled and cut up 2 potatoes, tossed them in olive oil with some salt and baked for about 20 minutes (tossing about every 10 minutes). They are so good. Some came out crispy (the thinner ones) and the thicker ones came out nice and fluffy.

I had a couple of cookies for a snack later in the afternoon. Tonight's dinner was left over chicken with fennel cream sauce. Hubby loved the meal. He thought it was better than anything we tried last night. I know I'm a good cook (lol). Time to clean up the kitchen and get ready for tomorrow. Man, I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I say everyone takes a long weekend (I wish)!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Too Much Food & Not Enough Burn

This morning, I woke up early and ate a banana and headed out the door to the gym. I ran 1 1/2 miles and did the 50 minute spin class. I knew I needed to push myself as hard as I could because I was going to inhale a bunch of food tonight. I had the worst instructor for spin (very un-motivational), so that didn't help. I pushed myself as hard as I could.

When I got home, I made quiche. It was crust less and delicious. I got the recipe from my boss:

4 eggs
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
4T flour
1 t garlic powder
1/4 t salt
2 cup shredded cheese (which ever flavor, I used Mexican blend)

Mix everything (except for cheese) and pour into 8" dish and mix in cheese. Bake in 350 oven for about 45 minutes.

I added about 2 links of turkey sausage (diced up), 2 small tomatoes, 1 cup spinach, and about 3-4 button mushrooms. Stir in before adding to the dish.

I enjoyed this yummy quiche with some grapes and coffee.

I had a snack of toast & PB with some water. I knew I needed to saved my appetite for tonight.

Tonight I (and my hubby) was invited to go to the annual Lincoln Showcase. It's basically a bunch of restaurants, breweries, and wineries handing out samples. There is so much food and beverages there. It's crazy. So many different types of food, too. We went a few years ago and my hubby got sick from so many different type of foods. We know that we can't move afterwards, so we usually come home and watch a movie or something relaxing.

I took pictures of some of the foods we had, we ate so much, it would fill this blog for weeks (exaggeration). I love small things, so all these foods were so cute. I had some wine from all the wineries (about 4-5 different wineries), some Sierra Nevada, and 2 small glasses of margaritas. They were all so tasty!!

Here's a picture of some small cupcakes (blueberry, raspberry, and chocolate). The blueberry and chocolate were my favorite!

I also had a slider from Thunder Valley (a local Indian casino). They have a very good restaurant inside. It was so good!! I could had eaten 10 of these.

I also had some pizza, a taco, pasta, cheesecake, more muffins (from someone else), and too much else to mention without feeling too fat. It was so much fun. There was a band and we got to see a bunch of people dance funny and swing their arms around. I wanted to keep eating, so we had to go before we exploded. No more food. I am thirsty, but if I drink any water, I may still explode.
Well, we're off to watch The Repo Men. I love Jared Leto! I need to rest up for my 5 1/2 miles run in the morning.
Do you prefer to run with someone or solo? I think I prefer to run solo. I can collect my thoughts and enjoy the scenery. It's my my time.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yay for Fridays!!

Today was kind of slow at work, so the day dragged along. Fridays are always my rest days. I love it. It's kind of weird coming home straight from work (being home about 5pm). I get to spend some time with my hubby and hang out for a bit. That's a pretty rare thing (our hours clash).

After a few hours, I started to get hungry. Yay for yummy left overs!! The sauce wasn't as creamy as yesterday, but it was still delicious. I think we have one more day.

I caught up on a few shows and cleaned up around the house. Can you say snack time? I made some yummy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Walnuts. So yum! Yay for great cookies!!

Well, hubby is on his way home, so I better get some little things done around here before he gets home, so we can relax. Time to do dishes and change out the laundry. Enjoy your weekend my loyal readers!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unexpected 6 Miles & a New PR

Everything went well today, as usual. Before I left work to go to the gym, I was actually able to eat a full bar. It was Clif Bar Kidz (blueberry flavor). When I opened the package, the smell of blueberries snuck up my nose. It was so good and I would buy so many more of these.

I was planning of running my usual 5 1/2 miles today, but my legs were feeling so good, I ran a total of 6 miles. I finished the 6 miles in 1:04. If you remember from Sunday, I ran my 5 1/2 miles in 1:02. What a great job I did. I wasn't even trying too hard. My goal was to push myself, but I didn't realize how hard I was pushing. I feel great (as I'm still wearing my compression socks).

Here I am on my way home enjoying the cool breeze on my sweating, disgusting, red face.

When I got home, I immediately hopped in the shower. I needed to get the salt off as soon as possible, it was staring to clump. When I got out, I started dinner. Tonight, I made Chicken Milanese with Fennel Sauce (I left out the tomatoes). The only difference was that I added some little fennel greens on top of the finished product. I paired it with brown rice.

Here's the chicken being cooked after it was pounded and battered.

Fennel, garlic and seasonings being cooked.

Final product. It was so good. I loved the smell of the fennel and garlic being cooked together. I was amazing. This went really well with the brown rice. I can't wait for left overs tomorrow.

My stomach has been hurting all night (even before I ate dinner). I don't know what's wrong, so I need to get some rest. Off to watch tv on the couch with my kittens (such cuddle bugs).
How long have you been running? What made you want to start?
I've been running for a total of about 7 years. I had put on some weight and wanted to take it off. I couldn't afford a gym or any workout things, so I just started to run. I didn't cost anything, and I could do it anywhere. I started racing, to make it more fun (I love a competition). I wanted to keep beating my last time and haven't stopped yet. With how much I've been eating, I don't think I ever could stop running. I'm an empty pit right now and I love being able to eat whatever I want (in moderation).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Legs On Fire

This morning, I was running late, so I grabbed some oatmeal and ate it once I got to work. Work wasn't as busy as it has been. But, it was nice to be able to catch up and not be drowning. I ate my standard banana and apple for my snacks and my usual 1/2 sandwich lunch.

I had 1/3 of a bar before I headed to the gym. I, once again, had to force myself to go to the gym. My stomach was feeling pretty weird. I forced myself to run as far as my tummy could take. I was almost able to finish what I needed to do. I ran 3.76 miles (usually it's 4.25 miles). Only 1/2 mile off and my stomach was hurting even more.

Before I forced myself to go to spin class, I freshened up and headed in. The class went by pretty quick and my stomach stopped hurting. It was a great class!

When I got home, I showered and ate cereal for dinner. I have this chicken dinner planned for tomorrow and it's going to take some time (which I wasn't in the mood for tonight). I slipped on my compression socks and enjoys my cereal while watching Killers. It's a cute movie, but don't worry if you miss it. It's a little too chick flick for me.

I'm off to do dishes while I finish the movie, yes, it's that good. Don't forget, only one more "fan" until you guys get an awesome giveaway!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy, busy Tuesday

Today was a busy day. Work went well and kept me busy all day. I left to go to the gym afterwards. I had to force myself to go. I was not in the mood to go anywhere, but home. I was just feeling like a home body today. But, I had things I needed to do before I could go home.

At the gym, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on my arms. Usually, I spend another 30 minutes on my abs. But, ever since this weekend, my back has been hurting. I had my hubby take a look and he said I have 5 little red dots where it hurts. It seems to be getting better, I just didn't want to bring on the pain. I wasn't in the mood.

I left the gym a half hour early and went grocery shopping. It was so busy there. Again, something else I wasn't in the mood for. Oh well, it needed to be done. I was in and out in 45 minutes (I think that may be a new record for me).

When I got home and put things away and showered, I heated up dinner that I made yesterday. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. It was Pantry Pasta. It was super easy to make. Which is always a good thing.

Here's the sauce simmering for 45 minutes while I did other things in the kitchen. Good thing I had a lot of energy last night (because I sure don't tonight).

I tossed the sauce with whole wheat pasta. It was ok to eat. I'm just glad I made it ahead of time!

Last night, I did sneak a brownie. They are so good. It tasted like the boxed brownies (which I love the flavor). But, this was home made and I know exactly what is in them. I love that! If you like brownies, these are a must make!! I knew I could count on the Brown Eyed Baker!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Another Monday

My day didn't get interesting until I left work. I headed to the gym and go straight on the treadmill for my usual 4.25 miles. The run felt good, and Judge Judy was very entertaining today. The miles just flew by.

My spin instructor was out today, so we had a sub. I had her before, but she's not the same as our normal instructor. Oh well. I worked up a good sweat, but not as much as a normal Monday.

Yoga was another good hour long stretch. I felt very relaxed and energized afterwards. When I got home, I fixed a quesadilla for dinner. I added some chopped / cooked turkey sausage and mushrooms. It was very tasty!

The final product!

I was still hungry, though. So, I toasted up a whole wheat piece of bread and topped is with some butter and home made preserves. That hit the spot. I guess I needed a little sweetness.

I was still feeling energized, so I made some brownies. I wanted to make them yesterday, but I ran out of time. I got this recipe from the Brown Eyed Bakers blog. I've tried several things from this site and have loved them all! I haven't tried these yet, they just came out of the oven. I know I'll have to sneak one before bed. I have a weakness for brownies (especially when I add chocolate chips to the batter)!

Yet again, I still haven't had time to shower before blogging. Oh well, it's not like you guys can smell me through your computers. Thank you so much for your advice on the socks and running at night! It really does help!
I will follow the pack and describe my day (it may not be interesting, sorry):
6:50am: hit snooze on alarm
7:15: get up and wrangle kittens for their meds
7:25: get ready for work (eat, makeup. get dressed, and gather misc. items to take to work)
8:15-4:45pm: work
4:45pm: leave for the gym
5:00: start work out (see individual days for exact workout)
8:00pm: leave gym to go home
8:20: arrive at home and say hi to the animals (play with them and love on them)
8:35: fix dinner (I try to always have it pre-made for Mondays) and watch a show
9:25: shower
9:45: get cleaned up (dressed, etc)
10:00pm: get gym bag ready for next day, fix lunch for next day
10:30:blog (and catch up on today's blogs)
11:30: relax on couch watching shows until hubby gets home
12:15am: hubby arrives home and we talk
12:45: wash dishes (while hubby showers), feed animals
1:00am: watch shows (aka catch up on dvr)
2:00am: fall asleep on couch
4:00am: hubby wakes me up and we go to bed
6:50am: start day all over again
This is my average Monday schedule. Tonight was a little different because I had more energy to make the brownies. That's why I'm not showered and I'm just now blogging at 10:50pm. Well, It's time to shower and get this stink off of me. Don't forget to vote on my poll.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great 5 1/2 Miles Run!

I was so excited this morning for my long run. I woke up just a few seconds before my alarm went off. I set it for 6:50 this morning. I had 1/2 Power Bar and some water before heading out the door. I finished getting ready and drove to a local park (about 5 minutes away). I was freezing and wasn't sure if I should wear something on top of my tank top. I do get hot so easily and sweat badly! I decided to go without.

I kept my run at a slow pace (11:30) and wanted to keep it that way. I have a tendency to go out fast and end up walking. I need to train myself not to do that. I was proud of my pace! I ran into so many people walking their dogs and only a handful of runners. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. My last 5 1/2 miler, I ran it in 59:49. Today, I ran it in 1:02. Only a few minutes slower than my last pace. I can't wait to run this again (and outside). I love this park.

It was awesome having my run finished, showered and cleaned the kitchen and ate breakfast all before 9am. I felt like I got so much done before I normally do.

For breakfast, I fixed whole wheat pancakes and topped it with some home made preserves and light syrup. I paired this with 2 cups of coffee. So yummy!!

I was starving all day. I ate a banana about 12pm and had an opened face PB&J sandwich with some chips about 2pm. I ate left over pizza for dinner about 6:30 and splurged with an ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip ice cream) for dessert. One of my favorite ice creams!

I've been drinking some apple juice this evening to quench my thirst, since I'm tired of water. I usually drink about 3 pints of water on Mondays, so I need a slight change today.

Don't forget to vote on my poll on my sidebar. And, only 2 people are needed become "fans" on my facebook until you guys get an awesome giveaway!

Question: When it gets dark and you can only run outside at night (dark), do you opt to hit the treadmill or brave the streets? I don't have anyone local to run with and I'm not sure what to do when the time changes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Saturday!

I set my alarm for 8am this morning. When I woke up I started the coffee and ate my usual cereal. Off I went to take my car in for normal maintenance. I wanted to get there nice and early, so I could get it back nice and early. When I got done, I came back and relaxed.

I was getting a little hungry, so I had a piece of toast with PB on top. It hit the spot. I think that is my favorite snack right now. A few hours later, we were off to our friends birthday party. We had some yummy food. I enjoyed a hot dog with mustard, fruit and veggies. Yum!!

Dessert was chocolate cake. Now, who could ever turn down chocolate cake? Super Yum!!

When we got home, I watched some shows (trying to stay up with my DVR since premier week has started). A few hours later, I started getting hungry again. I fixed myself an open faced PB&J whole wheat sandwich (with some chips). I swallowed that down with some ice cold water.
Everything is going well with the kittens. Everyone is now friends! No more growling or hissing (only on the first day).

Only 2 more "fans" needed on facebook until you guys get an awesome giveaway! I've posted a new poll. Take a look and vote. I may be looking for some new running shoes and want to know what's popular.
One question: I have a pair of compression socks that are in need of a good washing? Do you wash yours by hand or in the washing machine? Do you put them in the dryer or hang dry (like most running gear)?

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Relaxing Friday Night Off

Today was the same food. Work was so busy today, I think I sat down for entire 20 minutes out of my 9 hour day! My feet are killing me. I'm glad I didn't run today. As always, I had today as my rest day. No gym at all. It felt so nice to go home right after work and hand out with the hubby!

We relaxed for a while after I got home. Then, about 6:30 I made dinner. Last night, I bought some whole wheat pizza dough from a local pizza place. I rolled out the dough and added some of our favorite toppings. I added lots of mozzarella cheese, cooked turkey sausage, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and tomatoes (added the last 2 minutes).

I put this heavy pizza in the 400 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes and enjoyed a very hot & heavy pizza. We washed this down with some beers (one each). We gobbled our yummy pizza as we watched a Netflix movie (The Joneses). It was a cute movie. I do love David Duchovny!

After dinner, we did indulge in some mint chocolate chip ice (sorry I ate it too fast to take a picture).
In the poll I had on my sidebar, it looks like 18% of you run 1-5 miles per week, 18% run 11-15 miles and 63% run 15+ miles per week. I've been running between 15-17 miles per week. It feels so good to finally be able to run this much!! I will post a new poll tomorrow. Don't forget: only 2 more "fan" on facebook and another giveaway comes your way!!
Hope everyone had an awesome Friday!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love the Wind in My Hair

This morning was the same thing. I was pretty busy at work and it was a co-workers birthday. We always celebrate birthdays at work. So, I had to join in on the festivities (aka food) just to make him happy. The boss made salsa and brought chips. And, they also picked up some KFC chicken wings. Hey, chicken it good for you, right? I was good and only had 1 piece. Instead of a cake, he got a candle in one of the wings.

I was so full from the good food all day, I didn't have lunch. Before heading out of work, I ate the other 1/2 of my energy bar. I didn't think it helped yesterday, but I think it really helped today. My goal was to run 5 miles. I didn't care the speed (because of my feet), I just wanted to finish. When 5 miles came around, I wanted to do more. Next step 5 1/4 miles, still feeling good and moved on top 5 1/2 miles (59:49, my longest run to date). I wanted to do more, but I had some errands to do after the gym. It felt so good to run. My feet did hurt a little, but nothing like last week.

When I was driving to the grocery store, I had all my windows down. I love it after a good, long run and the wind is cooling off all the sweat. It felt so good. I think that may be one of the things I love after a good, hard workout. It shows me all my hard work. Did I already say that the wind felt good running through my sweaty hair??

After the grocery store, I needed to pick some things up at the pet store. By the time I finally got home, I was starving and I still needed to put the food away. I wasn't in the mood to make the brown rice from yesterday (at least 30 minutes). So, I had my Greek Gods strawberry yogurt and Rudi's toast with PB on it. I washed everything down with about 4 oz. of non fat milk (small amount because I'm not a fan of milk by itself). That hit the spot.

I'm currently sitting here typing while relaxing my legs in my compression socks. My legs are feeling better as I type! I'm still pretty smelly. I haven't had a chance to take a shower yet. I need to wash all this salt off. I can feel it as I rub my face. I think if I were to lay in a bath, I would make salt water (un-drinkable kind). Yuck!

To answer come questions: I didn't have to mash the apples in the crock pot. I just stirred them when ever I went into the kitchen. I have also made this while I was away (no stirring). Either way works.
Racing Dawn: can you please email that pot pie recipe? It sounds good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love My Compression Socks

Today was pretty normal. My snacks did get changed up a bit (because I'm too lazy to go to the store). I had a Clif Bar Crunch for my 11am snack and some apple sauce for my 1pm snack. My lunch was a little different (for the week anyways). I had PB&J on Rudi's bread. The jelly was home made blackberry preserves. Everything was so good. I felt so healthy eating that sandwich. Doesn't it look pretty good (ok, it may have tasted better than it looks).?

I had 1/2 of an energy bar before I left work. Today at the gym, I ran 4 miles. These miles seemed so long and torturous! After the 13 hours of running (only 44 minutes, really, it just seemed like 13 hours), I went to my spin class. My legs were done for the day after the run and the class. The second I got home and out of the shower, I slipped on my lovely compression socks. I love these things. They make my legs feel brand new by morning. I'm still wearing them. I feel great in them.

Like I said before, I need to go to the grocery store. So, I ended up throwing some things together and called it dinner. I made some brown rice, cut up some cooked turkey sweet sausage and diced some home grown tomatoes. I mixed everything together and I ate. The taste was ok. I'll eat it again tomorrow night, so it wasn't that bad.

In last nights post, I talked about the apple sauce I was making. It did finish abut 12:30 am. It was so good. It may not look that appetizing, but it sure does taste good!! I do love apple sauce, so if you don't, I wouldn't try it. The recipe is also in last nights post.

I wonder what I will snack on tonight?? Don't forget about the poll on the upper right side of my blog. Also, remember, if you're not a fan of Runner's Fuel on facebook, become one. As soon as I have 50 "fans", I will have a pretty cool giveaway (as promised). Only a few more people are needed. I will also have another giveaway on my 100th post!! Keep on reading!!
What is your favorite dinner to make at home?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Hard Tuesday

Another boring day (until I left work). Same things happened at work (good things), and I ate the same things throughout the day. I had the other half of my Lara Bar and headed out of work to the gym.

I got to the gym and had a lot I wanted to do. I'm not going to workout on Saturday, so I want to do extra now things this week (so I don't feel guilty for taking a day off). I got everything I wanted to do, and in only 1:47. Pretty awesome. Today, I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical, 2.5 mile run, 30 minutes, 15 minutes rowing and then I added a new set to my Tuesday night routine...weights. I spent the rest of the time working them. I worked them hard. I always forget that my arms feel like spaghetti afterwards. Even the remote control (to the tv) felt heavy afterwards.

I had a lot to do when I got home, too. I really wanted to make some crock pot apple sauce. I peeled, cored and chopped a dozen of apples and added the rest to the crock pot. I only have a mid way picture. The sauce should be ready about 1:30 tomorrow morning. I'll add the final product to my blog tomorrow. I've made this before, and it's so yummy. I'm a big fan of apples, apple sauce, apple butter, apple donuts, really anything apples. I can't wait until our Apple Hill opens up. It's such a fun place to go and you can get all these things (and more) there for a great price!

I need to go empty out the dish washer and get a couple more things done before it's time to head off to bed. Don't forget to answer my poll that I have to the upper right of the blog. I can't wait to see the answers!!

Good night everyone!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love Mondays

I had my normal meals all day long. Before heading to the gym, I had 1/2 of a cherry pie Lara Bar. It was so good. The bar has 200 calories, so that's why I only had half. I could have had 3 bars. Very yummy!!

I got to the gym and ran 4 1/4 miles. I had such an easy run. I ran it in 43:22 minutes. It was such a relaxed run. So much better than Thursday's run! It was great!! I then went off to my spin class. It was also a nice class. It went by so fast. It felt like I was in there for only 20 minutes. I worked up a great sweat! I then went to my yoga class and enjoyed stretching and relaxing for an hour! Afterwards, I still had a little energy I needed to burn off. I did a long sprint (for me it was long)...1/4 mile. It was nice and it kicked my butt. Exactly what I needed.

When I got home, I made dinner. I made the Brown Eyed Baker's Sweet and Sour Chicken. It was so easy to make and didn't take much prep time at all.

Here's 1 cup of corn starch ready for the chicken...

The eggs are beaten and ready...

The chicken after being placed in the corn starch and egg bathes...ready for the oven.

Out of the oven and ready to be put together...

Brown rice, the chicken and green beans...yummy!!!

I didn't have much, but it was great!! Check out my poll I have on the top right side of my blog. It's a new thing I've started and I'll post the result later on in the week. Please take the poll and let's see what we have in common.
What's your favorite snack you enjoy?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Laid Back Sunday

This morning was another relaxing morning (because I'm still letting my feet heal for tomorrow). I woke up and started the coffee. I wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. I was sent Batter Blaster to try out. It's basically a can, like the can for whipped cream. You shake it and squirt it over your frying pan (for either pancakes or waffles).

The pancakes getting ready to be eaten.

Add some butter and warmed maple syrup to make the perfect pancakes.

The flavor was ok, it had an odd tang to it. I'm not sure what that was about. This wasn't something I could eat often. I think it a one time thing. My taste buds are pretty picky and didn't agree with these pancakes.
Lunch was another PB&J sandwich with some chips and water (water is with most meals).
I invited my dad to come over and play with the kittens (since he hadn't seen them yet). We ended up going out to a burger for dinner. I had a nice visit with him. We haven't gone out, just the 2 of use, in years. I can't even think when the last time was. It was a great visit!! No dessert for me. I'm stuffed.
I'm back to my regular workout tomorrow. and I can't wait to be sweating again!!

Any fun activities this weekend?

A Great Saturday!!

Here's how I feel asleep (on the couch) on Friday. Cuddling with my Izzie:

Since I'm trying to let me feet heal this weekend, my day started out with sleeping in. When I woke up (at 9:30) I had some coffee, and 2 pieces of Rudi's cinnamon and raisin bread. I can't believe how good this was. I'm not even a raisin fan. I can't stand them, I think they're too sweet. This was soo good. I put a little butter on top and gobbled these up with some coffee.

We had to take the girls to the vet today to get checked out. They both have a minor cold and eye infection (totally normal from coming from the SPCA). I was expecting this. I don't know if I've told you this, but I use to be a veterinary technician for about 8 years. So, I know what to expect and mostly how to treat. I loved that job, but always wanted to be a graphic designer and decided to take the plunge and go out and get a job in my field. I did and I love it!
Lunch was just a PB&J sandwich with some chips. Noting special, but very good. I decided I was going to find out what was wrong with my Garmin. Before I called the place where I got it (to see if I could exchange it since I was still under warranty), I decided one last time, to make sure it wouldn't turn on to be charged. I feel sooo stupid, but it turned on. Before I left for work on Thursday, the watch said it was fully charged and then shut off and wouldn't turn on when I tried to charge it at work. So weird. Oh well, I'm just happy I can wear it and love it like it should be loved!!
Dinner was nothing special. I had pasta and wanted to make something for only 1 day because there's something special I want to make tonight for dinner. So, I put together cooked pasta, chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, 1/4 can black beans, finely chopped cooked chicken, black olives and feta cheese. I mixed everything together and enjoyed.

This was a good meal! My hubby and I both enjoyed it while we watched Day Breakers. We finished the night off with some cocktails and popcorn. A great ending to a great day!