Saturday, September 25, 2010

Too Much Food & Not Enough Burn

This morning, I woke up early and ate a banana and headed out the door to the gym. I ran 1 1/2 miles and did the 50 minute spin class. I knew I needed to push myself as hard as I could because I was going to inhale a bunch of food tonight. I had the worst instructor for spin (very un-motivational), so that didn't help. I pushed myself as hard as I could.

When I got home, I made quiche. It was crust less and delicious. I got the recipe from my boss:

4 eggs
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
4T flour
1 t garlic powder
1/4 t salt
2 cup shredded cheese (which ever flavor, I used Mexican blend)

Mix everything (except for cheese) and pour into 8" dish and mix in cheese. Bake in 350 oven for about 45 minutes.

I added about 2 links of turkey sausage (diced up), 2 small tomatoes, 1 cup spinach, and about 3-4 button mushrooms. Stir in before adding to the dish.

I enjoyed this yummy quiche with some grapes and coffee.

I had a snack of toast & PB with some water. I knew I needed to saved my appetite for tonight.

Tonight I (and my hubby) was invited to go to the annual Lincoln Showcase. It's basically a bunch of restaurants, breweries, and wineries handing out samples. There is so much food and beverages there. It's crazy. So many different types of food, too. We went a few years ago and my hubby got sick from so many different type of foods. We know that we can't move afterwards, so we usually come home and watch a movie or something relaxing.

I took pictures of some of the foods we had, we ate so much, it would fill this blog for weeks (exaggeration). I love small things, so all these foods were so cute. I had some wine from all the wineries (about 4-5 different wineries), some Sierra Nevada, and 2 small glasses of margaritas. They were all so tasty!!

Here's a picture of some small cupcakes (blueberry, raspberry, and chocolate). The blueberry and chocolate were my favorite!

I also had a slider from Thunder Valley (a local Indian casino). They have a very good restaurant inside. It was so good!! I could had eaten 10 of these.

I also had some pizza, a taco, pasta, cheesecake, more muffins (from someone else), and too much else to mention without feeling too fat. It was so much fun. There was a band and we got to see a bunch of people dance funny and swing their arms around. I wanted to keep eating, so we had to go before we exploded. No more food. I am thirsty, but if I drink any water, I may still explode.
Well, we're off to watch The Repo Men. I love Jared Leto! I need to rest up for my 5 1/2 miles run in the morning.
Do you prefer to run with someone or solo? I think I prefer to run solo. I can collect my thoughts and enjoy the scenery. It's my my time.


  1. That sounds like so much fun. I've eaten myself sick at things like that before, so I know what you mean about pacing yourself and taking it easy after! That slider looked amazing... one of my favorite foods!

  2. I LOVE those taste events. Love love. It is really fun when they do those sliders really fancy.