Monday, September 29, 2014

Addicted to body building & chocolate

I was watching My Strange Addiction and this lady was addicted to body building. I guess it's better than her old addiction of drugs. They never mentioned if she drugged up for her competitions, but she didn't sound very girly. She sounded pretty dude like. I don't think I will ever get to that (not that I ever wanted to). 

Entertaining when I'm relaxing after a nice, sweaty workout! I love bad tv.

I've been eating pretty ok lately. The only thing is that I've been eating a very small bowl of dark chocolate chips. I usually eat them while I watch the Biggest Loser.

I always eat poorly when I watch that show. I always eat my deli meat sandwich with lettuce on whole wheat  bread with a side of tortilla chips (pretty healthy for me). I just can't stop eating those delicious chocolate chips. 

Do you ever watch My strange addiction? How do you feel about the new trainers on The Biggest Loser? What are you addicted to?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Motivation I Needed

Lately, I've been able to get in 2 or 3 runs a week (which is really good right now). I've been pushing myself and working really hard. Sweat, sweat and more sweat keeps pouring off of me.

I've also continued with my normal routine of arms and legs, in addition to running. I tell you, the arms workout has really been paying off. I've finally been able to do a 1/4 pull up. I have a stool that helps me reach the pull up bar (so I can lift myself up to hold myself for a few seconds) and I can now pull myself up from the stool (which is shorter than I can touch the bar). I'm so proud of myself!! I'm making progress!!!!!!

Lars loves it when we have a pit stop at a park and are able to play for a while. He's really into sitting on the grass and playing with the grass or leaves that are close by. 

I have a little over a month until my Spartan Race and am making progress. It's not the progress that I wanted (I wanted to be able to do a full un-assisted pull up by the end of the month).

Have you ever done an obstacle race? Should I wear shorts or running capris? Are your clothes trashed afterwards? Sports bras with running tank or just a sports bra?

How's your training going? What is your motivation?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training Progress & Winner

My date for all my meals. He loves making me laugh and smile. He's such a crack up!

How has my Spartan training been going? Well, pretty good. I've been stuck running a 5k (just not motivated to run further). Well, I finally ran 4.25 miles. It felt great and I loved every minute of it! Lars loved it too. He took a 10 minute nap and when he woke up, we were at the park. What a great surprise for him!

I'm still doing the training for the pull ups. I'm up to 7 seconds holding myself up. 

I'm feeling stronger. Every time I feel stronger, I feel better about myself and it makes me happier and happier with my progress. I'm still so nervous about the Spartan race! The race is next month!!

The winner of the Spartan giveaway is: Alberto!! Congrats! Email me (runnersfuelathotmaildotcom)Thanks to everyone that participated!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training with the Turtles

My training is continuing and going great! My arms are really feeling it (in an amazing way). I'm feeling/getting stronger. I can tell that my training is doing great things for me. I'm still working to get back in shape from being pregnant. I do want to continue eating/drinking what I want, though. 

I made these awesome turtle cookies the other day. They are really good and even richer. You can only have one cookie and guzzle a glass of milk (and I hate drinking milk by itself). I did use walnuts instead of pecans (that's all I had) and they are awesome!! These are a must try!

Over the weekend (which was so long ago), we took the little man to the lake and let him walk around in the water for a while. He loves swimming and splashing around. This was the biggest "pool" he's ever seen. He got to see fish jump, birds flying overhead, play with rocks, kick the water and splash around and get a little wet. It was a nice day, but too cold to go swimming. We spent a few hours  out there, which completely tired him out. 

I never, ever paint my nails. What do you think of my new color (my toes are always painted, though)? I actually got it from the dollar store. Not too bad! Lars likes the color :)

It was a lazy, family day on the couch the other day. It was nice to relax with my guys.

Do you paint your nails (guys or girls)? What's your favorite color? How often do you go to the lake (or any water around you)?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Training for a Pull Up

Over the last week or so, I have been training to do pull ups. I kmow I'm going to need a lot of upper body strength for the Spartan Race next month (I can't believe it's already  next month!!). So, Jason built a pull up bar in the back yard for me. How I train is to have a stool, to get up to the bar and hold myself above the bar for as long as I can. 

I do this several times a day (any time Lars is sleeping). I usually do 3 sets of 5. My arms are really feeling it! I can feel what muscles I need to work on. So good to know! 

This is what happens when you do a pull up facing the house, when the bar is too close to the house. 

I ended up getting a big bruise from this little scratch (I bruise very easy). I'm not worried about it. I know I'll be super beat up from the race. I don't mind some battle wounds. 

I'm also wokring on my legs and arms (alternating days). I do this pull up thing every week day, though. 

Don't forget my awesome giveaway!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

BEST Giveaway Ever!!

On September 20th, in Killington Vermont, the Spartan Race will hold their 2014 world championships! How cool would that be! I can't even imagine competing in this. I haven't trained nearly as much I should for something like this. I don't think I have enough time in my day (having Lars). I have so much admiration for moms that have the ambition to train for something like this (or anything, really).

My training is still continuing (and stepping it up a few notches). My goal is to be able to do 3 pull ups by the end of this month. I can't believe my Spartan Race is next month!

Ok, the reason why you chose to look at my blog today (as if you didn't just scroll down to this part)...The Giveaway!! Who wants to take a 4 night cruise (for 2) to the Bahamas (including airfare out of Miami). Everyone loves to workout on vacation, especially in a tropical setting. Well, this is also good for a entry into a Spartan Race!

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This is such an awesome opportunity, everyone should enter!!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's my Birthday & I'll Train if I Want to

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my birthday was a few weeks ago (8/24). Jason knew the way to my heart, my all time favorite beer. If you like hoppy beer, you must try this!!! I cracked this open the night before.

The day of, my little family and I walked to our local park to play a little. It's about a mile away, so we got a lot of fresh air. I think Lars had fun too!

Jason made all my meals for me. While he was making me an awesome dinner, I sat back and relaxed (Lars was napping) with a popsicle and hung out with the kitty. 

It was an all around good birthday!!

I've been training for one of the best races I have scheduled. I'm looking forward to the Spartan race at the end of October!! Did you know that you can use the code SPARTANBLOGGER to receive 10% off any race!! How awesome is that!!! I have an awesome giveaway coming up. I'm getting everything together for it, so keep checking in this week and next for a trip of a life time!

Who would be up for an awesome Spartan giveaway?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where Did my Motivation Go?

Last week was pretty dead (sweating wise). I haven't had any motivation to get my sweat on. I'm hungry all the time (I think that has something to do with Lars always eating...teething) and I'm tired. I don't feel like doing anything. I have my big race in less than 55 days!! I need to get my motivation back! And QUICK!!

My main thing I need to concentrate on is my upper body strength. As I mentioned before, I have NONE!!

I have managed to get in a few runs with my favorite running partner.

So, pushing the stroller does work my arms, but not exactly how I need to.

I was talking to Jason about this and he suggested putting in a pull up bar in the back yard, since we are re-doing the side yard anyways. Completed!!

As soon as the cement was dry, I gave it a whirl. As expected, I couldn't do a single pull up. So, Jason helped me. With his help, I managed 4!! I did some research of how to train to do a pull up. I read that you need to work those muscles. And to train those muscles, they suggest using a step to be able to get to the top of the bar and to hold yourself up. Do this several times a day to get these muscles use to it. 

This starts tomorrow!!