Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training with the Turtles

My training is continuing and going great! My arms are really feeling it (in an amazing way). I'm feeling/getting stronger. I can tell that my training is doing great things for me. I'm still working to get back in shape from being pregnant. I do want to continue eating/drinking what I want, though. 

I made these awesome turtle cookies the other day. They are really good and even richer. You can only have one cookie and guzzle a glass of milk (and I hate drinking milk by itself). I did use walnuts instead of pecans (that's all I had) and they are awesome!! These are a must try!

Over the weekend (which was so long ago), we took the little man to the lake and let him walk around in the water for a while. He loves swimming and splashing around. This was the biggest "pool" he's ever seen. He got to see fish jump, birds flying overhead, play with rocks, kick the water and splash around and get a little wet. It was a nice day, but too cold to go swimming. We spent a few hours  out there, which completely tired him out. 

I never, ever paint my nails. What do you think of my new color (my toes are always painted, though)? I actually got it from the dollar store. Not too bad! Lars likes the color :)

It was a lazy, family day on the couch the other day. It was nice to relax with my guys.

Do you paint your nails (guys or girls)? What's your favorite color? How often do you go to the lake (or any water around you)?

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