Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two Feet Expansion (BIG NEWS)!!

Why haven't I been blogging in the past few months? Well, I haven't had any energy and no desire to do anything else besides go on walks and lay on the couch. By the time I get off of work, I'm tired and just want to go home and relax (and maybe take a little nap). This is because my family is expanding by two feet. 

On Saturday, I will be 12 weeks and we couldn't be happier! I'm due January 4th. Everything is going well and it feels like I may be over the lack of energy time (let's hope). I hope to go back to running (very slowly now because I took so much time off) and my normal classes next week. My doctor has ok'd me to do so and encourages it. 

I've had a little nauseousness throughout the day, but not much more. Some things I've been craving are: ice cream, toast with butter only, cocoa puffs, watermelon, bagels and burgers. Really, anything that is unhealthy for you, the more I'll probably crave it. Foods I avoid: Veggie are gross and can't force them down, peanut butter, jelly, milk by itself, and coffee smells so nasty (Jason's drinking it, not me). 

My doctor says I'm right on track for weight gain (it's not much), and I don't really care to share that part. We heard the heartbeat on Monday and it's 150 (totally normal). When we  heard it, Jason's face beamed!! Neither of us can wait!! After the doctor appointment, we came home and called all the family and told them.  We find out what we're having on August 16th, so we really can't wait for that!!

I know I can't plan every part of this journey, but I plan on planning as much as possibly can. 

When I go back to working out, I will post more. I may even post just about this. I am still running the Color Run 5k again this year and am super excited to run my first (of many more) races with this little one.

Would you guys prefer that I keep this blog just about working out, or would you like to see (monthly or weekly??) updates? Anyone else expecting?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Windy Running Night & I Ran Over My Foot

After work, last night, I finally had some free time to go run, outside!! It was about 88 and sunny. But, the windy was pretty crazy (but not as bad as yesterday). I ran my normal 5k route and walked a lap inside the park that I have never actually walked before. I think that's crazy. I've been to this park a million times and have never been on this path. It was nice and peaceful. There were other people out getting their sweat on, so it was such a nice way to end my night. 

In the picture below, I'm trying to show you my "wings". Wings are the little baby hairs on the side that won't lay flat (I don't use any hair product, so that's why). The wings were trying to make me fly, all day (even at work). Also, do you see that vein on the side of my head. It always pops when I workout. 

I guess my ankle got in the way of my running last night. I think I ran it over while being so speedy. It doesn't even hurt. I noticed it after I took my shoes and socks off. 

After dinner, we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, I made everything from scratch. We just bought the strawberries and I wanted to use the rest of them before they went bad. I made the cake (but it didn't taste right, so I'm not going to post the recipe). And I whipped up the whip cream in a jiffy. I put it all together and this is what happened. it tasted pretty good, despite the cake part. 

Besides your hands and feet, do you have any veins that pop whenever you workout? Have you ever ran over one of your own feet (please tell me I'm not too crazy)? Do you have a good recipe for the cake part of the strawberry shortcake?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Food Truck Festival AKA Food Coma

Last weekend, Jason and I went to a food truck festival about 20 minutes away from our house. It's pretty cool of what turn into a food truck. My brother loves old VW buses (so I sent him this picture). This guy turned his old bus into a waffle truck (we didn't eat there, though). 

We ate here first. 3 tacos for $5. Of course I wanted to try it. Too bad the tacos were pretty small and left Jason hungry. They tasted pretty good, though.

There were so many people there! They said it was there record event (this was the 6th one of these, but 1st I've ever gone to). People were everywhere.

We had fun. We love to people watch. There was a lot of that to do there. So many characters. 

After we finished eating the tacos in the park across the street, we came back to one more line. This place has crazy names and ideas for burgers. They put Doritos inside their burgers (or something like that). 

One bad thing about food trucks is you can stand in line for half an hour and and when you're the 6th person, they yell out that they only have 5 burgers left. Yep that happened to us.Very sad. 

Since it was hot and we were still hungry, the next best thing to burgers was ice cream! There wasn't anything special about the ice cream, but it was cold and it tasted good. 

We walked across the street and walked around the pond while we finished the ice cream, then headed back home. We spent about 3 hours there. The lines were long, but the food was good. We'll go again next time, but we'll get there before 1 pm. 

Do you have anything like this near you? Are food trucks big near you? They are here!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Running High Five & the Nicest Porto Potties

I've been busy with things around here. I've only had a few days free to workout. I worked out last Monday. I ran a 5k outside (in the awful heat). As I was coming to the end, I think this kid on his bike (with a bunch of other kids) could see the sweat dripping and probably a dying look in my eyes. He was so sweet. He gave me thing huge smile and a high five. Just what I needed in order to finish the last little bit of my run. 

As usual, I was the only one walking in the gym already sweaty and red faced. I had a row machine to reunite with and a ripped class to get more of my butt kicked. I enjoyed the last 1:20 minutes left of my workout and left exhausted!

In other new: I do have a life outside of working out. A couple weeks ago, Jason and I headed down the San Francisco. We drove about an hour away and took the Bart in the rest of the way. That way, we didn't have to worry about parking and we could drink our way through the city. Out main reason for going (the Cherry Blossom Festival):

SF doesn't have any cherry blossoms, but it was still fun to watch all the festivities. I love the taiko dojo. They really get into their drumming. At one of my races, these guys were there (not the kids) and they played as we crossed the finish line. It was great motivation to get your feet moving faster! Once that was over, we needed to get some food. We were seriously hungry!

A few seconds after lunch, dessert was introduced. I love their presentation. The best thing: this is a crepe (no cone)  with chocolate ice cream. Isn't it so cute!

Jason got some kind of custard (I hate custard), but loved his. Again, so cute!

Since I am a runner, I had to tell you about their porto-potties. They were a slice of heaven (I never thought I would ever say this about a potable bathroom). They looked nice (very visible from a distance), and had a ton of room inside and even had a handle that you could hang on to (if needed) while squatting. Since there was so much room, I didn't need to. Very nice

Also, Chobani was there giving out free samples. Since the line was about 1/2 hour long and we didn't have a place to keep it cold, we didn't want to stand in line. 

A nice view from our day of walking a million miles. 

Flags were still at half mass.

Swimmers were out enjoying the nice day for their workout.

A little sun bathing happened.

Of course:

It was a great day. Very long (we left at 8 am and go home around 11 pm), but prefect day! Can't wait to do this again next year!

Do you live (or have visited) SF during this time of the year? Have you ever gone to this event? If you live in DC, how awesome is your cherry blossom festival?

Any motivational high fives lately?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Horrible Run with a Side of Happiness

I had no motivation or concentration yesterday. My brain was nowhere to be found! At home, in the morning, at work all day, then on my short run last night...brain dead. I though a short run was going to get me out of my funk (it usually does), but no luck. I knew I wasn't going to go to spin class, I just wasn't in the mood. But, my run felt long, dreadful and boring. I hated last night's run!

I know bad runs comes and go and they make us stronger, as runners. But, man!! It was a horrible run! I was not happy and couldn't wait to get home, shower and just sit on the couch and do nothing. That's the kind of motivation I have...none!

It was just bad! I even walked a little during my run. I got distracted by so many things. Oh look, a bird!

A couple good things, that made me happy was that as I passed a couple flags (yes, I have 2 flags in less than a 3 mile run) was that they were at half mass. I made me see that we are all united (runners and non-runners). I knew that before, but it made me really think about it. 

Just because a person doesn't like to move their feet faster than a walking pace (often and for fun), doesn't mean that they weren't affect by what happened on Monday. It's good to see a nation come together as people. 

Are flags around you at half mass? When was your last horrible run? I'm lacking some serious motivation. What do you suggest I do to get myself motivated (not including registering for a race...due to funds)?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running for Boston & Homemade Taquitos

Last night, I join (virtually) with other runners and ran 2.62 miles for those affected by what happened in Boston on Monday. I wore my only blue & yellow I have and ran silently. It was one of the best runs in a while. I am not a marathoner, but as a runner, you are united together!

After my hour long stretch, in yoga class, I hurried home (I was starving!!), I started pre-heating the oven and made something awesome:

Homemade taquitos!! The recipe said it would only make 10 taquitos, but mine made about 15! I used 3 chicken breasts, but the key is that you don't want to stuff them too full, or its too much and you can't roll them tightly. I had some bbq sauce, on the side, but I didn't think it needed it (Jason did). I had 3 and I was stuffed, Jason ate 5 and was full. Can't wait for leftovers tonight!

Did you run 2.62 miles? If you are/were in Boston, how are you doing?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I can lift a car over my head!

Yesterday was an interesting April evening. I felt like I was working out in a sauna the entire time! I headed out for my simple 2 1/2 mile quick run around the local park and knew I was going to have a difficult time. This is because it was 87 when I left work. 87 in April! I'm all for warm weather, but not this warm this early in the year. I guess I'm just happy to be able to run outdoors (we'll see how long that lasts). 

I was able to squeeze in 10 minutes of rowing after my run and before my spin class. I did about 1600 meters (which is almost 1 mile, .99 miles). I was still gushing sweat from my hot run. Not many people walk into their gym already red faced and sweaty. 

Feeling tough after the spin class

Spin class was great, as usual. The instructor pushed us to sweat more than we did last time. I didn't go to class last week (I was sick), and it's crazy how much difference it makes (in a bad way) to miss a class. Plus,  I was still sweaty from the run and rowing. 

The instructor kept saying that he wanted us to feel like we could lift a car over our heads by the time we were done with his class. I like the little things they say throughout the entire class. It makes me start to tell myself the same thing. It was so warm in the class, it was like I never left my sauna. he class was completely full (10 more people came in looking for bikes, too), the fans were going and the ac was set to freezing, but it was still crazy hot/stuffy in there. I could feel the sweat dripping off of me. But, by the time I left class, I felt like I could lift a car over my head!

Driving home with the windows down (at 7 o'clock) allowed the sweat to dry off and stop dripping. I could feel a few layers of sweat cover my entire body. My legs felt the grossest!

How many times a week are you completely covered in a sweat dripping layer? What was your workout yesterday (or today)? If you could vote for me, for best blogger (even if you're not local), you'll be my new BFF (check out the right side of my blog)!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stretch it out

It was another windy day here in Nor Cal. I didn't even workout outside, and all my "wings" started to show. Yes, I did say "wings". It's that part of my hair, on the sides that won't lay flat and kind of do a little curl thing and stick out, a lot. It was really windy outside! This is just from me walking from my car to the gym, and then leaving the gym. It's a good thing I don't care what I look like when I workout.

I lifted some weights with my legs before my yoga class starts. I always go into my yoga class a little early, so I can do my own stretches that I like to do. The fans and lights are all off and I can starts to relax and stretch what I needed stretched, just in case we don't focus on that part during class. 

About 5 minutes before class started, a guy walked in (no biggy, we have lots of guys in the class). He had his buds in and yelled "can I jump in here?" (he had a jump rope in his hand). The instructor replied "no, but you can yoga in here", he said "what!!?!?" (still with buds in), then looked around class and looked very embarrassed. It was funny!

I think my instructor read my mind of what I needed to stretch. We spent so much time stretching our upper leg muscles. It felt so nice! I feel like a new woman now! I'm so glad, because I have (an outdoor) run and spin class on my schedule tonight. I can't wait for the class, but I know my legs will be sore again. I'm trying to concentrate on my upper legs and booty area. I saw something I didn't like, so I'm trying to make it the way I want it to look. It's going to take some time, because I don't want to stop eating yummy desserts!

Do you get "wings" when it's windy? What are you training for?

Even if you're not local, please vote for me for best blogger (I will love you even more if you do!). Follow this link.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweat-y Workout

All of last week, all I wanted to do was workout. I wanted to get my sweat on. But, I couldn't because I was  so sick. Every time I took a deep breath, I hacked up a lung for 10 minutes. So, I took it easy and got a lot of things done around the house. yesterday, as it got closer for me to leave for the gym, I didn't want to go. Working out gives me a boost, a boost I haven't had in over a week. I needed to go, so I made myself. And, boy an I glad I did!

On Saturday, I was finally able to meet my friend for our run date. I was able to convince her to do my crazy leg workout with me afterwards. We completed our 5k around the park and then walked to a (mostly) quiet place in the park to work our legs. Let's just say, I'm still sore and my ripped class didn't help make my legs feel better last night. 

Since it was crazy windy here yesterday, I took my outdoor 5k to the treadmill. I don't mind the treadmill, I would just rather be outside. If there is any weather that I don't like, I will go inside (unless I'm training for a race in that weather). 

After the 5k, I was able to sneak in some legs weights (which did make my legs feel happy) before the hour long ripped class. I love this class. This is what my workout did to me. I did take it a little easy because, I  still have this stupid cough, so I can't push too hard without coughing like a crazy person. It looks like I got kissed by the sweat fairy (never mind the horrible picture of me)!!

Tonight, yoga is going to feel so good! I can't wait to stretch for an hour! My legs so need it!!

What area do you need to workout the most? I need the upper leg/booty area the most!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Diet Ever?

I haven't been posting my workouts. That's because I haven't had any since Monday's run. That's because I've been sick. Jason was sick first, then I got it. I knew I was going to get it. I haven't been sick (except for food poisoning) in over 3 years, no joke. I don't do anything special. Jason has been sick and I never got what he's had. My co-workers have been sick and I never caught it. It was just my time. At least it wasn't the flu. 

I think I've found the best diet ever. I can eat anything I want. That's because I can only eat 4 bites top, before I'm extremely full (like I just ate a huge, 3 patty full of cheese burger kind of full). And, I only get hungry twice a day. I've lost 4 pounds in 4 days. My abs are coming back because I can't stop coughing. I have one of those coughs that (as my parents called it) make me sound like a seal barking. My pounding headache has finally gone away. But, I can't take a deep breath without coughing up a lung. So, until that can happen, I won't be working out. Instead, I'll show you what we did before we got sick:

We added some pretty flowers, in pots, in front of our house, to add some color. 

We replaced some plants that died during the cold winter here.

We planted some veggies and herbs to our garden beds. We planted some tomatoes, chives, basil, mint (that's in it's own pot), zucchini and cucumber. The only reason why I can't wait for summer. 

Yesterday, we had a little Easter lunch/dinner (I call linner), just us. We had chicken salad (disguised as a carrot, but the color didn't come out) and dyed deviled eggs

Everything was super simple to make, which is good, since I was still a little sick yesterday (even after sleeping for 13 hours!!). To answer your questions, no I only took about  bites of this and have saved it for later. 

Did you do anything for Easter or spring break? I don't get a spring break, but I'm trying to spend more time outside, since it's been so nice!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the first time this season..

I wore shorts on my evening run. See, I hate being cold (I get my hottest after my run is over). I was so excited to see that it was going to be a warm (68 degrees) and sunny day outside after work. 

Look at my face, you can see my excitement!

On weekends, I do what Jason calls my "prison workout".  He calls my workout this because you don't need any special equipment. All you need is a chair and some weights. I worked up a sweat and my legs (and booty) were beat by the time I finished! I loved it! It was so windy outside, I workout inside. 

Because my legs were still so tired, I decided against my ripped class and did an easy 5k outside instead. Since I'm not in real training (just training to keep in shape), I can cancel what I feel like my body can't totally handle and keep it relaxed, when needed. 

Tonight, I'm going to do an easy leg weight workout before my yoga class. My yoga class is so cold, I won't be wearing shorts. In fact, I may be wearing my jacket. 

Is anyone else somewhere where it's shorts weather, or you just hating me right now?  What are you training for right now?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gift From My Gym

I did not want to go to the gym last night. In my mind, I had other things I could be doing that would be more important. Then, I realized, I'm more important than any of these things. The rush I get after a good workout is always worth putting small things off. I forced myself to go (I still didn't want to go while I was driving).

Since it was a rainy day here (and I didn't want to get wet, by running in the rain), I had 45 minutes to kill before my 6pm spin class. I had something in my mind since the night before. I really wanted to work my arms some more. I hopped right on the row machine. I wanted to see how far I could row in 45 minutes. 

This was my present from the gym last (the small blister on my right hand) night (mostly the row machine). But, I found out that I could row 5340 meters. I just looked up how far that is and it's a little over 3 miles. It's also how high the base camp for climbing Mt. Everest.

At least I know I can row to the base camp! I've always wanted to hike Mt. Everest (like I'd ever have the money to), but I've seen so many documentaries showing how busy it is up there. It's a very small "road", but busy like a freeway. For now, I'll settle to climb Mt. Whitney. At least that's in the US (and California). I'm more likely to do that.  

(right after he proposed. yes, we took our 6 month puppy on a week long backpacking trip with us)

When Jason proposed to me, he did it after we hiked to the top of Castle Peak (on our week long backpacking trip). So, we love hiking that much. So, maybe for our 10 year anniversary (only 2.5 years away), I can talk him into hiking Mt. Whitney...

After I survived the row to the base camp, I made my spin class just in time. I love that class. He always chooses such great songs and knows how to motivate the class. I can't wait until next week!

Are you a hiker or backpacker? We are. We're going for a small (weekend) backpacking trip in July. I'm not sure where yet. 

Do you get blisters on your hands? I usually get them on my feet, but rarely on my hands. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Cross Fit or Not to Cross Fit

I had yoga planned, last night. But, when it came time to leave work, I didn't feel like relaxing and staying calm and quiet. I wanted to move around and lift heavy things over my head. So, I got changed at work, like I normally do and headed home. I got my little at home gym set up and went to work. 

If I don't get changed at work, and I head home anyways, I will never get my workout in. I must get changed, so I don't have an excuse for not getting the work done. As soon as I put my things down, I got my foam mat out, my 5 lbs weights and my 10 lbs weights along with my medicine ball out and went to my phone to check out this new app I found (free).

The app was ok. I tried using it to do a core workout, but I already do all those routines. So, for the core, I just stuck to my normal routine. Arms, I have a routine, but I was looking for something new to do. The app was pretty helpful and planned a workout for me. I chose the "toned & trimmed"workout (I had choices of quick & easy, toned & trimmed, long & strong and loaded guns). Next time I'll try the long & strong workout). The "loaded guns"has an exercise called frog stand. I don't think I'm ready to try this at home (and without a spotter).

So, I've been looking for fun and exciting ways to get fit & toned (again). I've been hearing so much about Cross Fit. Has anyone tried it? How do you like it? Is it something you can do at home, or do you have to go to a special gym for that. I have the gyms near by, but I already belong to another gym that doesn't offer anything like Cross Fit. I'm kind of scared to try it, though. It looks so hard!

I found a very beginner's workout online and am thinking about trying it out. I have everything I need to do this on my own at my current gym. I think I may try it sometime next week. The workouts I'm concentrating on are focused around my thighs and up (core and arms area). 

What are your thoughts on Cross Fit?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Booty Workout

I took off all of last week. I wanted to heal completely, my half marathon, before I started working out again. I'm glad I did. I got a lot of things around the house taken care of and caught up on a lot of things, too. I was nice to have that extra 1-2 hours a night. I did realize that I wasn't in such a great mood, as I normally am. 

Jason was out all day with some friends, on Saturday. So, I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and great weather (70s with a lot of sun, yes, you can hate me). I did a 90 minute booty/back thigh workout. I never, ever workout those areas, so this was the first time. 

These were my tools: a chair, mat and a medicine ball (6 lbs). I did use a wall, too (but I think everyone has at least one of those). 

This workout was a doozy. I will be adding it to my Saturday (after my run date) routine. Sunday morning, I was in a world of stiffness!! I haven't been that sore in so long!! I always sit in the kneeling position, and I couldn't!

Sunday was St. Patty's day!! I always try to make something out of the ordinary for at least one meal. So, I did some research and found bangers and mash. Little did I realize (until I started cooking), it's just sausage, and mashed potatoes with an onion gravy. I used this recipe, but I added a little milk to the potatoes and some flour to the gravy. The gravy was just way too watery, so I thickened it up just a tad, but it helped. Our beer was too dark to try to make it green. Oh well (really, I was just too lazy).

Dessert was green sugar cookies. Most normal people would make green four leaf clovers. But, after I made the dough and poured out my huge collection of cookie cutters, I realized it didn't come with a four leaf clover cutter. It has a football helmet and a hand and a foot, but not a four leaf clover. What crazy person put this thing together? I guess that's why it was on sale. Oh well. They were still yummy, no matter what shape they were in (I made stars, circles and butterflies).

Yesterday was another nice day in NorCal. I went for a very short and easy 2 1/2 mile run around my local park. It felt so good after not running for a week and after my killer workout on Saturday. It was just what I needed to stretch out before my ripped class. I love this class!! My instructor is pregnant and I will miss her dearly while she is out. I have a few months until that is here, though. 

I''m still a little sore. But, tonight, I have leg weight on the schedule followed by a very much needed yoga class. I can't wait to get stretched out!!

Did you do anything for St. Patty's Day? What is your favorite gym class? Do you take a yoga class? If so, what kind? My yoga class is your ordinary yoga class. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

(Headwind) Luck Half Marathon

Every time I run a half marathon, I set up a practice run 2 weeks prior. I wear what I plan on wearing during the race. I eat what I plan on eating during the race. So, 2 weeks ago, I had my outfit planned. 

I had been checking the weather all week (as us runners normally do before a big race). It was suppose to be 40 (at the start) and a high of 69 (way after I finished) and sunny. The Lucky Race was in Davis, Ca (about 20 minutes away, without any traffic). So, I picked up my bib and shirt race day morning. 

I had plenty of sleep (I think I fell asleep about 9:30 the night before) and was ready to go. I was nervous, because I hadn't run this distance (for a timed race) in over a year. I hadn't trained as hard for this race, as I did for my first one (I wasn't in the gym 4 hours a day 6 days a week, but I did get my best time for that race). 40 degrees is cold first thing in the morning. 

I have run in the rain, sprinkling rain, hail, sun and dark skies. But, I have never trained in heavy winds. I should have trained for a super windy race, but I didn't. About 4 miles into the race, the course took us along the side of the freeway (with a chain link fence to separate us and the cars). It had already been a windy race, nothing I couldn't handle. But that wind and then add the freeway wind (for about 2 miles). We got a little break when we went over the freeway, just to head back. Which meant, another 2 more miles in the heavy wind. Ugh! I should have trained for windy, but I never though of it. 

At about mile 6, they were handing out water, Gatorade, banana slices, oranges and chocolate GU. I hadn't practiced with GU for this race. I practiced with Gatorade chews (which worked perfect). After last year's race, where I got food poisoning, I was afraid to try anything I hadn't practiced with. I took it just in case. I then started eating my chews I had brought with me. It helped and gave me the energy I needed. 

I was able to deal with the rest of the freeway wind. We made our way around this beautiful park and I started feeling like my tank was empty. That's when I took out the GU. I've had GU before (I just didn't train for this race with it). I ate half of it and kept going.  With 2 miles left of the race, I ate the rest of it. 

I made my way across the finish line at 2:41:46 (official time). I didn't make my first or second goal, but I did make my 3rd (and most important. I crossed the finish line with a smile of my face and un-injured!

I was smiling the entire time (ok maybe not all of it, I didn't want any bugs in my teeth). Here I come, crossing the finish line, to get another medal to add to my collection. 

I did it (with little training, but I did it)!!

After the race, we had some errands to run. As soon as I got home, I took a shower, to wash off all the salt. Then, I put on my compression calf sleeves, fixed a pb&j sandwich and poured a couple glasses of green monster juice and settled in on the couch. 

I wanted to take a nap, (because we had plans with some friends, to celebrate, that night) but I just couldn't do it. I laid there watching tv (which usually puts me to sleep) and I read some, too. But, my mind was wide awake. I would get up every once in a while, so I wouldn't get stiff and I would stretch. I'm so glad I did! It made a huge difference!

I kept my sleeves on while we went out to dinner. I enjoyed my well earned onion rings, club sandwich and my hoppy beer!!

This bib is now on my board with the others and my medal is hung up in place, with the others. I can't wait until I earn my next medal (nothing on the schedule, yet). 

Anyone else race this weekend? What races do you have coming up? Do you run the full distance before race day?