Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Cross Fit or Not to Cross Fit

I had yoga planned, last night. But, when it came time to leave work, I didn't feel like relaxing and staying calm and quiet. I wanted to move around and lift heavy things over my head. So, I got changed at work, like I normally do and headed home. I got my little at home gym set up and went to work. 

If I don't get changed at work, and I head home anyways, I will never get my workout in. I must get changed, so I don't have an excuse for not getting the work done. As soon as I put my things down, I got my foam mat out, my 5 lbs weights and my 10 lbs weights along with my medicine ball out and went to my phone to check out this new app I found (free).

The app was ok. I tried using it to do a core workout, but I already do all those routines. So, for the core, I just stuck to my normal routine. Arms, I have a routine, but I was looking for something new to do. The app was pretty helpful and planned a workout for me. I chose the "toned & trimmed"workout (I had choices of quick & easy, toned & trimmed, long & strong and loaded guns). Next time I'll try the long & strong workout). The "loaded guns"has an exercise called frog stand. I don't think I'm ready to try this at home (and without a spotter).

So, I've been looking for fun and exciting ways to get fit & toned (again). I've been hearing so much about Cross Fit. Has anyone tried it? How do you like it? Is it something you can do at home, or do you have to go to a special gym for that. I have the gyms near by, but I already belong to another gym that doesn't offer anything like Cross Fit. I'm kind of scared to try it, though. It looks so hard!

I found a very beginner's workout online and am thinking about trying it out. I have everything I need to do this on my own at my current gym. I think I may try it sometime next week. The workouts I'm concentrating on are focused around my thighs and up (core and arms area). 

What are your thoughts on Cross Fit?


  1. I drank the kool-aid. :) Since I was relatively fit, but not very strong, it seemed a good match, especially because of the variety Some things you can definitely do at home (lots of bodyweight stuff), but for the Olympic lifting a coach would be a good idea

    1. Thanks for the info! I think I will try of the more simple things at home, before I look into a coach! What are your favorite workouts?