Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gift From My Gym

I did not want to go to the gym last night. In my mind, I had other things I could be doing that would be more important. Then, I realized, I'm more important than any of these things. The rush I get after a good workout is always worth putting small things off. I forced myself to go (I still didn't want to go while I was driving).

Since it was a rainy day here (and I didn't want to get wet, by running in the rain), I had 45 minutes to kill before my 6pm spin class. I had something in my mind since the night before. I really wanted to work my arms some more. I hopped right on the row machine. I wanted to see how far I could row in 45 minutes. 

This was my present from the gym last (the small blister on my right hand) night (mostly the row machine). But, I found out that I could row 5340 meters. I just looked up how far that is and it's a little over 3 miles. It's also how high the base camp for climbing Mt. Everest.

At least I know I can row to the base camp! I've always wanted to hike Mt. Everest (like I'd ever have the money to), but I've seen so many documentaries showing how busy it is up there. It's a very small "road", but busy like a freeway. For now, I'll settle to climb Mt. Whitney. At least that's in the US (and California). I'm more likely to do that.  

(right after he proposed. yes, we took our 6 month puppy on a week long backpacking trip with us)

When Jason proposed to me, he did it after we hiked to the top of Castle Peak (on our week long backpacking trip). So, we love hiking that much. So, maybe for our 10 year anniversary (only 2.5 years away), I can talk him into hiking Mt. Whitney...

After I survived the row to the base camp, I made my spin class just in time. I love that class. He always chooses such great songs and knows how to motivate the class. I can't wait until next week!

Are you a hiker or backpacker? We are. We're going for a small (weekend) backpacking trip in July. I'm not sure where yet. 

Do you get blisters on your hands? I usually get them on my feet, but rarely on my hands. 


  1. I love engagement proposals built around fitness activities :)My husband proposed at the end of a 10 mile trail run we did together while I was training for the Chicago Marathon and I LOVED that he chose that time.

  2. ouch! Cute photo though! We started hiking with our kids last summer in the Adirondacks, it's much easier now that they are getting older!