Monday, March 4, 2013

Long Time & Taper Time

I needed a break from blogging. I was tired of taking pictures of everything around me, instead of enjoying everything around me. I have been living and enjoying every minute. Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been running. I've been enjoying the sunny, warm weather here in California. I work about 2 minutes from a trail and I've been hopping on that right after work. I can't wait until the time change next week, so it stays lighter later. 

I've been eating, but not as well as I should be. We went to a place that claimed they had giant burgers. They had yummy burgers, but heavy on the mayo. They were ok, but not worth another trip. 

I have my next half marathon next weekend. So, that means I'm on taper (aka crazy time). This also means that I did my last long run (13.1 miles) last weekend. My route was one from my old neighborhood. I parked at the old apartment, ran to the park (by my work), around that park and met up with my weekend running friend.

I'm glad I had her meet me at the park, for the second, and last loop around (she drove me back to my car). I was running out of water and the water fountains were frozen over (which means, no water for a thirsty Shelly). She had plenty of water and kept my mind off of how far I had already run.

Don't get me wrong, it was a difficult run. I hadn't run this far in over a year, and my training has been very skim. I can't wait for the race and I know I will enjoy myself no matter what. 

How far do you run for your last run? I always run the full distance of the race 2 weeks prior (in case I get injured, I have time to heal). 

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