Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Booty Workout

I took off all of last week. I wanted to heal completely, my half marathon, before I started working out again. I'm glad I did. I got a lot of things around the house taken care of and caught up on a lot of things, too. I was nice to have that extra 1-2 hours a night. I did realize that I wasn't in such a great mood, as I normally am. 

Jason was out all day with some friends, on Saturday. So, I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and great weather (70s with a lot of sun, yes, you can hate me). I did a 90 minute booty/back thigh workout. I never, ever workout those areas, so this was the first time. 

These were my tools: a chair, mat and a medicine ball (6 lbs). I did use a wall, too (but I think everyone has at least one of those). 

This workout was a doozy. I will be adding it to my Saturday (after my run date) routine. Sunday morning, I was in a world of stiffness!! I haven't been that sore in so long!! I always sit in the kneeling position, and I couldn't!

Sunday was St. Patty's day!! I always try to make something out of the ordinary for at least one meal. So, I did some research and found bangers and mash. Little did I realize (until I started cooking), it's just sausage, and mashed potatoes with an onion gravy. I used this recipe, but I added a little milk to the potatoes and some flour to the gravy. The gravy was just way too watery, so I thickened it up just a tad, but it helped. Our beer was too dark to try to make it green. Oh well (really, I was just too lazy).

Dessert was green sugar cookies. Most normal people would make green four leaf clovers. But, after I made the dough and poured out my huge collection of cookie cutters, I realized it didn't come with a four leaf clover cutter. It has a football helmet and a hand and a foot, but not a four leaf clover. What crazy person put this thing together? I guess that's why it was on sale. Oh well. They were still yummy, no matter what shape they were in (I made stars, circles and butterflies).

Yesterday was another nice day in NorCal. I went for a very short and easy 2 1/2 mile run around my local park. It felt so good after not running for a week and after my killer workout on Saturday. It was just what I needed to stretch out before my ripped class. I love this class!! My instructor is pregnant and I will miss her dearly while she is out. I have a few months until that is here, though. 

I''m still a little sore. But, tonight, I have leg weight on the schedule followed by a very much needed yoga class. I can't wait to get stretched out!!

Did you do anything for St. Patty's Day? What is your favorite gym class? Do you take a yoga class? If so, what kind? My yoga class is your ordinary yoga class. 

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