Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Ready for Race Day

First off, I promised Jason I would ask you guys: Do you ever fix this: 2 pieces of toast with a fried egg in the middle? I hate fried eggs, so this has always been so gross for me. Anyone else eat this, or is he just weird?

Scoutie has been enjoying my gym bag during my taper time. Yes, I am that lazy that my gym bag stays by the front door,so my cat can lay on it. She always makes a bed out it. No matter what's on top (like my water bottle and shoes). 

I'm getting ready for race day (on Saturday morning). 

I'm going to be wearing my lucky blue Nike capris, black Champion tank and gray/orange Champion sports bra. I will also have my mp3 player, Nathan water bottle with my Gatorade chews (fruit punch) and my Garmin.

My goals for this is are pretty simple:

A Goal: Finish 2:15 or sooner
B Goal: Finish 2:30 or sooner
C Goal: Just have fun and cross the finish line un-injured

I'm picking up my packet on race day, so that's why it's not pictured. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I know I"ll do well, but I'm always afraid I won't accomplish any pf my goals. That's always in the back of my head. I know my body and mind can accomplish the things I set for it and I will have fun on Saturday.

Wish me luck!

Anyone else racing?


  1. Good luck! Yes.. that is gross.. runny eggs and bread! My husband likes it to and I can't watch him eat it!

  2. Good luck!!

    My son eats an over-easy egg and toast every morning. :) We get free range farm eggs from a friend. Are organic runny eggs less gross? Probably not. LOL

    So cute that your cat likes to lay on your bag!

  3. I hope you're currently enjoying the sh*$ out of this beautiful Saturday!! Looking forward to the recap!

    And yes, Jason is weird. But only because everyone calls me weird and I eat fried egg sandwiches from time to time as well. Call it 'by association.'

  4. No racing for me but good luck! I think I will stick to my oatmeal at breakfast :-)

  5. secret is now out...fried egg sandwiches are one of my FAVES!! my mom would make them for me all the time as a kid but i'm not good at frying eggs as i always break the yolk. it's probably a good thing.