Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Good (Bad) Food

I am a normal person. I like to eat whatever I want. I may not always chose the most healthy items to eat, but I try to make them from scratch. I like to know what is in my foods. If I buy the foods, I prefer to be able to pronounce everything in it. I'm kind of weird like that. 

The other week, I made (for the first time ever!!) my own cheesecake. 

When I have cheesecake, it must have some sort of chocolate involved. I don't like plain cheesecake, even with the fruit toppings. It can have a ton of chocolate drizzle on top and then I'll eat it. 

I used this recipe and it was so easy to make (I even made the crust, too). One of the benefits to making your own cheesecake is that you can see exactly what is in it. That's also a down side, because after seeing how much cream cheese (I know, I know, it is cheesecake) is used, I didn't eat nearly as much as I would have if I bought it. 

I'm still on taper time, but I do get small workouts in, like my ripped class. It was so difficult last night and I sweat so much! Loved it!

Do you prefer to make your own things or buy them? Anyone else out there tapering with me?


  1. That looks sooo good. Post the recipe.

  2. About 8 years ago, I switched my birthday cake to cheesecake; arguably the best decision I ever made! However, after countless visits to the Cheesecake Factory and of course trying just about every flavor they make, I've come to the solid conclusion that nothing beats a REALLY well made plain cheesecake with truly fresh fruit (none of those syrupy fruit toppings).

    I've got one last week of recovery and then it's back to the base/build phase to look towards the tri season. Stick with the taper! I find tapers so tough to stick to.

    I much prefer making my own simply for the fact of knowing I can do it. Though once I know that much, it's back to buying it.