Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have a Confession...

I can't do a pull-up. Not for the life of me. I can not lift my body weight up a bar and back down. This is very sad, especially since I only have 128 days left until the Spartan race. From what I've seen, upper body strength is a must! I have none! Some major training is in progress now. 

Since I've had Lars, my arms have felt weak. Since he's been putting on weight, they're feeling stronger. But, I'll need to be able to lift more than a 16 pound baby up during the race. When I started working out again, a few months ago, I was only lifting 5 pound weights. That was difficult for me. I have upgraded to 10 pound weights now. I needed this step!


I followed this workout (yes, in flip flops and after a 2 mile run in running shoes) that I found online (I'm horrible at remembering where I find things). It was a killer! I did this workout on Tuesday, and my arms are just started to feel some what normal. I guess that means it's an arm day!


After I finally took a real shower (which doesn't usually happen until after Lars goes to bed for the night), we headed to our local library for balloon animals. The way they described it online, I thought we watched someone make balloon animals (which he loves to do). Nope, this was a class on how to make them. Oh well. We stayed and watched all the big kids make balloon animals. Lars loved it! He kicked his legs and blew bubbles the entire time.


It was worth it! I'm still glad we went!

How do you warm up before a workout?
Do you take a real shower after a sweaty workout before leaving the house?
Do you like balloon animals?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Killer Butt, Wild Things & Father's Day

On Friday, I followed a killer butt workout that I found somewhere online (I can't remember where). I warmed up with a 2 mile run; followed up with 150 squats, 90 walking lunges, 60 jump squats, 90 side lunges and 150 bridges. My butt was sore for a couple of days. I was hot and worn out. This workout definitely required my running shoes. In case you were wondering, I ran with Lars (before his nap) and after he went to sleep (about an hour later), I headed out doors for the rest of my workout. I can't wait to do this workout again!

This weekend was another great weekend! Jason, myself and Lars went to a local library to see "Wild Things". It's an educational show where kids get to see wild animals (that have been injured and unable to be returned to the wild for some reason) and learn about them. 

First, we met a smelly little one:

Then, we met a cuddly little one:

Lars started getting cranky (I had to mess up his naps in order to make it to the show), so we left early. Last time, he got to pet a snake. He loved it and started drooling all over it (something he does when he's extremely happy). 

As you may know, Sunday was Father's Day, and we celebrated as much as we could with a 5 1/5 month old. In the morning, I made Jason french toast and all 3 of us ate at the table. We had some play time, then Lars was off to bed. Once he was snoozing, Jason wanted to play a game. Since Lars is a bit too young to play, I took his spot. We played while we ate egg salad sandwiches. It was a fun time!

After lots of squeals, giggles and kicking (Lars' happy signs), he was off to bed for another nap. Once he got up, we had a little BBQ outside. It was perfect weather and since Lars loves being outside, it was great! Can you tell that Lars loves his sippy cup?!?

I made (Jason BBQed) these amazing salsa ranch burgers. Since I didn't fully plan ahead, I forgot hamburger buns, so I used Nature's Own bread. It tastes pretty good! Plus, there isn't any trans fats, low in fat and doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup. Yay!

The burgers were pretty good too! I loved the mixture of salsa and ranch (instead of ketchup or mustard). 

In other news Lars is getting a tooth popping through. It should happen any day now, and he's been acting like it. I feel so bad for him! Poor little guy. Any advice?

Have any good booty/upper leg workouts?
What did you do anything for Father's Day?
What's your favorite type of burger?
What's your favorite carb?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Best Unhealthy Snack

The best unhealthy snack that I've made in a while is this:

The sweet, delicious chocolate chip cookie dough truffles (I didn't dip these). I keep them in the freezer that way it's another snack that cools me off (I don't eat these as much as the watermelon). Love!! The best thing, Jason doesn't really care for this type of sweets, so they're all mine!!

Lars was sent a Calmies toy (teether) to test out and give his opinion of it. First thing (after I washed it, of course), he had to inspect it. He stared at it for a while.

Then, like everything else right now, it went straight in the mouth. The results are in and final. He loves it! He often grabs it when he wants something to chew on. It feels really good on his gums (he's teething right now). I love it because it's easy to wipe off and clean, it helps with sensory and motor skills, safe for the environment and super easy for him to grab and handle on his own (it's made of a natural rubber, so it's super light weight). 

On the same day, I received a package as well. Manna Organics sent me some bread (which I will try soon) and some kale chips. I've always been curious about kale chips and wanted to try them out. I've never even had raw (or cooked) kale before. So, I had no idea what it tasted like. For me, personally, kale will not be in my house. It's not a taste that I care for. I like that's it's a healthy snack, but not something my taste buds prefer. 

What's your top 3 unhealthy snacks you can't stop eating?
If you  have a child, what age did they get their teeth in?
Do you like kale chips?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

For the Love of the Burpee

The heat is really getting to me. I've become a weak person. So, Lars and I have
 been relaxing in the house under his favorite ceiling fan. I love it when he's my little cuddle bum!

This week, I had a little company during my workout. It's a baby squirrel. It was so hot, it was lounging around on our oak tree. So cute!

I'm still working out outside (and drinking gallons and gallons of water doing so). I've moved my workouts to the shade (and not the sun anymore). The Spartan Race emailed me my daily workout: 50 jumping jacks, 30 burpees, 5 minute rope jump and 30 box jumps. (I'm having some sensitive breastfeeding soreness, so it's difficult to jump a lot.) So, this made a lot of my workout take a lot longer (and less intense than it should have been). I'm fine with that, because I got my workout in. Better than not doing it at all. 

I did some good use out of the rock wall that built we last year. I don't have anything to use for the box jumps. So, I used this. 

It worked! Yes, I do most of my workouts in flip flops. I figure that if I can these workouts in flip flops, running shoes will be no problem :) Any more intense workouts, my running shoes make it on to my feet.

Box jumps are no joke! I've never done anything like that. It's tough! My flip flops only feel off once. I need to practice this! I hope there isn't any box jumps on the Spartan course! One thing that I think I have a handle on is the love for the burpee. I love them! Can't get enough of them. You may call me insane for this, but it will seriously help me during the Spartan Race in October. I have no upper body strength, so this will help get it moving along.

On Saturday, Lars and I went to an outdoor little kid concert. He really loves music, so this was perfect for him! He made a little friend sitting next to us. Too cute!

Where do you work out (indoors, outdoors, the gym, etc)?
Do you share my love for the burpee?
How do you feel about the box jump?
Are you competing in the Spartan Race

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Staying Hydrated & Getting Cool

Well, it's that time of year...It gets really hot (as normal) and everyone talks about it. Here I am talking about it, too. It is that hot:

Ok, well, maybe not really. It was 104 yesterday and something like 108 the day before. Lars and I have been staying inside the house icing after a hard workout (better safe than sorry) and drinking lots of water. Both Lars & myself love drinking water. He's really getting the hang of drinking out of his new sippy cup. I'm glad.

I knew it was time to buy him one because he was always grabbing for my water bottle. He needed one of his own!

Since we don't have a pool, we cooled off in the backyard the old school way: Sprinkler time! This was Lars' first time in the sprinklers. He seemed to enjoy the cool water sprinkling down on his head as we jumped over the sprinkler. He was kicking his legs a lot (that's what he does when he gets happy).

With the hot weather, I bought another watermelon. It's such a great snack! I don't feel back eating it and it cools me off after a really hot workout. 

What activities are your hot summer days filed with?
What's your go to summer snack?

Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Jump Rope

The other night, I made this really, really good dinner. Since it's been pretty warm here (90's), I was craving a salad. I went to one of my favorite websites (Six Sisters Stuff) to see what they had. Of course, I came across something that sounded delightful! I made chicken burrito bowls. It really hit the spot. I'm really loving black beans and avocado lately!

Today, my workout included a warm up of jumping rope for 10 minutes. That killed me all by itself. I hadn't jumped rope in I don't know how many years. I had to relearn how to do it. I have no coordination. I had to get the timing right of when to jump and when to swing the rope. When I had about 30 seconds left, I finally got the hang of it. I haven't been that frustrated during a workout in a very long time!

My workout also included 10 burpees (falling in love with these again), 15 crunches and 10 laying leg raises. I repeated this 3 times and went for speed (taking a breather in between sets).  What a workout!! Talk about sweating bullets!

After my sweaty workout and I got cleaned up, I went to wake up Lars. This is how I found my little man (he's not laying of his face, his head is turned). 

He loves sleeping on his belly. For the first 2 1/2 months of his life, he would only sleep on me. Not even Jason. He slept with me for all naps and even at night. He loved sleeping on his stomach while he slept. Only way I could get him to sleep. Also, I sang "soft kitty" from the Big Bang Theory. 5 months later, he still falls asleep when I sing that song. 

When was the last time you jumped rope? 
Besides running, what's your favorite cardio workout?
How do you prefer to sleep? I prefer my belly, as well (but I can't because I'm breast feeding)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Disco Donut 5K & a Winner

Don't those words put together sound like the perfect 5k? Music along the course, a donut hole eating station at mile 2 and an all around great time!! Sounds like the perfect 5k fun run to me! I can't wait to party along with my friends and have a great time! They "put the flavor in fitness". They have runs all over the place. You're bound to find one near you.

Join me to day and like them on facebook and sign up for the race. Sounds like a groovy time!

This week, one of my many, many workouts was: warm up: 5 minute jump rope. For each, last one minute: plank, wall sits and then see how many you can do of each: squats and burpees. Here are my results: (squats) 33, 36 and 39. (burpees) 13, 14, and 17. Not too shabby, getting better as the workout went on. Hopefully it gets better each time I try this. Tomorrow I have a timed 2 mile run on the schedule. Let's see how I do. 

Hello from my little family

Time for the winner. It may be no surprise, but Seth is the winner. Please email me at runnersfuel(at)hotmail(dot)com. I'll email you the code. 

Doesn't the Disco Donut 5k sound great?
Have you ever done a run that involved food?
How's your training going?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just Can't Get Enough

When I was about 5 months pregnant, I stopped going to the gym. I didn't have the energy to workout, after working 8 hours. So, I cancelled my gym membership. I still haven't renewed it. I have some weights and medicine balls and mats at home, and  I've set everything up in my closet.  I just pull out the needed equipment and getting my sweat on

I absolutely love working out at home!! Lars and I go for our morning run and then when he goes down for his afternoon nap, I head outside to workout. What's in my closet: 5 lb weights, 7 lb weights, 10 lb weights, 15 lb weights, 6 lb medicine ball, stability ball, leg weights, jump rope, yoga mat and a thick, padded mat. I can do so much with all of this equipment!

Yesterday, to train for my beast spartan race in October, I did my max amount of push ups in 2 minutes and max amount of sit ups in 2 minutes. I did this 3 times. For push ups (my weak area), I did: 30, 21, and 21. Sit ups: 83, 62 and 53. I'm going to keep track of my progress and hopefully the numbers get better and better, especially in the push up area.

On Friday, this little guy turned 5 months!

Lars is getting so big! He's very eager to walk. He really want to skip crawling and start walking. He loves laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling fan, kicking, laughing and squealing. Lately (within the last few days), he's been blowing raspberries, making funny faces at us, to get a reaction (and it works), he loves his new activity saucer and loves being outside as much as possible (which is what I like too). He's just a great kid!


Do you workout at home, the gym or just outdoors?
What is your go to workout?
If you have kids, how old are they?