Friday, May 30, 2014

WOD & Training for Spartan

How I'm training for the Spartan Race (in October): I work on my tan and get a good sweat on at the same time. Don't worry, I'm in my backyard, so I don't get stared at. 

Here's a sample of one workout from this week. Some are a little easier (at least for me) and some are more difficult:

reverse lung to overhead press (10 per side) side plank with reverse fly (10 each side) dumbell swing (x20) plank with row (10 per side) deep squat with overhead reach (x15) warrior 3 with triceps kickback (10 per side) deadlift with front row (x15) v-sit with single-arm chest fly (10 per side) split squat with bicep curl (10 per side) repeat all this 3 times.

I had a little (literally) company while I was working out. A baby squirrel decided to observe. It was so cute!

After this workout I was starving! I am obsessed with PB&J sandwiches lately, some home made granola, tortilla chips and a little bit of watermelon. All this hit the spot!

I always workout while Lars is taking his 2 hour nap (my workouts usually take from 30-60 minutes), so I have some time to relax and cool down before I have to feed him. My little man has been busy doing his own workouts: sitting up. What a core workout! Happy 5 months little guy!!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?
What's your workout this weekend?

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