Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lemon Sugar Cookies & a Giveaway Preview

We have a lot of plants around our house. All types too. Right now, everything is in full bloom. They love this hot weather! Here is a picture of one of our cactus with their flowers. It only blooms once a year and only for a day or two.

I love baking. I mean, I really love baking. If I could be in the kitchen all day long baking (and eat everything without gaining weight), I would. This weekend, I spent some time in the kitchen. I made the best sugar cookies I have ever made! They were so light (perfect for the hot weather). 

I like sugar cookies that are light and refreshing. So, the lemon sugar cookies were on the top of my list. They were so easy to make. They took no time at all!

I had a couple left over chocolate chip cookies from a couple weeks ago, so they went to the top of the cookie jar. In case you were curious, yes, my cookie jar sets on my counter at all times. 

Lars has recently started eating solids (that I make all myself, which I'll talk about more in another post). By this picture, I think he likes it. It may look like he doesn't have any hair, but he has very fine baby blondish-red hair. 

This was my long weekend. Sitting at home (when I wasn't running boring errands), hanging out with the family. Lars and I did manage to get out for a small run, before it got too hot on Monday. But, out of everything we do together, dinner time is my favorite. We all sit at the table and eat together. Lars plays with his zebra, until we finish, then Jason usually feeds him afterwards. He loves being involved in the conversation too. 

How was your weekend? Anyone  camp or go to the beach?

Do you eat dinner at the table, outside or in front of the tv (which I use to)?

Who would like a free entry to a Spartan race in a city near you?

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