Thursday, May 22, 2014

Running Stroller Runs

Before I had Lars, I knew I was going to go back to running (I walked a lot while pregnant). I knew I needed a good stroller (but not pay a million dollars). We ended up buying the Graco click connect stroller. It's super easy to strap Lars into and he seems very comfy in it. He loves going on his runs (and walks)!

I haven't been running for very long with him (hubby works, so I had to wait until his neck was strong enough). I'm starting from scratch (which is so difficult). I've lost all my fitness. But, I love a good sweat. The very first run was tough (only one mile for the test). I went to a local park and started running.

Pushing the x amount of weight of the stroller (+ almost 16 lbs of Lars), that's a lot of extra weight I'm not use to running with. It's so worth it, because when the time comes to toeing the line again (I won't be racing with Lars), it'll be that much easier.

I always give Lars his favorite toy (right now it's this dangly zebra thing), hooked on to the stroller, so he can't throw it out while I'm running. He usually "talks"while I'm trekking along and plays with his toy. He's pretty happy while we're on the move. He hates it if I have to completely stop. 

After the first run, I couldn't stop sweating. My lungs hurt, my abs hurt and my legs were on fire. Funny to think I wouldn't even feel like this after 13 miles, in the past. I will get back to my old fitness level. I know it takes time and I'm willing to put in the time. 

I'm so glad that Lars loves being outside all the time. It makes running so much easier, especially since I cancelled my gym membership long time ago. I have 3 months to train for the color run 5k and 5 months to train for the spartan 8 miler (more on that next week).

What race are you training for? How many miles do you run a week? Do I have any other running strollers mommies out there?

*****I paid for the stroller on my own. This was not in any way sponsored by Graco. These are my own thoughts. 

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  1. I can’t believe that this travel system stroller is so adjustable! That is awesome. I also especially love the huge storage basket.