Thursday, May 29, 2014

#SPARTANUP & a Giveaway!!!

What am I doing on October 25th, you may ask??? Well, I will be completing in the #1 obstacle race (voted by Outside Magazine) and the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005. Also known as the Spartan Race (use this link for a 15% discount).

They have races all over the place! Check out this map and see how many they put on all over the place. 

They have something called a Spartan Trifecta. That's someone who has completed a sprint (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles), a super (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles) and a beast (12+ miles, 25+ obstacles) in a 1 race year. That would be something to be proud of!

I have 5 months of training ahead of me. This is one way to loose the last bit of baby weight and get toned! There's a lot to do. But, luckily, I have subscribed to their daily workouts (emailed directly to me). 

Need some inspiration for your workouts (I'll show you my workouts tomorrow), here go:

And, of course, here's a picture of Lars. He's such a wiggle worm right now, I can only get blurry smiley photos. 

The Giveaway:
Leave a comment for each. I will randomly choose the winner and announce next Thursday.
How would you train for this race?
What city would you participate in?
Become a follower of this blog and tell in the comments that you did.
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  1. I am training by running long distance to build endurance, and improving upper body strength.

  2. I would participate in the Boston sprint.