Friday, May 22, 2015

Date night

Over the weekend, hubs and I had a date night. It's been way too long since we left Lars with my parents and went out.  

We went to see Mad Max!! It was a great movie! We both loved The previous movies, so we knew this one would be great! 

Isn't it crazy how much movie tickets are now? $11.50?!?!

We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. This was the first time anyone else had put Lars to bed, so I was thinking about him during the movie. But, of course, he did great and followed his routine & went to bed without a fuss. I'm glad. It makes it a little easier when baby number two arrives in a few months.

What was the last movie you went out to see?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Back to It!!

I have found a few pregnancy workout videos that I love and have been using for a couple weeks now. Since little man is such a great napper, I've been doing them while he's sleeping. I still do my squats every day, so it's not like he doesn't see me workout. 

When he wakes up, he comes out and gets to do his own workout. He's incredibly strong and can occionally pick up my 5 pound weights (I monitor him and don't let him hurt himself).

He also loves my yoga days (almost as much as I do)! The mat is his favorite thing to play with. 

So far, I've been working out my arms in Mondays, full body on Tuesdays, legs & butt on Wednesdays and yoga on Thursdays. I take my days off on Fridays & the weekends. Don't worry, I don't push myself too hard. Usually, it's a 20-35 minute workout. 

PS: we find out the sex of the baby in Wednesday. What do you think it is?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

My presents: painting by my little man, snickers (I've been craving forever) & a card.

We took a walk to the local park, had some play time & a snack.

While Lars was napping, I relaxed while watching a chick flick. After he woke up, a little more relaxing play time. Then, it was time for dinner. All you can eat salad and pizza (current craving), I will always say yes!! 

I had my mom over today to celebrate. 

How was your Mother's Day (or how did you celebrate the women in your family)?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


A couple months ago, I enrolled Lars in an awesome gymnastics class. They do so much more than just gymnastics. There's sign language, socializing, swinging, singing, and stories. He loves it so much. Whenever he's in the zip line, he does have any sort of reaction. 

He absolutely loves doing somersaults (at home and in the class, it's his favorite thing ever)! 

He also loves doing what they call something kicks. These mats are so colorful, it's the first thing he goes to when we get there.

He likes the trampoline. He may not look like it in the picture. He loves bouncing. He bounces on our bed all the time (it barely bounces).

This is the perfect class for him because they change up the routine every week and the work in about 15 minute segments. 

What activites are your little ones involved in?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Finally Getting Back to It

It was such a nice day the other afternoon, I set Lars up in the stroller & we went for a 3 mile walk. We ended up at the park (his favorite park). 

He found a stick a helped finish dig a hole. He also found an Easter egg (he's on a constant egg hunt). He loves putting the open egg to his ear and listening to the "ocean").

This was my view the those fun miles! Lars also loves to point out every, single trash can (even if they're not in the street). If you don't acknowledge him, he groans until you do. 

How's the weather in your neck
If the woods?

Family Time!

Jason's grandma was in town last week. So, we got together with family to hang out and catch up. Here are some of the second cousins.

I think grandma enjoyed her time with everyone. Lars enjoyed seeing his great grandma for the second time (we went to a family reunion in august with a lot more family). 

Does your family live close to you? How often do you see them?

Easter Fun (late post)!

Sorry for the late post. Easter was a very fun time here. My brother and his family came down from Washington & hung out for the weekend. Before they got here, we some activities to do before hand:

Like, see the Easter bunny.

Practice our Easter egg hunting (which he was great at).

Lars loved the rooster the best. He have him a high five, and kept playing with his eye ball.

Fire trucks were there to hang around and touch & climb on.

When my brother got in town, we caught up, played, ate some yummy pizza & then got down to business: dyeing Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hid.

The next morning, everyone was up bright and early for baskets & egg hunting. All the cousins had a blast!

It was great seeing everyone. I made lasagna for dinner (prego brain forgot to take pictures). It was really good though, so that's what's important.

How was everyone's Easter?