Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road Trip!!

Where have I Oregon visiting family. Here is our trip in photos (some words):


Night at the lake


Relaxing in the car

Mt Shasta

Family reunion

Lars'first camping trip

Driving home

Are you (did you) go on a summer vacation?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I don't eat much in the frozen food department, but I was sent some awesome tamales. I think I could count how many times I've ever eaten a tamale. It's not that I don't like them (they're pretty good), I just usually go for tacos or burritos if I'm at a restaurant. 

Cedar Lane sent me a few different tamale flavors to try. 

Not too bad on the calories and ingredients.

The flavor was beyond what I expected for a frozen food item.

Their foods are all natural and the tamales are gluten free. This is what I'm looking for when I'm in a pinch. My little man can take up a lot of time (and energy), so it's nice to not have to cook sometimes. 

On another subject...RUNNING!! I've finally got up to running 3.1 miles, as you may know. My foot is still healing from the blister, but I've been running anyways (I know, not all that smart). The other day, it was so nice. I was able to run with the stroller umbrella down (again) and Lars was able to car watch. He loves that! 

It really tired him out though. All it took was a little mommy kisses to wake him up and I got this smiling face again. In case you were wondering, he has 2 teeth (on the bottom). He's not all gums anymore.

What type of frozen foods do you eat? 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Snakes and Blisters

This week has been a pretty good week. Lars and I went to this animal show at our local library (they have so many events!). At this even, you got to be up close and personal with so many types of insects (ewww!) and reptiles. They even let us hold one of their snakes (I love snakes!). Lars really liked how slimy it felt. 

On another note, I went for my first 5k run (which took a lot longer than it use to). It was a good day for a run though. After Lars' nap, we were able to get out of the house around 9 am.It was overcast (and about 70), so he was able to travel with his cover (to the stroller) closed. He loves people watching and watching the cars drive by. Everything is so new to him (even if he's done it a million times now). 

I worked up a sweat! It felt great to be running my 2nd favorite distance (half marathon is 1st). I haven't run a 5k since I was pregnant with Lars. 

Also, another first (for this training cycle): My first toe blister. Ugh! It doesn't hurt, but I always hate blisters (who doesn't). I always pop my right away (and of course, clean it). I've found that it heals so much faster than if I don't. 

At least I get to wear flip flops all day long and don't have to irritate it. 

What's your favorite running distance? How do you handle blisters?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Hungry Runner

All weekend, Jason & I have been  digging in our yard. We finally finished planting all 5 trees (even flattening our side yard)!!! I've been so hungry lately. 

I can't get enough food! I probably used 1000 calories, easily with all the digging this weekend (probably more). I can't stop stuffing my face. Energy chews, recovery drinks, granola bars, PB&Js and millions of gallons of water. 

Today, I'm running a 5k for the first time since I've had Lars. Of course, Lars will be coming with me. My little lucky charm. Every time I run, my time gets better and better. It's great! I'm so curious of what my time would be if I weren't pushing a running stroller??  I guess I'll find out (sort of because it's not timed) in a few weeks, when I run the Color Run.

Do you run with a stroller? When was the last time you ran a 5k? What's your favorite distance to run?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Only 24 Hours in a Day??

My days have been cut short. When did the days start having only 24 hours in them? My days have been getting lost. I get almost everything I need done, done. But, I haven't be able to get in a real workout. This is how I fill my days:

I hang with my little man all day. While he naps, I dig more in the backyard (and front). I still have 3 more 18" deep holes to dig. I know the hole seems small and not that bad, but it takes forever and my arms kill afterwards. I guess this is still a great workout! #SpartanUp

Have you been getting all of your workouts in? What are you training for?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Only Kind of Spiders I Like

This little man loves to feed himself. He also loves to mean mug us. He acts tough, but is such a cuddle muffin!

Sarah, over at Green Toys sent Lars some awesome toys to try out. He always has to inspect a toy before he gets too involved in playing with it. 

These were Lars approved! He loves chewing on them. They are perfect when he's teething (even when he's not).

His favorite thing to do with them is to shake them around and hit his feet, making as much noise as he possibly can. Once he gets our attention, he stops, and laughs. With the toy below, he loves putting his foot inside of it (not pictured because he's too fast) and wave it around.

For a few weeks (I'm on week 3), I've been doing the Jillian Michaels 6 weeks abs. This thing a a killer! No joke!! I'm drenched in sweat by the time the half hour is over. I'm already seeing such a difference. I'm only half way through. Just what I needed after not seeing too much change from having a baby 6 months ago. I just need to tighten and I'll be happy.

One of the move she has us do is spider planks. I can't believe how much I love these! They are so much fun to do, I see results, I can feel results right then and I feel like a bad ass afterwards (I dont do the push up part).

This workout takes place in my kitchen. I really need ac when I;m working out now, and it's too humid to workout outside. Until fall.

Do you know a little one teething? Where do you workout? Do you like any type of spiders?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red Faced Runner

When I can fit it in (at least 3 times per week), I run when Lars wakes up from his first nap. Since I'm starting from scratch, I'm running 3 miles right now. Every time, 3 miles. Lars is usually wide awake and taking in the scenery and "talking" about what he sees. He always wears his sunglasses and never takes them off (unless we're in the shade for a long period of time). When I went on one of my runs last week, as soon as I ran into our driveway, he crashed. Sound to sleep. You almost can't tell which one of us did all the running.

He's usually a light sleeper. I can't make too much noise, or he'll wake up. Not this time. I took him out of his stroller, laid him on the bed and started making a lot of  noise (trying to wake him...he had just woken up). No luck. So, I did some things I needed to do to him (clean out his nose, ears and clip his nails). Still asleep. So, I decided to let him sleep. I picked him up (still asleep) and laid him in his crib. As soon as his head  his the mattress, his eyes popped open. He was awake for another 2 hours (as normal). Silly boy. I guess the run really took it out of him!

The other day, we had a little fun with water, indoors.

I stripped Lars down to his diaper and strapped him in his high chair. I poured water on his tray and put some floaty toys in the water. He loved it! he started stock pilling toys on his chest. Best indoor water fun he's had!!

How do you (or your kids) stay cool? We also eat a lot of popsicles (ice cubes in a mesh container for Lars).

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Get in My Stomach!

This little face always makes me smile. Love his little tongue sticking out.

Now, to get on with business, of food. I love food. I'm not shy to admit it. That's one of the reasons why I workout. I like to be able to eat what I want. I don't follow a diet. I'm not always healthy. I don't always eat horrible food, though.

Grimmway Farms sent me one of the best things I have ever drank (no exaggeration!) Their company is great! They are organic, they grow green and have the most natural ingredients in their juices. Their staff is the best, too! They are so nice and quick and have the best service! In addition to their juices that they sent, they also sent me a shirt (which I am always wearing, because it's super comfy). I loved it so much, that I asked for one for Jason and they sent it the next day!!

The True juices are so creamy (in a good way) and smooth. You can tell the ingredients are natural. I can't wait to stock up! I think my favorite is either the bunched greens or blended blue. I can't decide. The carrot one was a little too much carrot for me. 

What else have I been eating to fuel me during my tough Spartan training? Well, I have found that there is more than one type of cantaloupe (I didn't know that). I bought it for Lars' food and had left overs. I tried it and it was so good. I wanted more. I've always hated that fruit, but this type (Italian or something) was so good, I'm going to buy more!

My desserts have been toast with peanut butter and a little bit of chocolate chips on it. It hits the sweet spot for me. And, of course, bagels are always on the list. I actually haven't had a bagel in a month or two, so it tasted so nice when I did eat it.

What have you been eating lately? Do you follow a diet or just eat what you want?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Spartan WOD

Before I get start with the sweaty details, I thought I'd show you a picture from our family photo shoot a couple weeks ago. Of course, as usual, Lars froze when the camera came out. This is the best smile he gave the entire time. Can you tell he's sucking on his first tooth?!

A few weeks ago, TMI inc., mailed me some awesome workout gear to try out! They sent me some great medicine balls (2 weights),

A Disc 'o' Sit cushion (I use as a stability workout with weights). I know I can get a great workout in with these. I really work up a sweat with the medicine balls!

And even something for Lars. This is called Rody horse. It's meant for kids over 3, but he loves bouncing on it so much! This was mid happy squeal. All of these items are made in Italy and are latex free. 

Another workout that I do is running. I love running and have run a few half marathons, a lot of 5k's and some 10k's. I think half marathons are my favorite distance. It gives you time to get your head in the game, before the race is over. I'm not training for any half marathons (for the moment), but I (of course) still run. This is my view while running (and people that I see's view). Lars loves going on his morning run.

We are getting some trees delivered today (5 in total). We're trying to help our grass stay green (which it dies every year about this time) and cool off our house. A great spartan workout is digging 5 18"deep (by 4'wide) holes in our front and back yards. It's taking a crazy amount of time to do this. The ground is so hard, even after soaking it over night. The backyard hole finally got finished yesterday.

I can't wait to plant them this weekend! I'll post after pictures. Al this digging is really giving me stronger arms (and shoulders) and a great thigh workout. Using the maddox and then shoveling while Lars sleeps. I think I'd call that the perfect Spartan race

What is your perfect training? Do you like running? What's your training of choice?