Thursday, July 17, 2014

Snakes and Blisters

This week has been a pretty good week. Lars and I went to this animal show at our local library (they have so many events!). At this even, you got to be up close and personal with so many types of insects (ewww!) and reptiles. They even let us hold one of their snakes (I love snakes!). Lars really liked how slimy it felt. 

On another note, I went for my first 5k run (which took a lot longer than it use to). It was a good day for a run though. After Lars' nap, we were able to get out of the house around 9 am.It was overcast (and about 70), so he was able to travel with his cover (to the stroller) closed. He loves people watching and watching the cars drive by. Everything is so new to him (even if he's done it a million times now). 

I worked up a sweat! It felt great to be running my 2nd favorite distance (half marathon is 1st). I haven't run a 5k since I was pregnant with Lars. 

Also, another first (for this training cycle): My first toe blister. Ugh! It doesn't hurt, but I always hate blisters (who doesn't). I always pop my right away (and of course, clean it). I've found that it heals so much faster than if I don't. 

At least I get to wear flip flops all day long and don't have to irritate it. 

What's your favorite running distance? How do you handle blisters?

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