Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red Faced Runner

When I can fit it in (at least 3 times per week), I run when Lars wakes up from his first nap. Since I'm starting from scratch, I'm running 3 miles right now. Every time, 3 miles. Lars is usually wide awake and taking in the scenery and "talking" about what he sees. He always wears his sunglasses and never takes them off (unless we're in the shade for a long period of time). When I went on one of my runs last week, as soon as I ran into our driveway, he crashed. Sound to sleep. You almost can't tell which one of us did all the running.

He's usually a light sleeper. I can't make too much noise, or he'll wake up. Not this time. I took him out of his stroller, laid him on the bed and started making a lot of  noise (trying to wake him...he had just woken up). No luck. So, I did some things I needed to do to him (clean out his nose, ears and clip his nails). Still asleep. So, I decided to let him sleep. I picked him up (still asleep) and laid him in his crib. As soon as his head  his the mattress, his eyes popped open. He was awake for another 2 hours (as normal). Silly boy. I guess the run really took it out of him!

The other day, we had a little fun with water, indoors.

I stripped Lars down to his diaper and strapped him in his high chair. I poured water on his tray and put some floaty toys in the water. He loved it! he started stock pilling toys on his chest. Best indoor water fun he's had!!

How do you (or your kids) stay cool? We also eat a lot of popsicles (ice cubes in a mesh container for Lars).

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