Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Hungry Runner

All weekend, Jason & I have been  digging in our yard. We finally finished planting all 5 trees (even flattening our side yard)!!! I've been so hungry lately. 

I can't get enough food! I probably used 1000 calories, easily with all the digging this weekend (probably more). I can't stop stuffing my face. Energy chews, recovery drinks, granola bars, PB&Js and millions of gallons of water. 

Today, I'm running a 5k for the first time since I've had Lars. Of course, Lars will be coming with me. My little lucky charm. Every time I run, my time gets better and better. It's great! I'm so curious of what my time would be if I weren't pushing a running stroller??  I guess I'll find out (sort of because it's not timed) in a few weeks, when I run the Color Run.

Do you run with a stroller? When was the last time you ran a 5k? What's your favorite distance to run?


  1. I used to run with a stroller, but my kids are now too big for that! I never raced with one though. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Hubby's going to have the little guy in the stroller while I race. But I know there will be a race where Lars is going to be with me :)