Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I don't eat much in the frozen food department, but I was sent some awesome tamales. I think I could count how many times I've ever eaten a tamale. It's not that I don't like them (they're pretty good), I just usually go for tacos or burritos if I'm at a restaurant. 

Cedar Lane sent me a few different tamale flavors to try. 

Not too bad on the calories and ingredients.

The flavor was beyond what I expected for a frozen food item.

Their foods are all natural and the tamales are gluten free. This is what I'm looking for when I'm in a pinch. My little man can take up a lot of time (and energy), so it's nice to not have to cook sometimes. 

On another subject...RUNNING!! I've finally got up to running 3.1 miles, as you may know. My foot is still healing from the blister, but I've been running anyways (I know, not all that smart). The other day, it was so nice. I was able to run with the stroller umbrella down (again) and Lars was able to car watch. He loves that! 

It really tired him out though. All it took was a little mommy kisses to wake him up and I got this smiling face again. In case you were wondering, he has 2 teeth (on the bottom). He's not all gums anymore.

What type of frozen foods do you eat? 

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