Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring run

Over the weekend, I was able to run in this beautiful weather!

My legs were heavy & I didn't want to go. I knew I'd regret it if I didn't go get my sweat on. I craved the sweat dripping off my face. 

I'm so glad I went! After about 1/2 mile, my legs loosened up and my pace got faster. Before I knew it, it was time to turn around. Another spring run in the books & every day, I'm getting closer to my goal!

Saturday afternoon, it was time for the guys to mow the lawn while Shane & I soaked up some rays (don't worry, I kept him in my shadow). Lars loves helping Jason mow!

Sunday was a different story. It was a great looking day outside. But, what I craved was hanging out with my family in our pjs all morning long and getting things done around the house. I gave myself my second day off in 2 weeks (I took Friday off too because I had a ton of errands).

I'm glad I took the day off. It allowed my to let my body rest, enjoy my family and get things done. Just what I needed!

How many days do you take off of working out? If you don't, how do you let your body heal from your workouts?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Saver Meal

Last night, I had planned to make hot pressed BBQ wraps. But, silly me, I didn't take the chicken out of the freezer early enough. It was still rock hard by the time I needed to start cooking. I'm so glad the Awesome people at CedarLane sent some great enchiladas to try out. It's like they knew this was going to happen.

They sent 2 boxes, so it was enough to feed everyone. Look at the cheese. YUM!! You know how it is, good food doesn't always photograph well. But, these were so good!

They had a little kick to them (I think it was probably from the poblano cream sauce). Lars even liked them. About 5 bites in, the heat started to get to him. He drank his entire smoothie (how I sneak in the veggies). He didn't eat too much more. But, what he ate, he liked. That's a huge win in my book!

Thank you CedarLane for sending me my life saver dinner! We probably would have had to have burgers or something. It was great!! I love their food and it's so easy to make.

Up with the sun

I wake up at 6 am every weekday, so I can get my workout in. Today was a leg day. I hate doing the actual workout, but love how I feel afterwards. So, when my alarm goes off, I dread getting out of my cozy, warm bed to head to the cold garage. Then, I remember how I feel when I don't workout. I hate the feeling of a missed workout, because I was too lazy to get my ass out of bed.

My legs are officially dead and I've been dragging them around all day long. It sucks when I'm on the floor with the boys & I have to get up 😲

These 2 smiles make everything worth it!

When I got done with my workout, the sun was coming up. This was my view as I filled up my water bottle.

What time of day do you workout?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Catch up & a run

This weekend, I was able to get in one run. It was perfect: great weather, tough legs &happy family when I got home! 

I'm running in spring weather. Tank tops have made a few appreances the last few weekends. This is what I walk up to when I get back from my run. I love seeing his face when I get done with my runs!

I was so tired yesterday, I fell asleep instead of blogging. So, I'm catching you up from the last time we spoke. 

Here's my arm workout I did yesterday. I found the one I love! It's been a day and a half since I did this & my arms still

I added some tricep dips at the end. The pain is great! We relaxed a round the house playing around and making silly faces. It runs in the family!

Today's workout was brought to you by my upcoming six pack:

It was a great way to start my Monday! I added a couple of my normal sets too. Other than that, I think this is it! Now, I just need to find the perfect cardio routine...

I have 3 pounds to loose until I'm really happy (& lots of toning). I'd be extremly happy if I lost 7. Slow & dreading wins the race.

How are your goals coming along?

Friday, February 19, 2016


Here's a portion of my ab routine I chose for this morning. It sucked, it was so weak! I didn't feel anything, so I went ahead with my normal routine.

After my normal routine, I was a little tacky with sweat. My abs don't usually take that long, so I had time to do things around the house before Lars woke up.

Lea likes to pets Shane's fuzzy head. Shane doesn't seem to mind it either.

Standard cleaning of the house happened this morning, after everyone's breakfast. Lars lies to help me move things off the floor, so I can vaccum. He's a strong little man!

How do your little ones interact? 

Do you sweat a lot while working your abs?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Found the PERFECT leg workout!!

Here's a sign that I had a great leg day!! My ankle vein is back!

This workout was an ass kicker! I was sweating and trying to catch my breath. I could hear my heart pounding...and it was all done before 7am!!

Here's the amazing workout! This is the leg workout I will do once a week. I did 2 reps. As I do this more, I'll up it to 3. 

I've been trying out different workouts so I can find the perfect workout. Now, I just need to find perfect arm, abs and cardio workout. It will come...

How long did it take you to get your workout routine down?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More jump squats...

They say it takes about 3 weeks to make something a habit. I'm on day 2 of getting up at 6am to workout. Getting there.

Here was my cardio workout for the morning. Of course, there were more jump squats. Ugh!! I guess I better get use to them. They do work!

Hubs gave me a compliment the other day...that my ass is getting smaller. My underwear is fitting better too. All my hard work, time away from my family, lack of sleep and sweat is paying off. I knew it would, but it's great to finally see results! 

I had to look up a couple of workouts in the list. I had no idea what butterfly sit ups were. I found out & love them!!

I also completely forgot about reverse crunches. I need to add them to my routine. The tricep dips are a new bff of mine too 💕

What workouts are you (re)discovering?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bad running weekend

Jason had off 4 days in a row! I thought I'd be able to run at least 3 days. Shane had a dr appointment Friday, so I knew I wasn't going to have to time them. I was able to make it Saturday and Monday. 

Both runs were pretty sucky. I put in 3.5 miles each time, but they seemed to take forever. I didn't want to go (but I usually prefer hanging out with my family). My lunges hurt, my right eye kept watering (so weird & I don't know why) & my legs felt like they had cement blocks tied to them. All this started the second I left the door, but I kept going. I don't regret it either. I would have regretted not going, or turning around too early. I'm so glad I ran this weekend!

I have decided to change the time of my workout to mornings. I was working out when Shane went down for a nap (& Lars was still awake). But, Shane has pushed his nap back a 1/2 hour & he now goes down at the same time as Lars. I need those 2 hours to relax and do random things around the house. 

At 6 am, I got up, dressed (I layed my clothes out last night) & headed out to the garage. It's spring time here, so it wasn't too cold out there (no heater needed). I worked out my arms. By the time I was done, I was duly awake & boiling hot!

Once everyone was awake, fed & dressed, we headed out the door to storytime. Lars & I use to go every Tuesday. But, it's been kind of difficult to get out of the house with both boys. Now that Shane is older, everything is getting so much easier (it wasn't all that difficult to start with). Last week, we went to storytime, the park, random errands. I feel successful. Both boys are loving it (all 3 of us love being outside as much as possible). I think these smiles tell me I'm making them happy!!

When was your last bad run? Had multiples in a row?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

RAW Bins Granola

The awesome people at RAW Bins were kind enough to send me some great granola to try out. I love granola. The main thing I do with granola is mix it with my greek yogurt and some peanut butter. The granola has a great texture and an even better taste! I love the crunch it has when I bite in to it. I could eat the entire package!

They also sent me some RAW Bins Bites. These are prefect when you are starving and on the go. I kept a couple in a plastic bag in my purse. They give me the energy that I need (to chase my toddler, take care of a 4 month old or get my sweat dripping). 

Another great thing about this company is that a portion of every sale goes to help children in need.They help quit a few charities that involve children in need all over the world!

RAW Bins is such an awesome company, with a great cause and outstanding granola!!!

This is my go to snack right now. Since it's nicer weather, we are rarely inside the house and are always on the move! I need to keep up my energy.

What's your go to snack?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Workout at the park

After everyone was up and dressed and fed, we flew out the door. I wanted to take the boys to a new park about 10 minutes away (driving). 

I brought lunch, so we didn't have to leave early and he could eat when he was ready.

I think Lars loves the park. He found a huge lizard and gave it a hug. 

We played chase. So, I got a little run in today. Lars is pretty fast! Shane and I had fun chasing after him. 

There were a lot of areas where he could wonder off the trail. The grass was pretty wet, from dew. When he came back to us, he would wipe his pant legs and say "wet". It was cute.

The playground was pretty fun too: swings, slides, things the climb on and spin in & so much more!

Shane had a blast watching his big brother and talked the entire time.

I helped Lars climb things (arm workout), chased him (legs and running workout). Both boys prefer to be outside, no matter the temperature. I love it!!

How do you spend time outdoors?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The WOD that pumped my heart out of my chest

I'm The WOD was a killer! My heart was beating like crazy. Here are the legs. They're not great & they need a lot of work. All this cardio, running & my leg days will get me closer and closer each time I do them. I'm super excited to see my progress & get where I want to.

Here's what I call my down hill workout. Those 35 push ups & 30 burpees really hit the spot.

I pushed myself so hard. I wanted my heart to pump out of my chest, which I think it did. I could hear my heart beating so loud! I was able to complete this workout in 20 minutes!! I was hauling some serious ass!! 

Lars did great with his independent play time & let me do my thing. Since we had some free time after the workout, we took some selfies. We love to make funny faces. 

Its been so long since I've done that many burpees at once. How many burpees do you normally do during your workout?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Obliques of Steel

Today was the first day I took both boys out of the house for a few hours (without Jason). We started our day off with a little storytime at the local library. 

Storytime was a success, so (after I fed Shane), we headed over to target & then I needed gas. I can't believe I filled my tank for $18!! Yay!

After lunch (at home for Lars) and fed Shane again (& put Shane to bed), Lars & I headed outside for an afternoon ab workout. Lars entertained himself while I worked my obliques. He loves drawing!

Here are a couple moves I did today...and they killed!! Steel will appear on my mid area any time now!

I did 3 sets (& a few more moves). Doing these moves in the sun really got my sweat dripping!

For lunch, I've been loving tuna. Such a great sandwich!! Right now, I could eat these every day!!

What do you eat for lunch?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Run & Fire House

On Saturday a local firehouse had an open house, so I decided to take the boys. It was the first real time out with just me and the boys (a place I couldn't put Lars in a cart). Everyone did great & had a fun time!

Lars loves watching Paw Patrol, so he kept calling the firehouse dog "Marshall". It was super cute!

He also sprayed a fire hose. He's obsessed with hoses and water. The 45 minute visit flew by and lots of smiles were shown! Mom win!

On Sunday morning (before the Super Bowl), I headed out for my run. I had 3 miles in the brain, but they flew by too fast. 

Before I j ew it, it was time to turn around and head back. I decided to go a little further, but my brain hadn't woken up yet. It highly I'd run 4 miles. Silly Shelly only went out an extra 1/4 mile (not 1/2). By the time I was finishing up with my sprints and ended on my driveway, my gps said I had run 3.5 miles. Opps! I should have not turned back so early. Oh well! There's always next weekend.

Have you ever turned around too early in an out & back run?

Friday, February 5, 2016

No rolling

Here's my workout for the day. It's another killer (why would I do anything that was easy?)! I can tell I'm right handed. My left arm felt weak. That's going to change!

I love working with free weights. The only thing with free weights is that it allows your body to move any way you want. Towards the end of the workout, I caught myself rolling my body to get the weight up. I'm glad I caught that mistake. There's no rolling...that's cheating (in my books).

I had a little helper out in the garage. Lard played with his tools while I was sweating. During this workout, I found that I love kettle ball swings (I don't have a kettle ball, so I used a heavier free weight). It was hard, but fun. 

What workout do you love to do (besides running)?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Burning thighs & sneaking in veggies

Today is thigh & butt day. This workout was another killer. It hurts to sit and eat my lunch. I've been missing this pain. 

When I was pregnant, I didn't push myself. So, I really missed the seeat dripping, exhausting, muscle burning workouts. I'm so glad to be back!

Lars doesn't always like his veggies. He goes back and forth between eating anything & everything in the house to be super picky and not wanting to eat anything I give him.

One thing he like about 85% of the time are smoothies. I always put veggies in them (even when the smoothie is just for me). Today's smoothie was mixed berries, blueberry yogurt, banana and spinach. He loved it!

What Lars was looking at was Shane playing in his new (to him) saucer. He's still getting use to it, so he doesn't like to spend too much time in it at once.

How do you get your (or your kids) veggies in?