Thursday, February 11, 2016

Workout at the park

After everyone was up and dressed and fed, we flew out the door. I wanted to take the boys to a new park about 10 minutes away (driving). 

I brought lunch, so we didn't have to leave early and he could eat when he was ready.

I think Lars loves the park. He found a huge lizard and gave it a hug. 

We played chase. So, I got a little run in today. Lars is pretty fast! Shane and I had fun chasing after him. 

There were a lot of areas where he could wonder off the trail. The grass was pretty wet, from dew. When he came back to us, he would wipe his pant legs and say "wet". It was cute.

The playground was pretty fun too: swings, slides, things the climb on and spin in & so much more!

Shane had a blast watching his big brother and talked the entire time.

I helped Lars climb things (arm workout), chased him (legs and running workout). Both boys prefer to be outside, no matter the temperature. I love it!!

How do you spend time outdoors?

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