Friday, February 5, 2016

No rolling

Here's my workout for the day. It's another killer (why would I do anything that was easy?)! I can tell I'm right handed. My left arm felt weak. That's going to change!

I love working with free weights. The only thing with free weights is that it allows your body to move any way you want. Towards the end of the workout, I caught myself rolling my body to get the weight up. I'm glad I caught that mistake. There's no rolling...that's cheating (in my books).

I had a little helper out in the garage. Lard played with his tools while I was sweating. During this workout, I found that I love kettle ball swings (I don't have a kettle ball, so I used a heavier free weight). It was hard, but fun. 

What workout do you love to do (besides running)?

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