Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Saver Meal

Last night, I had planned to make hot pressed BBQ wraps. But, silly me, I didn't take the chicken out of the freezer early enough. It was still rock hard by the time I needed to start cooking. I'm so glad the Awesome people at CedarLane sent some great enchiladas to try out. It's like they knew this was going to happen.

They sent 2 boxes, so it was enough to feed everyone. Look at the cheese. YUM!! You know how it is, good food doesn't always photograph well. But, these were so good!

They had a little kick to them (I think it was probably from the poblano cream sauce). Lars even liked them. About 5 bites in, the heat started to get to him. He drank his entire smoothie (how I sneak in the veggies). He didn't eat too much more. But, what he ate, he liked. That's a huge win in my book!

Thank you CedarLane for sending me my life saver dinner! We probably would have had to have burgers or something. It was great!! I love their food and it's so easy to make.

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