Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Up with the sun

I wake up at 6 am every weekday, so I can get my workout in. Today was a leg day. I hate doing the actual workout, but love how I feel afterwards. So, when my alarm goes off, I dread getting out of my cozy, warm bed to head to the cold garage. Then, I remember how I feel when I don't workout. I hate the feeling of a missed workout, because I was too lazy to get my ass out of bed.

My legs are officially dead and I've been dragging them around all day long. It sucks when I'm on the floor with the boys & I have to get up 😲

These 2 smiles make everything worth it!

When I got done with my workout, the sun was coming up. This was my view as I filled up my water bottle.

What time of day do you workout?


  1. I try to get it done in the morning as well, but not because I have the time. I do it early because if I wait too late in the day I'm most likely going to be in pain due to chronic issues lol. Mostly I run, bike, hike and walk with a little weights added in. I need to life more often though.

    1. Before kids, I use to workout in the evening (after work). I wasn't so motivated to get up too early. Good job getting the workouts in!